Obama’s Speech Last Night

I miss having a Democratic Party, one that represented the common people.  I miss the Party of FDR.  Hell, I miss the Party of LBJ and I rioted in the streets against him.

Obama was never my first choice for the presidential candidate of my party.  He was at best an also ran.

I liked Gravel, I liked Kucinich.

I supported Hillary because we have had all these men as president but never a woman.  As far as I was concerned Obama was just another man, albeit African American in the modern sense of the term when mixed race is out of the closet in a way that it wasn’t in the days of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.

But he was the candidate the party chose so as a good progressive I lined up behind him even though as a feminist I was bitterly disappointed at the misogynistic way Hillary was treated.

I stopped trusting Obama when he sucked up to Rick “the Taliban Christer” Warren.  I was royally pissed at his failure to seriously oppose Prop. 8 in California, I guess he was too young to remember Jim Crow and separate and unequal. Or for that matter the laws that made the marriage between his mother and father illegal in a number of states at the time of his birth.

I knew he was nothing but another Corporatist pet when he cited Ronnie Reagan, one of the worst of the worst presidents we have ever had as some one he admired.  Perhaps he was too young to remember the economic nightmares brought on by Reagan.  The same skyhigh unemployment, the Savings and Loan Scandals, the corporate raiders and junk bond dealers featured in Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street”.

But I remember.  I read my history.  I know the class war waged by the rich against the poor.  In this class war Obama is just another corporate pitchman, selling out the working class.

I stuck my magnetic Obama/Biden sticker on my car, even here in Texas where it could get the car keyed.  We had our sign stolen.

Then came election day and the thrill of electing our first African American President vanished within days when he threw Lesbians and Gays under the bus.

We are long past 100 days and we still have Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  The careers of gay and lesbian military people are still ending in court martials.

LGBT/T people are treated no better by Obama than by any other right wing neo-lib/neo-con.

And speaking of neo-lib/neo-con.  How can anyone in their right mind think that someone who embraces the Chicago School of Economics as well as appointing Bernacke an Summers is a progressive?  These children of Friedman and Hayek are responsable for the free market economic disaster we are in to day.

I know these things because along with Adam Smith I have read my Marx and Engels as well as Veblen’s analysis of the gilded age.

I know that Obama is doing absolutely nothing to prosecute the torturers and war criminals of the Bush Administration.  Indeed he is just another war monger only now he has chosen Afghanistan, the quagmire of invading armies for nearly all of recorded history.

So I have viewed this neo-con/neo-lib’s approach to health care reform with jaundiced eye.  I wasn’t expecting much.  Certainly not real reform that would end the corporate death panels deciding that their CEO’s private Gulf Stream jet payment was more important than treating someone’s cancer.

So last night I fumed and raged as he once again betrayed the principles of the Democratic Party.  A party that has over the last 40 years deteriorated from the days of real progressives like FDR and even LBJ until it is now no more than a slightly left wing of the same party as the Republicans.  Now we have the right wing and the left wing of the Corporatist Party, which represents not the people but the corporate-state-church alliance that one found in Fascist Italy or Fascist Spain.

Obama the misogynistic scumbag has not only thrown  LGBT/T people under the bus by failing to show progressive ideals in treating us as equals but last night he threw women under the bus too when he declare there would be no coverage of abortion.  Will no coverage of contraception be far behind in the things he has to sacrifice to not oppose the corporate fascist state where Taliban Christers hold more sway than women’s rights?

Time to start the search for some real Democrats to oppose this Corporate Oreo, this sell out to the right wing in the next election.

Bernie Sanders would be a good place to start.

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