76% of Mass. voters in favor of protecting transgender people from discrimination

There has been talk about how hard it will be to pass a Transinclusive ENDA yet numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as many cities have passed just such anti-discrimination measures.  Where transinclusiveness has been added at a later date to hate crimes laws it has tended to require less effort than the passage of the original bill.

All this tends to suggest that a certain level of critical mass has been reached among those people who abstractly favor equality and do so at a higher rate than they favor same sex marriage.  Even though same sex marriage is also a matter of equality.

I am not suggesting that passing ENDA will be easy, it will require all the different “communities” to put aside often venomous differences in order to work as a coalition to pass something beneficial to all.

ENDA is just a start as all American workers still face numerous work related issues that can only be approached by putting aside differences of class, race, ethnicity, religion and yes sex, sexuality and gender to restore the rights and dignity workers deserve as free people in a free society.

From Bay Windows

by Hannah Clay Wareham
Staff Reporter
Wednesday Nov 11, 2009

76% of Mass. voters in favor of protecting transgender people from discrimination”

The majority of Massachusetts’s voters support legislative protections for transgender people, a Lake Research Partners poll found this month, including 81% of women.

“Support for the law is deep and broad and stretches across demographic and geographic groups,” the poll analysis read.

“Voters understand discrimination and don’t want to see it allowed in the Commonwealth,” said Rep. Carl Sciortino (D), lead sponsor of a proposed bill that would extend protection against discrimination to transgender people, said. “Legislators seriously underestimate their constituents if they think voters don’t get this. It’s time for Massachusetts to join the 13 other states that ban discrimination against their transgender citizens.”

More than 4 in 10 voters had a ’very positive’ reaction regarding the anti-discrimination bill, the poll revealed, and 76% of respondents had an overall ’positive reaction.’ According to the analysis, “this data solidly places Massachusetts in the top tier of states supporting protections.”

400 likely voters also indicated during phone interviews conducted from Nov. 4 – 8 that they would be more likely to vote for their legislator if their legislator voted for the bill (H. 1728/S. 1687).

“Every day in Massachusetts, transgender people lose their jobs, are evicted, suffer harassment, and are denied services because of who they are,” said Sciortino. “Let’s not tolerate that any more. Let’s pass this bill.”

Female voters were particularly strong in their support of the anti-discrimination bill; 81% of women reported a ’positive reaction’ and 49% reported a ’very positive’ reaction.

The analysis concluded that the anti-discrimination bill “is not a controversial issue for voters; equality, prohibiting discrimination, and extending legal protections to everyone has become a core value in Massachusetts.”

A coalition of Massachusetts organizations released the poll findings Nov. 11, including the Massachusetts chapter of National Organization for Women; the National Association of Social Workers, Massachusetts Chapter; ACLU of Massachusetts; Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition; Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders; MassEquality; Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus; Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association; and 70 other member organizations of the Transgender Civil Rights Coalition.

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