Thinking Beyond ENDA

Transsexual and Transgender activists like Jillian Weiss have put a lot of focus upon getting protections for the various peoples associated with trans prefixed words added to the forth coming ENDA bill.

Let’s assume we are added and it passes. (By no means a done deal) We have Obama who has promised to sign it, although according to Michelangelo Signorile President Obama has to this point failed to tackle issues he could have changed with executive decree and has put harder issues such as DADT on the back burner.

The thing we have to realize is that ENDA is just a start.  An important start if you are being discriminated against in a job you already have but kind of meaningless in an economy that has been shock doctrined into accepting the out sourcing of so many jobs that 10% unemployment could become the new standard of full employment replacing the old one of 5%.

Welcome to part time hell where people with BAs are working at Walmart and Target as clerks and stockers.  Where people with MSCEs are working at Best Buy and Frys.

Without health insurance, steady hours, regular schedules, paid sick time or vacation.

Nearly 40 years of neo-liberal Ayn Rand policies accelerating in the years since Reagan have reduced the status of the hourly wage employee to peon or virtual slavery.

Good luck if you are over 50 and forced to change jobs.  A virtual certainty for those below the top in a world of down sizing, human resource adjustments and out sourcing.

Barbara Ehrenreich gives a good picture of those forced to hunt for employment in her book Bait and Switch.

If this passes then we need to work on larger issues such as the Employee Free Choice Act and National Health Insurance as well as Minimum “Living Wage” laws.

The struggle is a life long thing and goes far beyond transsexual or transgender issues.  Being transsexual or transgender just makes you part of the oppressed people of the world who are a minority only because we are too busy fighting each other to deal with the real sources of our oppression.

Support ENDA

Support the Public Option

Support the Employee Free Choice Act

Support ACORN

Support Unions

2 Responses to “Thinking Beyond ENDA”

  1. karen A Says:

    Good luck if you are over 50 and forced to change jobs.

    No one has to tell me about that

    – Karen

    • Suzan Says:

      The other thing is many people qualified to do out sourced jobs are now woefully under employed part timers with no health insurance or other benefits.

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