Solidarity: “Transmisogyny” & “Faggots”

From Bilrico

Filed by: Rachel Dunn

December 21, 2009 7:00 PM

Editors’ Note: Guest blogger Rachel Dunn is an out and proud trans-lesbian filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Although very supportive of community events, her primary activism comes in the form of fostering and contributing to queer and minority film projects as a cinematographer, producer, writer and consultant. Some of her work can be seen at

After reading “What Transmisogyny Looks Like” and “I Have a Problem with Faggots“, something occurred to me that some may not like to hear, but here it is it is:

The entire queer community has gender issues – not just the transfolk. Gay and lesbian people have a big gender issue – otherwise the gender of the people they love would not be an issue.

Being punished for failing to adhere to heteronormative gender roles is part and parcel of a common problem we all share. When a male child is harangued, harassed, and humiliated for showing emotion, gentleness, crying or displaying other “feminine traits”; that is transmisogyny – whether or not they identify as trans – or even gay.

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One Response to “Solidarity: “Transmisogyny” & “Faggots””

  1. DB Says:

    This is a sad truth. For some reason we believe ourselves to be above the frailties of human kind. That experience has made us smarter or more open when we struggle just like every human to overcome our prejudices. It should humble us that we are human but , it wont.

    Thank you Rachel. And especially to Suzan for rational thoughts in very emotional arguments.

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