Coming Into My House to Trash Me

There are a couple of people in the blog world who have taken some serious whacks at trashing me on their blogs.  That is their right as the power of the press is in the control of the owner of the press or in this case blog.

So they are free to engage in ad homenim attacks upon me… On their blogs.

On the other hand I have a low level management job that consumes a fair amount of time and energy and don’t much feel like playing their stupid little games or engaging in a fight with them on my blog.  Therefore I have taken in the welcome mat in so far as they are concerned.

By coincidence they also were not welcome at Women Born Transsexual, the mailing list.

Further…  It is really rude to insult your hostess’ friends.

Perhaps unless otherwise noted if I give a shout out or promote something some one has written on their blog in a positive manner…  Maybe.  Just maybe it might be advisable to consider that the person I’m giving a boost to might be a friend or acquaintence of mine and I might just get a tad pissy if you trash them on my blog.

4 Responses to “Coming Into My House to Trash Me”

  1. cassandraspeaks Says:

    Just Checking. Was I excluded for my comments.

    • Suzan Says:

      Are you running a blog basically devoted to trashing me?

      Granted my role models run more to Emma Goldman and Bernadine Dohrn than Audrey Hepburn. Discussion is one thing. Name calling and trashing are another. People aren’t getting moderated for discussion, they are getting moderated for vicious trolling.

  2. Anonymous-T-Girl Says:

    i see.

    So by your definition, the last post i made (that you deleted, before shutting down the thread) counts as vicious trolling?

    Wow. That’s very interesting.

    And regretful.

    • Suzan Says:

      My you have a bit of a persecution complex, don’t you?

      I ended the thread before it turned into a fight and deleted your final comment because it only added to the fight in a rather stupid way.

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