Happy Solstice

Tis the darkest day of the year, but one I dearly look forward to since working retail.

As an atheist the Solstice means we are in the final stretch of the real reason for the season.  Already they are blowing out the cheap crap from China festooned with  boring Christmas cheer that some how loses so much meaning when mass produced by child and slave labor.

I actually tried to be a Wiccan but for someone who finds the concepts regarding monotheism to have to many magic invisible all powerful patriarchal dictators the idea of of many invisible magic beings was a bit much.

For me the magic is in the science and in nature.  The solstice less a festival than the marking of the wonders of nature with this the darkest day giving way to a lengthening of the days.

In a few days I will have completed my ninth year of sobriety.

The solstice marks the point when Tina and I started our relationship, a long distance one at first with her helping me to make the final steps towards becoming an alcoholic who no longer drinks.

Perhaps we will soon see the passage of some sort of health care bill, probably offering little to the people and yet more profits for the already obscenely rich fat cat of the corporate over lords.

But for today it is off at dawn for another overly long day in the windowless space of the sales floor.