National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Alert

Tomorrow is the day to speak up!

Everyone deserves health care.
Be sure your senator votes to cover women’s health care needs.

Yesterday the Senate started debating their version of health care reform. Choice USA is organizing a National Call to Action tomorrow! Help make sure our senators take our voices to their fights on the floor.

The Stupak-Pitts Amendment passed at the last minute in the House version of health care reform. We don’t want the same thing to happen in the Senate. If language like Stupak’s makes it into the Senate bill, abortion will become all but impossible to access. We deserve better than this. Health care reform should increase our access to care, not further restrict it. Here’s what you can do to keep the Senate from Stupaking:

  • Join Choice USA‘s National Call-In! Call your Senator at 1-888-423-5983. Step one: ask them to keep an anti-choice Amendment like Stupak’s from ending up in their bill. Step two: remind your Senator to strike down the Hatch’s abstinence-only funding Amendment. Our legislators need to know we’re still watching. Click here for a Call-In Day script and check out these tips on how to use Facebook and Twitter to amplify your voice.
  • Head to an event in your state. Check out what’s happening near you!

We deserve to be fought for on the floor. Let’s not allow the Senate to negotiate their bill by sacrificing the comprehensive health care women and young people need!

See you on the phones and at rallies around the states tomorrow!

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