Republican Family Values

I live in Texas, I meet and listen to a lot of Republicans, I am finding the health care debate as well as the debate about economic recovery measures extremely enlightening.

Republican Family Values can be summed up as, “I got mine, screw you!”

Honestly I have never seen a more self centered group of people and I lived in Hollywood, a place many describe as the land of the lotus eaters.

It is a mind set one often finds in the poor white trash set.  One of I may be poorer than dirt with appliances and broken cars in my front yard but at least I am white and therefore better than those blacks across the street.

It is a poverty of spirit that refuses something beneficial to oneself if it might benefit the person one thinks themselves better than but who is in pretty much identical circumstances.

I hear a lot of that among sisters who should know better.

I actually hear sisters who don’t want a trans-inclusive ENDA because it would benefit the undeserving transgenders.  They use the rationale that they are women.  But many are unaware of the fact that if they find themselves in a position of being sexually harassed and file a complaint the companies will hire investigators who will discover your past history and use it to blackmail you out of a legitimate case.  Or that if you do not drop your case you may well find that laws against sexual harassment do not cover you.

Cutting off your own nose to spite your face is what my pro-union working class family used to call it.

A working class way of saying horizontal hostility.

Doing this blog I read a lot of news feeds from which I occasionally select particular items or stories. One aspect of this is awareness that both WBTs and transgender people get the Jerry Springer treatment when much of anything happens to us.  And yeah that blows.

Except for one thing when I step back and watch some of the goings on between the transgender identified and the “I am a real woman, how dare you remind me I had an operation set” it is pretty much like watching the Jerry Springer Show.

It helps prevent any of us getting anything that might just make our lives better and with the rates of transsexual and transgender unemployment in even liberal cities like San Francisco that one pretty much sucks.

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