Solidarity: “Transmisogyny” & “Faggots”

From Bilrico

Filed by: Rachel Dunn

December 21, 2009 7:00 PM

Editors’ Note: Guest blogger Rachel Dunn is an out and proud trans-lesbian filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Although very supportive of community events, her primary activism comes in the form of fostering and contributing to queer and minority film projects as a cinematographer, producer, writer and consultant. Some of her work can be seen at

After reading “What Transmisogyny Looks Like” and “I Have a Problem with Faggots“, something occurred to me that some may not like to hear, but here it is it is:

The entire queer community has gender issues – not just the transfolk. Gay and lesbian people have a big gender issue – otherwise the gender of the people they love would not be an issue.

Being punished for failing to adhere to heteronormative gender roles is part and parcel of a common problem we all share. When a male child is harangued, harassed, and humiliated for showing emotion, gentleness, crying or displaying other “feminine traits”; that is transmisogyny – whether or not they identify as trans – or even gay.

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