A Modest Proposal: Free SRS for those who do not Reproduce

We have about twice the number of people on the planet as it can sustain without going into a systems crash.

Rather than celebrate big families we should be celebrating those who opt to remain child free.

For one we should start transkids on hormones prior to their entering puberty.  No sperm storing, no egg harvesting.

For that matter no artificial insemination or artificial conception.  If you are infertile you should be rewarded for remaining child free.  Perhaps an animal adoption and free veterinary care.  I may be snarky but my cats are all sterile and will not reproduce.

As a reward for transkids not reproducing they should get all their SRS expenses paid by the government as well as having all their transhealth care needs met.  Including extra income and pensions for those whose families throw them out.

No more pregnant F to Ms.  Once was a cool trick, the second time the whole routine jumped the shark and now it has turned into an act of egocentric fuckwittery.

But I’m nothing if not egalitarian.

I would exted the idea of special rewards to anyone willing to undergo any form of permanent sterilization although not any sort of reversible one.

Reward gay and lesbian people who remain non-reproducers as well as anyone naturally sterile.

Make infertility into a socially recognized blessing to be celebrated rather than something shameful.

Deny tax exemption to any religious organization that is anti-birth control or anti-abortion.

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