Pat Robertson is an Evil Freaking Moron

I hereby nominate Pat Robertson for the 2010 “Shit for Brains Award”

Now I know it is early in the year.  But..

The earth quake in Haiti that killed hundreds of thousands of some of the poorest people on the planet was cause because…  I shit you not…  this fucking vile shithead claimed it was because the slaves in Haiti made a pact with the devil when they freed themselves from their slave masters, the French.

Now maybe in the sick twisted racist, misogynistic, homophobic mind of the rabidly delusional Robertson rebelling against those who own someone as a slave is the same thing as making a pact with the devil.

But I don’t see it that way.  The enslavement of people due to race is an act of such vile evil as to place the perpetrators of such an institution in about the same place where we place the Nazis.

To rise up and even kill the masters is an act of cleansing.  To rise up and destroy the institution of slavery is an act for which the people of Haiti should be honored by all and not disrespected by this self appointed religious fraud.

But then this religious fraud blamed the destruction of the World Trade Center by religious extremists in another branch of the Abrahamic cults on not the prepetrators but upon feminists as well as gays and lesbians.

Religion is a powerful tool of abuse.  Robertson has been one of the nastiest.

No god, no masters.

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