Please help! ‘Queens at Heart’ Restoration

In the mid 1990s I was engaged in drinking myself to death. I was committing slow suicide out of loneliness and having experienced far too much abuse through out my life.

I had people that cared about me enough to help save me tell me that I was a worth while person. Jacob Hale introduced me to Susan Stryker. She collected an oral history from me and now my name is found in the index of a couple of books. I appear in Susan and Victor Silverman’s movie “Screaming Queens” a film about the Compton’s Cafeteria riot in 1966.

I am working on a book. Our history is important. Our culture is too as it shows how we lived at a time when so many people claim it was impossible for us to live.

I first received this appeal via Facebook

From Andrea James

We are working to raise the final funds needed to restore Queens at Heart, the 1965 color documentary about pre-Stonewall trans women and their lives. This remarkable footage was almost lost forever – no negative exists. Through the Outfest Legacy Project and UCLA, this film is being restored for a screening on September 30.

We need your help! Philanthropist Joanne Herman has given a matching grant to encourage the trans community and our allies to pull together to save this piece of our history.

We hope to raise $2000 in August and the remainder in September. Join me, Lynn Conway, Douglas Ousterhout, Felicity Huffman and other trans people and allies in this important goal!

I also encourage all of you to join me in Los Angeles on September 30 for the premiere screening of the restored print. Details soon, but in the meantime, any size donation will help. Let’s show the world that our community has pride in our history! Please donate whatever you can – every donation gets us closer to our goal!

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Please help spread the word about this important goal!

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