How Do You Measure Time?

Birthdays and anniversaries are easy as are rebirth days for those of us who had those.

There are dates that stand out, events like Stonewall and Nixon resigns, the last helicopter out of Saigon.

Intimate moments when monumental life changing decisions are made.  The moment you first realize.

Yesterday or today depending on where you are 46 years ago John Kennedy was murdered in Dallas.  A moment that if you were alive and old enough to be aware…  You never forgot what you were doing and where you were when you heard.

And then three short years later another moment important for those of us growing up transsexual. $6 years ago JFK died and 43 years ago Johns Hopkins University Medical Center announced they had started doing sex reassignment surgery.

I was in college and already in the process of deliberately failing out.  The article in the New York Times was the existential aha moment that made the next steps inevitable.

In the months that followed Christine Jorgensen’s autobiography came out along with Dr Benjamin’s book and SRS became a real possibility and not a fantasy lived by only a few in far away places.

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