Religious Right is Demanding Special Rights

From James Nemmo on The Queer Collective

They should be able to recognize special rights as that’s what they say we GLBTs are wanting.  I want, and I think other GLBTs want, just plain civil equality, no fancy dress, no special treatment, just the same privileges straight people get with no questions asked.
But the bible-humpers want a special right to pick and choose which laws passed by elected legislatures they will follow, even as they already enjoy the special tax-free, IRS-granted right to avoid helping pay for the society they enjoy.
However, with the recent proclamation called “Manhattan Declaration” that fans the flames of slow-burning bigots and gives notice to state and federal governments to expect civil disobedience from the church militant, the hairy beasts of bigotry have surely trapped themselves in another hair-splitting, how-many-angels-dance-on-a-pin conundrum.
Here’s the link to one of the clearest explanations I’ve come across that spells out the hypocrisy of the holy harangers as they take tax money as government contractors for social services, yet want to maintain their ivory tower aloofness from the same civil laws we heathens must observe.
EXCERPT:  This would be the same Catholic church that recently announced it would stop feeding the homeless in Washington D.C. if it had to obey D.C. laws forbidding discrimination against gay citizens.   Let me say a couple things about this: first, if you take tax money you have to abide by the strings attached to it.  There isn’t a government contractor who doesn’t understand how this relationship works.  I know, because I have worked in that environment myself.  This isn’t religious persecution, it’s called accountability.  And the government isn’t accountable to the pulpit, it’s accountable to the pews.  It’s their money gentlemen, not yours.  Not until it goes into a collection plate anyway.
…if you run a business or operate a public service, you have to abide by this nation’s civil rights laws.  This isn’t a new argument…we’ve been having it for ages.  Where is the line between the bigot’s freedom to be a bigot and the nation’s promise of liberty and justice to all?
….you are not being asked to “bless” anything.  Just do the work or provide the services you contracted with the government to do with its money

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