Friday Night Fun and Culture

I’ve been reading April Ashley’s second book The First Lady.  It’s a bit dishier and more scandalous than the first that came out in the 1980s.  But way back when April took a young transchild name Peki D’Oslo, who went on to become Amanda Lear.

Amanda Lear was huge in Europe during the Disco Era.  I give her big credit for simply getting out there and doing it.

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Click Moments

Perhaps I should first explain what a click moment is.  I first heard it used in I believe it was one of the early issues of Ms Magazine and IIRC by Gloria Steinem.

A click moment is one of those aha flashes of insight when something that has been obscure suddenly become clear.

I came out in 1969, the very fact of my favoring that term over I started transition in 1969 is a result of the time and culture I was part of and it even tells people of the path I followed and steps I took as part of the process.

It has meant that some concepts are rather alien to my thinking.  I’m having one of those ultra clarifying dialogues with Lisa Harney over on Questioning Transphobia

Because I work in retail and this is the crunch season it will probably take me a few days to work up a piece I will cross publish, perhaps including some form of dialogue with Lisa.

You see I have had a profound click moment of the sort I had with some one named Robyn on a mailing list some 10 years back.  Robyn was my demographic twin, down to having lived around the corner from me in 1968, a point where our paths diverged with me coming out at that point and her coming out in middle age.

The often painful dialogue led me to the conclusion that those of us who get SRS all have the same “thing” at the root but that if one person does ABC starting as they gain the independence of adulthood and the other does XYZ pretty much determines when someone will come out.  And it has nothing to do with psychiatric bullshit and far more to do with becoming a parent.

Well yesterday in a series of posts to the aforementioned thread on Question Transphobia I had one of those Click Moments when I realized that we were probably not talking about the same period of history when sisters who have come out recently talk about having to play strict gender roles to get what they needed and that I could continue to argue that this was just a myth.

Or I could get together with some people and work up a historical time line that included those points when thinking on transsexualism and transgenderism changed.

I have had another Click recently when I had the insight hit me that often times it hasn’t been those treating us who have given those not conforming to some rigid stereotype the most shit but rather our peers.

Women Born Transsexual as a blog entered its eleventh month today.  I hope to continue building it and using it to help end all the fighting has become a nasty waste of time and energy as well as creating a lot of emotional damage.  I realize that much of the nastiness has come from certain individuals and that they do not reflect the majority of those people in their peer groups be those groups transsexual or transgender.

Watch for the Friday Night Fun and Culture later today….

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