What is Wrong With this Headline?

“Britain – Boy, 12, has sex swap during summer holidays… [2009-09-18 Daily Mail]”

When ever I read articles form the so called British press I get the feeling they write according to the Benny Hill wink, wink, nudge, nudge,  Style Book.

Not that the American Press, especially what with so much of it being owned by that Nazi Aussie, Murdock is a whole lot better.

But WTF?  “Sex-swap!” WTF,WTF?

Many, perhaps most transkids who come out young either as children or young adult already are so in-between the sexes that to call them “boys” or “girls” as the case may be, prior to their transitioning makes a mockery of the highly regarded laws of gender not to mention the standards of sex assigning.

Transkids, especially those who transition young are often the ones who make the case for there being an intersex component to the condition of transsexualism.  As Sarah Seton pointed out in her book, these kids are already physically feminine or masculine as the case may be, but from here forward I am going to stick with T to F because this is the area I have studied most.

PAIS, partial androgen insensitivity rather than the complete which produced a girl lacking the internal female organs is quite probably common in the obvious transkids who are feminine from infancy and come out young.  This is often accompanied with hypogonadism i.e. very under developed genitals.

So what we are talking about is more a matter of reassigning an intersex kid from male to female than a “sex-swap”.

But the very term “sex-swap” is so freaking tabloid.  Like I went out and found a T to M person  and we traded sexes.  Get freaking real.

Call these morons on their wink, wink, nudge, nudge Style Book.  Language can be a tool for oppression or liberation and as long as these fuck control that language kids like this child are more likely to get stuck in reparative therapy for a few years of abuse and torture than get the treatment that they need>


Boy, 12, has sex swap during summer holidays


18th September 2009

A 12-year-old boy is preparing to have a sex change operation after returning to school following the summer break as a girl, it was revealed today.

The boy, who has now had his name changed to a girl’s by deed poll, arrived at school in a dress and pigtails.

Teachers had to call an emergency assembly to explain the transformation to confused pupils and tell them they must now treat the child as a girl.

‘We are committed to ensuring the best for our child. We are working with other agencies to ensure our child’s welfare is protected,’ his mother told the Sun.

But other parents reacted angrily and said the head teacher should have warned them before the school’s announcement to their children.

‘They behaved appallingly by throwing this hand grenade into the room and then leaving the inevitable questions about it for unprepared parents,’ one mother said.

‘Maybe we could have explained sexual politics and encouraged our kids to be more sensitive if we’d had a chance to be involved.’

Another added: ‘This girl, as she now is, has been through hell because of how this has been handled.’

They claimed the decision not to inform them in advance had opened up the child to bullying and taunts because other children do not understand.

It had been hoped the transformation might go unnoticed because the initial sex swap was done as the child moved from primary to secondary school.

But former classmates realised and spread the news, prompting taunts from other pupils who asked: ‘Are you gay?’

Teachers then decided to step in and warn them of disciplinary action if they did not treat him as a girl.

During the special assembly, some confused pupils burst into tears. The sex swap child was not there and has not been at school since the announcement was made.

His family have also been threatened and are now under police protection. The school insist the child will return to class but not while there is any risk to his safety.

His primary school head teacher is said to have insisted he was treated as a boy despite his girlish behaviour.

He wore a bikini for swimming lessons, had Barbie towels, put ribbons in his hair and rode a pink scooter, according to The Sun.

Experts have said it is highly unusual for a child of that age to be sure about such a huge change in their lives.

The boy, who has for years told his friends he wants to be a girl, could now become the world’s youngest sex change patient.

After taking the decision to return to school as a girl, he is preparing for hormone treatment and ultimately surgery.

Under UK law, this cannot happen until he has passed puberty.

German Kim Petras became the world’s youngest transsexual at 16 earlier this year, changing her name from Tim.

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