NY man gets 25 years for transgender hate Murder

(AP) – 3 hours agoSYRACUSE, N.Y. — An upstate New York man has been sentenced to the maximum 25 years in prison for the hate crime killing of a transgender woman.

Dwight DeLee was found guilty of manslaughter last month for shooting Lateisha (lah-TEE’-shuh) Green because of anti-gay bias. The 20-year-old construction laborer is just the second person in the nation convicted of a hate crime for killing a transgender victim. He was sentenced Tuesday in Syracuse by Judge William Walsh.

The 22-year-old Green was born male, but lived mostly as a female after age 16. She was killed outside a house party in November.

DeLee was acquitted of murder. The manslaughter conviction means he intended to injure, not kill, someone when he fired into a car where Green was sitting with her brother and a friend.

2 Responses to “NY man gets 25 years for transgender hate Murder”

  1. cassandraspeaks Says:

    How can someone only intend to injure when they fire a gun into a car? Sounds like triple attempted murder to me. Tha law is an ass.

  2. Andrea Says:

    This legal decision is straight out of animal farm. The killer is classed as more ‘equal’ than the victim.

    In plain language the girl who was killed, was deemed sub human by the court. That is how this comes across. If she had been a texas cheer leader married to a US senator, the killer would already be on the electric chair.

    There really needs to be an overhaul of the court system in the United States. They need to be independantly appointed and taught to treat all before them as equal in all ways.

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