Put That Patriarchy Bashing Hammer Down Ladies We Are in the US!

From Feministing:

Put That Patriarchy Bashing Hammer Down Ladies We Are in the US!

A very common right-wing anti-feminist argument is that women in the United States need to STFU and be happy we have it as good as we do, because we could be in *insert so-and-so 3rd world barbaric country* where we would really be treated badly. It is the old one two, first asserting that women have nothing to fight for in the States so, “quit yer bitchin” and second, that we are better than other countries, less barbaric, more civilized, etc. It is an old and tired attack, but unfortunately, sometimes it works.

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Evangelical group faces ’serious’ shortfall

Donations to the fascist group Focus on the Family are dropping like a stone.  Ever notice how many of these ultra right wing Christo-Fascist groups use family in their title?  Naomi Weisstein in 1967 described the “Kinder, Kirche, Küche”  (child, home, church) ideal role for women in Nazi Germany.

Hence many of us who watch things like this are not surprised when bigotry is hidden in language that claims to protect the family from every thing  including racial integration and same sex marriage.

Now they want to protect us from National Health Care.

In Texas when we are in polite company or at work and can’t call people fuckwits we say, “Bless their little hearts.”

Focus on the Family…  Why, bless their little hearts.

By The Associated Press
08.12.2009 9:07am EDT

(Denver) A “serious budget shortfall” at Focus on the Family has prompted the conservative Christian group to issue a special fundraising plea, and contributed to a decision to cede control of its contentious “Love Won Out” conferences about homosexuality to another religious organization, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Focus on the Family, founded by child psychologist James Dobson, is on pace to fall $6 million short of a $138 million budget for the fiscal year that began last October, spokesman Gary Schneeberger said.

Jim Daly, president and CEO of the Colorado Springs, Colo.-based evangelical ministry, explained the challenges in a letter to approximately 800,000 donors.

“Right now we’re facing a serious budget shortfall that threatens our ability to reach out to parents, families and married couples who count on our help,” Daly wrote. “Income is down nearly $6 million from what we expected and planned for this year. I want to assure you that we’re committed to good stewardship AND living within our means, just as so many families are today.”

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