I Will not Mourn Mary Daly

I am disgusted with some of the blog posts I have read regarding the death of that vile bigot, Mary Daly.

I consider myself a feminist of the left.  Not a cultural feminist of the nature espoused by Daly.  She started out a Catholic theologian.  She was full of crap and mythology when she was a Catholic. She was full of crap and mythology as a feminist.

I for one never believed in ancient matriarchal cultures usurped by a later patriarchy.  I always put her writings regarding the non-supported by archeological finding ancient matriarchies  in the same garbage pail where I put Von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods” and the Atlantis myths.

But women born transsexual have a particular reason for not mourning Daly.  The woman was a hateful bigot, the only difference between her and  a KKK Grand Dragon is that she wore academic robe instead of Klan robes.

Daly helped create the language that is used by all anti-transsexual bigots.  In Daly’s book Gyn/Ecology she labeled us as “Frankensteinian”, preaching that transsexualism was a “male problem” (conveniently erasing our T to M brothers).  She is the one who started the bullshit about our existing in a contrived and artificial condition.”

Many of the worst enemies of transsexuals both female and male have been highly respected academics.  Just as often we forget that Universities are factories that serve the same corporate masters as well as governments by generating “facts” (often of dubious nature) and prostituting their reputations to further forces of bigotry and oppression.

Just as highly respected academics in the past have generated research showing people of color to be inferior so to have people like Daly contributed to the oppression and worsening of the lives of people born with transsexualism.

However, Daly’s worst offense, one reported by numerous sources, is in the role she played in furthering the academic career of Janice Raymond.  It is alleged that Daly was conducting a sexual relationship with Raymond at the same time she was serving as adviser to Raymond on her Ph.D. thesis that eventually became “The Transsexual Empire.”  If these charges are true they would call into question the legitimacy of both parties.

Such a challenge to the credibility would call into question the academic standing of both party.

I have read both Daly and Raymond in the past and consider Daly to be at best a minor intellect and her work to belong more in the mythology section than in the feminst section.

Do not expect me to mourn.  In fact I am glad we are rid of the old bigot.

2 Responses to “I Will not Mourn Mary Daly”

  1. Suzan Says:

    Oh my, the trolls are gathering.

    Cultural feminists looking to cause me grief. Hiding behind aliases like the cowards they are.

    Alas this site is moderated and I do not allow hate mongers to spout their bigotry here.

    I have been a real radical feminist and not some sort of overly class privileged twit with a trust fund attending a private college so I have heard all the drivel you spout probably before you were born.

    Speaking of when you were born… I had a click moment some years back while listening to a Gen-Xer spew Daly at me.

    I had a vagina longer than she had been alive therefore I had experienced what it means to be female in this society longer than she had.

    Daly and her “protege”, alleged girl toy, Raymond lost the power to hurt me some thirty years ago.

    This is my house and house rule say, “Take that shit else where, anti-transsexual bigotry is not welcome here.

  2. mrparallel Says:

    “I always put her writings regarding the non-supported by archeological finding ancient matriarchies in the same garbage pail where I put Von Daniken’s ‘Chariots of the Gods’”

    Just not as well written. Von Daniken didn’t muck up the page with all of that cheesy alliteration.

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