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Kate Bornstein: Thoughts About Hate Crime Legislation

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By Kate Bornstein


So now we’ve got a federal law that deems it a hate crime if you go after someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. That’s a big deal. That includes a great many people. Last time I looked, the people who define themselves based on their sexual orientation or included all these folks who — if you fuck with them — you’re facing hate crime charges.

L for Lesbian                               D for Drag Queens                      G for Genderqueer                          G for Gay

D for Drag Kings                         T for Two Spirit                          B for Bisexual                                    D for DragFuck Royalty

K for Kinky                                   T for Transgender                     I for Intersex                                     P for Pornographers

Q for Queer                                  F for Feminists                            P for Pansexual                                 Q for Questioning

F for Furries                                P for Polyamory                        A for Asexual                                      F for Femme  

Q for Queer Heterosexual        A for Adult Entertainers          B for Butch                                          ETC for et cetera

S for Sadomasochists                 M for MSM                                  AI for ad infinitum                            S for Sex Workers

W for WSW                                 S for Swingers AI for queer Artificial Intelligence

Now, if the Hate Crimes Act includes all those people, then hip-hip-hooray for our side. As a friend recently quipped on Twitter, “One giant step for transkind.”

Yes, yes. Just the way it is — even if most people disagree with my list here — the bill is a big step forward in LGBTQ etc freedom. One step at a time, right? I know what that’s about, one step at a time. I’m a good 12-stepper — sometimes, and with some things. So Yay! for this giant step.

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I heard Kate speak some years ago at a UCLA rally for National Coming Out Day.

She defined herself in the negative, saying all these things she was not.

I’ve taken a different path and defined myself by the things I am doing or have done, the positions I have taken and fought for etc.

All those things she listed and couldn’t write the word Transsexual.

Lately it seems a lot of people have problems with that word.  People who had the same sort of sex change operation I had have strange, rare forms of contradictory intersex, when in all likelihood transsexual is a form of intersex.  Or they didn’t have transsexualism they had HBS.  As though they aren’t the same thing.

Perhaps it is the word sex that is the problem.  Or maybe it is because so many “transsexual” sex workers, struggling to keep it together in a violence filled world where the price of what they have to offer has decreased due to so many having to do sex work.

But as far as I am concerned transsexual is a perfectly good word to describe those of us who have sex reassignment surgery and should stand along side of transgender in the discourse and not be subsumed or erased by a fictional umbrella.

One size fits almost no one.