Nasty Girl

It appears the Christo-Fascists have managed to deprive their fellow citizens of their Constitutional right to equality once again.

The equal rights of citizens of a scapegoated minority group should never,  ever be put to the vote the way they were last year in California or this year in Maine.

About 15 or 20 years ago I saw a German film titled “Nasty Girl”.  It was about a young woman who set out to write a high school paper that would show how the people of her town were different from the rest of the Jew murdering Nazi scum.  Because they were nice people, kind, friendly and god fearing.

They had once again clothed themselves in denial and righteousness.  They had hidden their history, forgotten their recent past.

She was a nice girl when she started, everybody loved her and wanted to help her in her wonderful project that show how they were innocent of genocide.

Her high school paper was praised and won her a scholarship.

But then the cracks started to appear and she obsessively dug deeper and found her wonderful neighbors one and all had participated, had been Nazis who actively or tacitly participated in the shipping of their fellow citizens of the Jewish faith to death camps where they were murdered in a horrific act of genocide against which all other genocides are measured.

She was called a, Nasty Girl and became an object of hatred for telling the truth and exposing the core Nazism of her neighbors.

The genocide of the Jewish people of Europe started years before the active murder commenced.  It started in laws that officially made the bigotry against Jews the law.  It made them second class citizens in the eyes of the law.

Christians, particularly Catholics called the Jews “Christ Killers”.  When in point of fact, if historical fact and not mythology is at play in the Christ story,  it was the Italians then called Romans who arrested Jesus, put him before the mob, then murdered him.  Then like all good people blamed someone else.

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine as well as Ethan Allen and others who founded this nation were Free Thinkers, basically  atheists and agnostics who saw religion as being used as a tool of oppression by popes and kings alike.  This is why Jefferson wrote of the need for a wall of separation between religion and state.

The world has seen way too much faith based genocide and horror.

In the 20th century Upton Sinclair, author and muckraking journalist wrote a book called The Profits of Religion, exposing the greed and hypocrisy that are the foundations of religion.

It has been said that if fascism comes to America (it already has) it would be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.  I might add it would start calling our nation the “Homeland”, institute a department of “Homeland Security”, engage in secret arrests and torture etc.

LBJ said when he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, “I fear we have just lost the south to the Republican Party for a generation.”

Nina Simone sang, “Mississippi Goddamn” and the good people decried the racism of Mississippi and the south with its Jim Crow Laws yet America was then and is now an Apartheid nation with ghettos and barrios set aside for black and brown people, especially of the poverty class.

Yet as bad as things are the Civil Rights Act of 1964 put on record the equality of African Americans and abolished the Jim Crow Laws.

The right wing shift of America has not been the triumph of conservative free market thinking. It has been the triumph of racism and bigotry.  Fascism wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross they have become smart enough to not publicly burn.

So now we live in a nation where corporations and big religion (as though religion is not just another money making enterprise) and Nazi values rule the nation.

A nation where the working class is reduced to the status of wage slave working to pay the loan shark credit card companies that made life possible and comfortable in a nation of stagnate wages and a falling standard of living.

A nation of people afraid of everything that would make their lives better from National Health insurance to unions and reindustrialization along with requiring the ultra rich elites to pay for the damages they have done to this nation’s economy and people.

I have watched the dumbing down of the people of this country with action movies guaranteed to generate fear and the demands for cops who step outside the law to protect us.  The creation of a world view so frightening that it sometime seems as though ever forth person has a concealed carry permit and is packing a gun.

Yet the creation of fear is not new. The same Christo-Fascists who are now scapegoating LGBT/T people in places like Maine came here as the Puritans bring with them the same harsh superstitious religion that made them anathema in their home land.  The drove Roger Williams from Massachusetts and killed a number of people in Salem because they thought they were witches.

In more modern times we had the first talk radio demagogue, Father Charles Edward Coughlin, an ultra right wing racist and Nazi sympathizer, who ranted about FDR being a communist.  In the process he became the role model for every right wing bigoted talk show host since then.  He spawned Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, Dobbs and their ugly harpy female counter parts Ingraham, Coulter and Malkin and the rest of the fear mongering peddlers of hatred and Nazism that has come to plague this nation.

I am a nasty girl.  I ask who the fuck is Godwin, some sort of Nazi symp or something?  Why should I not call these bigots and Nazis for the hate peddling whores that they are?

These pieces of right wing human garbage have called me a commie queer for  most of my life.  I am an atheist, not a Christian.  I do not turn the other cheek I fight back and I call upon others to stop mincing words.  Stop playing nice to the bigots.  Call them on being the un-American bigots they are.  Tell the world that they represent the Confederacy not America.

Speak up and denounce them as not representing American values but rather ugly fascist values and of being the same sort of peddlers of superstitious religious garbage as those Imans who have made the Middle East a hell hole.

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  1. Susanna Boudrie Says:

    As always, a very well written peace Suzy 🙂

    Actually that the Nazi extermination was not known until the end of the war and their war ambitions not until the anschluss of Austria is a very well-spread, but false myth.

    The German social democratic paper Münchener Post (Munich Post) in 9th December 1931 published the secret Nazi plans for the final solution of the “Jewish problem” (thanks Andrea for digging up that). When I was a kid I read a book published in 1933 about the first Nazi concentration camp. In 1933 my grandfather’s father was forced down by Hitler – because he was a Jew – from his position as chairman of the board of the worlds then dominant iron ore mining company; Hitler already prepared his war effort. Usually you have to dig out what is covered by a layer of myths that was originally there in the open for everybody to see – if they wanted to see.



  2. Andrea B Says:

    Susanna is correct.

    Below is a small section of an article I am writing. It is a very early draft so needs lots of corrections, but will give a general idea of what Susanna has talked about.

    Background: The Reichskonkordat is the concordat between the Holy See and Germany. It was negotiated by a Knight of Order of Malta, Franz Von Papen. Franz Von Papen was awarded the Grand Cross of the Pontifical Order of Pius IX. Pope John XXIII restored his title of Papal Chamberlain on 24 July 1959

    Von Papen and the Vatican negotiated this treaty with Adolf Hitler after the Münchener Post (Munich Post) published on 9th December 1931 an article regarding Adolf Hitler, asking what the meaning of the term Final Solution in regards to Jews, in the internal NSDAP document ‘The Jews in the Third Reich’.

    Munich has at present and had in 1931 a lot of Knights of the Order of Malta, who would have read and been fully informed as to what Hitler intended to do to the Jews. The Munich Post sold in all of Bavaria, Berlin and also in large cities. It is very interesting to note that The Knights of Malta made a point of negotiating the Reichskonkordat, in full knowledge of what Hitler intended to do to the Jews, after it was fully exposed in the Munich Post. This allowed the Catholic Church to profit in unusual ways from World War 2. ASC&kb_id=10191

    The Munich Post had published, how over the years Hitler intended to remove civil rights from Jewish people over the period 1933 to 1939, starting with “removal of the Jews from the courts, from the civil service, the professions; police surveillance and property; detention and expulsion of ‘unwanted’ Jews, comibined with Nuremberg-type laws against intermarriage with Jews and sexual and social intercourse leading to a ‘Final Solution’ saying “for the final solution of the Jewish question it is proposed to use the Jews in Germany for slave labor or for cultivation of the German swamps administered by a special SS division.” Hitler also stated in this plan, that the NSDAP flag known as the swastika, which was a symbol of anti-Semitism and Hitler leadership, should eventually replace the German flag, which it did.

    The New York Times picked up on the Munich Post story in December 1931 and also reported these same Nazi anti-Jewish sentiments expressed in December 1931. It printed that Hitler claimed “all Jews are swine, un-German, and unpatriotic traitors.” Similar to the Munich Post, it exposed extreme discrimination: “every achievement in the realm of literature and art and in civilization in general is rejected or minimized (according to Hitler) if its author is suspected of being a Jew or of Jewish descent.” The New York Times then went on to incorrectly predict, “just as soon as this fostering soil becomes exhausted the National Socialists spook will vanish. What will probably remain then will be a small, discontented bourgeois party.” This prediction was repeated in many other newspapers as well. The New York Times stated that Hitler would disappear and make no further impression. The Munich Post knew he would not just disappear, but in the end the Munich Posts editors and quite a few staff did disappear instead. The Munich Post warned that Hitler’s actions and ideas were dangerous and took them seriously, even when no one else did. They knew what was coming and tried to warn everyone.

    Ron Rosenbaum has researched this episode in Hitler’s, Germany’s and journalistic history in his book Explaining Hitler. Chapter 3 of the book starting at page 37 gives a clear account of the story. The Munich Post from 1921 until March 1933, gives a daily death toll for people killed by Hitler’s henchmen, Hitler’s future genocidal plans and Hitler’s actions in his rise to power.

    Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil by Ron Rosenbaum
    Publisher: Random House Inc (T) (Jul 1998)
    Language English
    ISBN-10: 0679431519 ISBN-13: 978-0679431510

    Ron Rosenbaum shows, through his study of the surviving Munich Post newspaper archives, that the German people knew who Hitler really was inside, or at minimum that they could have known if they had listened or responded to the warnings, especially the warnings of the Munich Post. Who Hitler really was and the type of character he had was very painfully clear in newsprint on a regular, almost daily basis, for at least twelve years before he came to power. The daily death toll published in the Munich Post of people killed by Hitler should have told everyone what was coming.

    The Journalists of the Munich Post protested against Hitler, using pencils, paper and the courage of there convictions. They not only jeopardized their freedom and lives while hoping the world would listen, but most of them lost there lives and freedom in there struggle against Hitler. Those journalists knew that everytime they lifted there pencils to write that the words they were writing would most likely cost them there lives as they knew what Hitler really was, but still they wrote there words and kept exposing Hitler’s acts, even though others turned a blind eye for there personal safety as well as there families. The men from the Munich Post who stood up to Hitler were primarily Martin Gruber, Erhard Auer, Edmund Goldschagg, Julius Zerfass, but also other reporters, editors and staff of the Munich Post. All the staff of the Munich Post, deserve recognition for their actions. All took not only a massive personal risk, but knew they were risking their families as well. To risk there own families the knowledge they were doing so, will tell you how much they knew Hitler had to be stopped. They faced imprisonment and death, trying unsuccessfully to warn the world about Adolf Hitler. Hitler came close to completely erasing the memory of the Munich Post, but fortunately a record of it survived to tell us how that incredible event unfolded and what really happened, no matter how the apologists, fantasists and excusers want to and try to rewrite history. The inconvenient facts that the Munich Post exposed, will always be there to shine a line on the dark truth.

    The Munich Post attacked Adolf Hitler every opportunity it got, until Hitler took power and destroyed it, literally. Hitler had the editors, journalists and other staff at the Münchener Post whom his SA could find arrested and imprisoned and its premises turned over to an SA squad who destroyed its offices and printing presses and burned its files.

    Hitler was very worried that release of his plan for the final solution might damage his chances to get elected, as well as being extremely concerned in regard to foreign policy implications for Germany. In the United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and France, if the ordinary population had known what Hitler was planning to do, events may have played out very differently.

    Munich Post journalists were not journalists who printed articles about celebrity sex lives, fashionista’s or attention seeking idiots. They wrote articles about news, what was happening in their country and told how a manic intended to destroy their country, which he did, because no one listened.

    Regarding this author’s personal opinion of the Munich Post. In my opinion the stand the editors, journalists and staff of the Munich Post took against Hitler, if it is not journalism’s finest hour, it is definitely a very serious candidate for journalism’s finest hour. What those journalists did, took real courage that is rarely if ever seen. Modern journalists would do well to look back on the Munich Post and learn how to be real journalists again.


    • Suzan Says:

      I just know that some people out there will consider me over the top for comparing the last 40 years of ultra right wing Republican domination of the American political arena to Nazism with the 8 years of rule by Chimpy the lesser and his band of jack booted thugs as the nadir of that era and yet.

      Yesterday Italy tried and convicted 23 CIA Agents in absentia for kidnapping and torture.

      Today From Raw Story we get the following:

      “Former UK ambassador: CIA sent people to be ‘raped with broken bottles’”

      I only hope President Obama has the strength and courage to pull us from this abyss of evil that we fell into with the election of first Nixon and then Reagan and the rest of the evil crew of right wing racist, misogynists and homophobic bigots that comprise the Republican Party.

  3. tinagrrl Says:

    “raped with broken bottles, boiled alive” – that’s a quote folks.

    Gee-whiz, isn’t that “traditional values”? — traditional to the Early Middle Ages, that is.

    It amazes me that we have the nerve to talk about the “others” who “don’t value life the way we do”.

    How sick have we all become?

    Why have we abandoned our principles? For the illusion of “security”?

    This from a political party that touts “family values”, while fostering inequality, torture, and opposes both diversity, and woman’s rights.

    We do not know our history, do not know the values that made the USA great, do not know the promise of America.

    Even if unfulfilled, we had been moving in the direction of greater freedom for all. The right-wing backlash against the 1960’s is in the process of taking us back to the dark ages.


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