The Pope, a former Nazi, Calls Gay Marriage an “Attack”

Pat Robertson and the Prada Pump wearing former Nazi agree.  Freedom is a bad thing whether it is slaves rebelling against their masters or same sex marriage and women wanting the right to control their own bodies and not be treated like chattel.

There is a reason for the anarchist tag, “No gods, no masters”.

From The Advocate

By Julie Bolcer

–>Pope Benedict XVI assailed same-sex marriages as a danger to humanity on Monday in an apparent response to Portugal’s move to legalize same-sex marriage last week.

According to Agence France-Presse, the 82-year-old pope said that humans “can be protected or endangered” in his address to the Vatican diplomatic corps.

“One such attack comes from laws or proposals which, in the name of fighting discrimination, strike at the biological basis of the difference between the sexes,” said the pope, citing “certain countries in Europe or North and South America,” reported AFP.

“Freedom cannot be absolute,” said the Roman Catholic leader.

Last Friday, Portugal’s parliament approved plans to legalize marriage equality, which could receive a final vote before the pope is scheduled to visit the country in May.