Concerned Women for America: Christo-Fascist Misogyny in Action

Founded in 1979 by Beverly LaHaye as a right wing front group to oppose feminism and promote the misogynistic values of the extreme Christo-Fascist religious right.

Tim Lahaye, her husband and author of the Armageddon as heavy metal schlock series of books described as the “Left Behind Series” was a co-founder of the Moral Majority.

In its early days CWA worked with the ugly harridan of the right, Phyllis Schlafly to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment that would have guaranteed women equality under the law.

With a budget of nearly $8.5 million,[i] the group claims 500,000 members whom it organizes to oppose not only women’s rights but LGBT/T rights.

Like most ultra right wing self proclaimed “Christian” groups the LaHaye Ministries predominate motive appears to many outside observers to be focused on the amassing of personal fortune a fraction of which they used to promote positions that are seen as misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic and Fascistic.

Interestingly enough many of their top figures are not women at all although they appear to set themselves up to speak for the interests of women.

Mike Rogers at Blog Active posted the following in 2004 regarding the CFO of CWA, Lee LaHaye.  “Considering that the Chief Financial Officer of Concerned Women for America, Lee LaHaye is himself an openly gay man, you have to wonder why they continue to bash gays. How bad can gays be if CWA trusts its $12 MILLION 2003 budget to Lee? Oh, If Lee’s name sounds familiar, it’s because Lee is the son of Beverly and Tim LaHaye, two of the most noted anti-gay characters in the country.[ii]

So, the latest Christo-Fascist emission from their fetid organization is not surprisingly from a man named Robert Knight and was published in Wing Nut Daily.  “Robert Knight is the former director of Concerned Women for America’s Culture and Family Institute. He is now the senior writer/correspondent for Coral Ridge Ministries and author of the new book “Fighting for America‘s Soul.”

This is where the ultra right is far better organized than the left.  While we are absorbed in calling each other names and claiming superiority or greater oppression than other groups with whom we should be uniting they have a multi-phase program that offers both a unity of talking points and a unity of action.

Massive spending and the federal power grab are driving the brave talk of dispatching the scoundrels and restoring constitutional government. I hope and pray that it happens.

But lost amid the outrage is the radical social agenda Obama, Pelosi, Kennedy and Reid are foisting on the nation with media complicity. If enacted, it will destroy any chance of restoring long-term fiscal sanity because it will sunder marriage and family, where self-governing, productive citizens are born and raised.

Obama has promised the sky to homosexual activists and the abortion lobby and has moved quickly toward that end. On July 16, the Senate voted for a “hate crimes” bill that will lay the foundation for crushing freedom of speech, religion and association with regard to sexual morality. The health care scheme is rife with opportunities for exotic entitlements like tax-funded abortion and even sex-change operations. A homosexual activist, Kevin Jennings, whose group promotes books to kids that contain graphic accounts of adults seducing teens, has been appointed head of the Department of Education’s “safe schools” program, which is like naming Ozzy Osbourne to be drug czar. And Obama says he wants to lift the military ban on open homosexuality and overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.


Sometimes, when I am listening to the name calling between various factions of people whose lives have been impacted by association with transprefixed words and they use transactivist as a slur. Instead of saying which particular point, they are in disagreement with and offering a differing analysis I feel as though I am listening to any one of a number of right wing Christo-fascists parroting a talking point.

We demand our activist be saints and in 100% agreement with us even when our own personal desires are highly idiosyncratic.  They on the other hand are a bunch of gay bashing homophobes who have gay men in positions of power.  In the film “Outrage” Mike Rogers exposed a number of closet case right-wingers who actively work against every piece of LGBT/T positive legislation, every piece of woman positive or socially progressive legislation and no one on the right says shit to them.

As long as they parrot the talking points.  And as I dig more I have discovered that all these organizations work together in a unity that I as a progressive can only envy.

They are organized bigots and they do not have our best interests in mind.  We ignore then and waste our time on in-group name calling and squabbling at our own risk.

The same people who attack hate crimes bills also attack among other things, equal rights for women, ENDA, Same Sex Marriage, Abortion, single payer National Health Insurance, the Employee’s Free Choice Act, Workers Rights, Environmental Protection.

They are racists who support the modern version of Jim Crow that I call Apartheid Nation/Prison Nation, Capital Punishment, Harsh Drug Laws, hegemonic wars of imperialist aggression, torture.  They have zero respect for people outside their Xian cults and think the imposition of Christian Sharia  would be a good thing.

We ignore this threat to our lives and freedom at our own risk.  Horizontal hostility is like arguing for separate box cars.

I watch Rachel Maddow and she has shown the connections between all these right wing groups and how they get corporate money.

But mostly I find it interesting how Concerned Women for America seems to have misogynistic men in so many of its leadership positions.

Is it because right wing women tend to be given over to Palinesque levels of intellect?



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I’m Back

We had a router crash that required a new cable modem from our ISP.  Of course nothing is available locally anymore so they drop shipped it.

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