The Transtealth Bombers.

My friend Sophie has a great post over on her blog:September 22, 2009 by sophiaofthescythes

It is the debate around some kid going back to school after having started treatment to become female physically that has set me thinking. It seems the tear away, lie away Scum newspaper in the UK have been at it again. This time we are getting the “Political correctness gone mad” approach with headlines like “Sex swap kid goes back to school as a Girl!!!” Well guess what, 50 percent of the population of the school went back to school as girls so what’s the big deal?

Well I know that the answer to that would be “But they left school before the summer holidays as a BOY!!!” So what? I spent a large chunk of my childhood going to school being called “Boy” and “Girl” and “Cat” and “Dog” (By everyone else I add) so I would hardly see some kid changing their outward sex going back to school as being any big deal.

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