Focus on the Family and the Orwellian New Speak Nature of “Family Values”

“When Fascism Comes to America, it will be Wrapped in the American Flag and Carrying a Cross.”

SInclair Lewis, Author, “It Can’t Happen Here.”

Nothing, but nothing astounds me about the lying Christo-Fascist scumbags that have destroyed America.

These power mad uber reich wingers have abused language in ways post-modernist followers of Derrida  would find inconceivable.

George Orwell, who fought against Fascism in Spain wrote a book most of you have read, “1984”.  1984 was during the Reagan Regime, a period that saw the rise of Fascism in America, which had toyed with it since the days prior to WW II.

After WW II the “War Department” became the Department of Defense, an early exercise in New Speak.  The last Republican President, who represented real American values and not those of crypto-fascism was Eisenhower.  Before leaving office he  warned of the dangers of of the rise of the Military Industrial Complex, an early alliance of corporations and state.

Since the defeat of Goldwater in 1964 we have seen the methodical rise to power of the right wing.  They are well funded, often tax exempt and passing themselves off as American, wrapping themselves in a flag and carrying a cross they have learned not to burn.

The have hegemonically colonized the language of the people who protest against their bigotry.

While LGBT/T people are in reality denied their constitutionally guaranteed equal rights as citizens by the actions of these Christo-Jihadists our protestations are stolen from us.

With a straight face (no pun intended)  The Family Research Council issued the following posting (first posted by Alvin McEwen On Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters)

November 19, 2009 – Thursday

A grave threat to your traditional values and religious freedom is resurfacing.

Deceptively, it’s called the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Truthfully, it should be called the “Discrimination Against Christians in the Workplace Act.”

I know that sounds far-fetched, but this is what ENDA will do . . .

ENDA will redefine your faith as illegal workplace bigotry . . . make the government a full partner in the homosexual rights movement . . . and force churches, small businesses run by Christians, and faith-based charities to hire nonbelievers or face federal investigation.

This law would punish anyone in the workplace who dares oppose homosexual behavior, cross-dressing and other unhealthy behaviors. The liberals intentionally want to define “discrimination” very vaguely so that their allies in the courts and federal and state agencies will have broad latitude to silence traditional moral viewpoints about sexuality.

Pro-homosexual members of Congress–with the administration’s complete support–would like to pass ENDA before it becomes an issue in the 2010 elections.

And that’s why we must act immediately.

Please send a financial gift to Family Research Council right now so we can sound the alarm about the disastrous impact this law will have on Christians.

Here is what ENDA’s champions in Congress and the administration are saying:
Barney Frank, D-Mass., says passing ENDA is his “number-one” objective.
A top administration official says ENDA is the “keystone” to overturning the military’s ban on openly homosexual behavior and the federal Defense of Marriage Act.
The appointed commissioner of the agency that would enforce ENDA promises she will use it to punish Christian “intolerance” in the workplace:
“I’m having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.”

Family Research Council helped preserve Christians’ freedom of religion from ENDA when it looked like the liberal-controlled Congress was going to pass it in 2008.

And we can do it again . . . but we need your immediate help. Will you please follow this link to our secure website and make a donation now?

We must act NOW . . . because ENDA’s champions are already hard at work.

Thank you for standing with FRC in this crucial fight for your faith, family, and freedom. And thank you for praying for FRC and for our country.

When I was a little transkid, bullies would torment me calling me names and beating me up.  When I protested the meanness and asked to be left alone they taunted me with the grossest perversion of American ideals imaginable.  “Make us, it’s a free country and you cant stop us.”

One has to ask, “What form of religious ideal, what part of being an American requires the denying of equal rights to your fellow citizens simply because they are different?”  Not the America I grew up believing in.  Not the America where I fought for the equality of African Americans, Women’s Rights, Native American Rights, Farm Workers Rights.

No the ideals of every single Christo-Jihadist organization with “Family” seem more likely to be the family ideals of Adolf and Eva.

Today the Christ0Fascists issued the following:

The Manhattan Declaration, an absolutely chilling declaration of war upon America and especially upon the rights of women as well as LGBT/T people.

From Queerty I discovered that Public Eye had discovered a link between Rick Warren and the Christian Government of Uganda’s intituting a death penalty for gays and lesbian>  APDF of the full report may be found at:

Lastly also from Queerty:  The Ridiculous Catholic Manifesto Pledging to Ignore Gay Marriage + Abortion Laws

I don’t know about the lives of most of my readers and there are things many of you do not know about me such as my being Polish-American on my father’s side of the family.  His parent’s came to this country in the early part of the 20th Century.  We lost relatives when the Nazis invaded Poland.

My heroes have always fought fascism.

A clear and present danger to all progressive people is astir, it is especially dangerous for LGBT/T people.  There are right wing forces advocating a new civil war.  If there is and they win we will face the same fate as other scapegoats in other times.

Never Again!

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