APA: Stop Ex-Gay Therapy

From the Advocate online


By Michelle Garcia

The country’s leading authority on psychology is urging therapists not to tell clients that they can change their sexual orientation through therapy or treatment.

Judith M. Glassgold, PsyD, chair of the American Psychological Association’s task force on the matter, said there is insufficient evidence to support the use of psychological interventions to change sexual orientation.

“At most, certain studies suggested that some individuals learned how to ignore or not act on their homosexual attractions,” Glassgold said in a statement on Wednesday. “Yet, these studies did not indicate for whom this was possible, how long it lasted, or its long-term mental health effects. Also, this result was much less likely to be true for people who started out only attracted to people of the same sex.”

A task force on so-called reparative therapy was started in 2007, to update the APA’s 1997 study on changing one’s sexual orientation. The task force examined 83 peer-reviewed journal articles ranging from 1960 to 2007. However, it was found that many studies had serious flaws, and few could even be considered “methodically sound, and none systematically evaluated potential harms.”

The APA suggested that since many undergo such therapy for religious reasons, some should consider switching churches, or celibacy.

Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, reacted with accolades to the news today.

“Homophobia, bias, and discrimination are what make it difficult for people to accept and be open about their sexual orientation,” he said. “We have to change hearts and minds, not our sexual orientation, and we are hopeful that the position of the APA helps to heal those who have been hurt by rejection and betrayal, and to foster greater awareness, skills, and knowledge among mental health professionals.”

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A Big Shout Out To Catkisser

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Cathryn has never shied away from speaking truth to power and the last few postings over at her blog http://radicalbitch.wordpress.com/ have been RPG strength rounds of truth telling.

Bookmark her blog and read these:



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Hate 101: The Womyn Born Womyn Movement

From StandingWatch.net


Reprinted with permission

• August 2, 2009 • 

There is a particularly confusing and controversial form of bigotry that exists within the lesbian population that subscribes to a particularly extreme and radical form of feminist politics and views, commonly referred to as “Womyn Born Womyn,” or WBW. Womyn-born womyn policies center around the idea that women’s experiences under patriarchy are unique, learned, and transformative. These policies assume that girls are forced to behave in a submissive and subjugated position in society, while boys and transgender children grow up in an environment of privilege and power over girls.

Supporters of ‘WBW’ policies make the following claims:

  • Most transgender women do not have the experience of growing up female in a sexist society and as such have no embodied experience of the culturally prescribed position of “girl”.

  • All transgender women have received and, in some instances, benefited from male privilege, especially late transitioners.

  • All oppressed peoples should be allowed to make spaces aligned through a commonality of oppression to heal and recover without explanation and solely through the ease of lived experience.

  • Transgender women may make cisgendered women in the space feel uncomfortable, especially in the case of pre-operative transwomen.

  • Policies that do not exclude transgender women would allow men to enter the space if they simply wear stereotypical women’s clothes and claim a female gender identity.

  • Many women’s only spaces provide a safe shelter for cisgendered women who have been abused or sexually assaulted. Such cisgendered women might feel threatened by the presence of transgender women.

Of course, these claims have little, if anything, to do with the realities faced by intersex, transsexual, or transgender persons. For instance:

  • Most transgender women do not have the normal experiences of growing up female due to the extreme abuse and violence at the hands of adult authority figures and peers, including immediate family members.

  • I know of not one true intersexed or transsexual woman who received in whole or part, nor benefited in any way, from male privilege. To make such an assumption is to claim that the physical, sexual, and emotional abuse intersex and transsexual children face daily is somehow appropriate and beneficial to those children.

  • Whether or not intersexed or transsexual women make cissexual women uncomfortable is due to the bigotry taught by the very patriarchal system WBW supporters claim to oppose. For those who have been oppressed by this system to then apply this oppression to others is reprehensible at best. I would argue it is the ultimate evil of hypocrisy.

  • Policies that exclude intersex and transsexual women do not, by default, automatically imply that men won’t enter women’s only spaces by virtue of simply dressing as women. In fact, I’ve seen such policies used to justify excluding intersex and transsexual individuals from events or facilities, while at the same time male drag performers were welcome with open arms, even in female restrooms.

  • I have worked with rape victims, both in volunteer counseling centers and in hospitals. I know of none who had an issue with my being other than a cisgendered woman. Quite frankly, the issue never came up. My focus was on the needs of the victim, to help her become a survivor. Somehow, discussing my personal life under such circumstances seems completely inappropriate. And, as someone who has been raped (WBW supporters don’t believe anyone but a WBW can be raped), I think I bring quite a bit to the table, and on many levels.

This particular brand of feminism, which really is anything but, also fails to take into account that, what one group can do, so can others. For instance:

  • In California, Proposition 8 became law by constitutional amendment, through a vote of the simple majority of the voting population. The amendment bans same-sex marriage and recognition of the same within the state, and effectively excludes LGBT persons from protections under the Equal Protection clause of the state constitution. WBW supports this right of the majority to oppress and deny rights to any minority, by virtue of a majority decision.

  • Many heterosexual cisgendered women are quite uncomfortable with lesbians sharing personal spaces with them, such as shower and bathroom facilities. Should lesbians now be segregated from the rest of the population, and given separate facilities, so that heterosexual women won’t feel uncomfortable?

  • According to WBW, only cisgendered women should be permitted to help a victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault. Using that logic, if there are no cisgendered females trained and equipped to deal with the criminal investigation, helath care needs, and to help the woman deal with the deep trauma caused by the rape, then she is on her own.

Despite all the reasons given by WBW advocates, these are but smoke screens to disguise a particularly hateful policy towards all women not born strictly women, which in particular targets intersexed and transsexual individuals, both children and adults. The true reason behind the WBW movement is that advocates of the policy believe:

  • Transsexuals are persons who really homosexuals seeking to conform to a patriarchal societal gender stereotype in order to continue benefiting from patriarchal privilege. This applies regardless of which gender assigned to at birth, or which gender surgically assigned to later.

  • Intersex persons are individuals who must undergo surgical gender assignment to either male or female, depending upon how they were raised. Even then, regardless of the gender surgically assigned to, intersex women are not WBW, because they benefited from patriarchal privilege.

  • All cisgendered males, intersexed persons, and transsexuals are likely potential sexual predators seeking by any means to invade the space of women to sexually exploit and abuse them.

No, I’m not kidding. Advocates of WBW policies really do believe this, and have told me so. That this particular view, along with the other more public views, dovetails nicely with religious extremist groups opposed to any rights for any LGBT, especially those not strictly cisgendered and heterosexual, seems to be lost in this rather unusual partnership of beliefs. Neither acknowledges the coincidence of so man similar beliefs, despite claiming to be extremely different groups.

But they are in agreement on one thing. If they cannot force intersexed, transsexual, and transgender individuals to live according to stereotypical gender expectations of a patriarchal system, they will isolate them and oppress them until they conform. While I understand the need for women to have their own space free from the prurient and predatory interests of men, I cannot approve of advocacy or policies that turn the oppressed into oppressors themselves.

We’re simply better than that.

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Things Momma Never Told You Before You Transitioned

From TS-SI

Reprinted with permission


Lisa Jain Thompson

Sunday, 02 August 2009 20:00

Fairfax, VA, USA.Suzan Cooke has a fine column that reports on talks she had with her mother after it became obvious to her mother that she had a son who was really her daughter. Her mother said it was a talk that she never expected to make and that she was not sure how to make it, but talk she did. [N1] Suzie’s column contains a lot of motherly wisdom.

She was a fine Mom who recognized that her transkid daughter, like all daughters, needed some advice and guidance if she were to make it through life. Dealing with men is a learned skill, not one we are born with. You can read Suzan’s column for the details.

Suzie got me to thinking: what about the things Mom never told you about SRS and your life after full transition? [N2] I thought about that; what follows are the Things Momma Never Told You Before You Transitioned (undoubtedly, there are more, but these lists traditionally stop at ten – perhaps it has something to do with the human attention span).

10. Women need more underwear than men do.

The female reproductive system, however, leaks like a sieve. The vagina of a woman born transsexual is self-cleansing, shedding skin and secretions that have nowhere to go but downhill into the panties. The labia are also self-lubricating and, combining with the Cowper’s fluid that appears when a woman born transsexual is aroused, and the vaginal flow, everything eventually ends up in the panties. [N3]

The bottom line is that a woman born transsexual, like every other woman in the United States, will change her panties more often than a man will change his underwear. There is a reason that women buy more underpants than men do.

Bet your mother never told you that.

And, while you are at it, you might want to ask her about “date night” bras and panties.

9. The relationship of white tops and bottoms to beige.

In general, women’s clothes are made of thinner material than that of the corresponding man’s apparel. Blouses are thinner, shorts are thinner. White blouses and shorts may almost be see through.

Contrary to common sense, a white bra shows through a white blouse. Likewise, while white panties show through white shorts, colorful panties fairly shout through white shorts.

I will not tell you that good girls do not let their underwear show through, but I will tell you that professional women don’t let their bra and panties show unless they are working girls. Madonna offstage dresses much more demurely than when she is performing on stage.

The solution: a beige bra or panties normally will not show through white. Don’t ask why, just wear beige (I think it has something do with matching skin tone so pick the right shade of beige – unless, of course, you really think your skin is white).

But if you want to be a slut, go ahead and wear whatever you want. Just remember, your mother would be much happier if you wore beige.

8. The air conditioning effect.

This is simple: nipples erect, air conditioning or the cold erects them. Accept it as a fact of life. Unless your intention is to advertize your sexuality, I suggest you wear a bra that minimizes the air conditioning effect.

Just don’t blame the guys if they are staring at your breasts. The younger the guy is, the more involuntary the stare.

Even though men’s nipples can also erect, they are not attached to a female breasts so hardly anyone ever takes notice.

7. Hormone fluctuations.

Try as you may, there will be fluctuations in your hormone regimen. Some will occur because of fluctuations in your internal neurobiology; others will be caused by mail delivery delays.

If I run out of hormones, my temper gets short. If I am out for more that 48-72 hours, the hormone drop in my body triggers migraines. Then there is the matter of period water retention – what the hell is going on there?

Compared to the relatively steady state of the male body, a woman’s body is a regular roller-coaster of hormone activity. When I was injecting estradiol into my body, the two week dose would last about ten days. I found myself suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) every two weeks that would only end when I had the next hormone injection.

Took me four or five months, maybe more, before I figured out what was going on. Knowledge, however, did not make the PMS go away and I eventually learned to live with it.

6. Pap smears, mammograms, and discharges after sex or dilation.

A woman born transsexual has annual Pap smears like any other woman. If you think you were vulnerable in a gymnasium shower, just wait until the doctor tells you to put your feet in the stirrups and slide down.

  • You might feel a little discomfort.

Here’s a hint: choose a woman doctor. They have smaller hands and can emphasize with your situation.

Regular mammograms are also a necessity. If you are a masochist, you might like getting a mammogram; if you are a sadist, you might like giving them.

Imagine squeezing a large grapefruit flat until it was only a few inches thick and then telling the grapefruit not to move for what seems like an eternity.

And, as mentioned up above, in the discussion about a woman’s need for clean panties, the semen from heterosexual intercourse has to go some place. Gravity wins again and a woman’s panties are the eventual beneficiary unless she wishes it to ooze down her thighs afterwards. (If you are at home, there are other ways of dealing with spent sperm. If you are in a car … )

Mamma never told us there’d be days like this: depending on your enthusiasm during sexual intercourse, there might be bloody vaginal discharge for a few hours to a few days afterwards. The regular vaginal dilation required of women born transsexual who cannot find a willing penis may also cause bleeding for the same reasons.

Have some feminine napkins available for those days or you might ruin your panties and whatever else you might be wearing.

5. The difference between how a lesbian hits on you and how a straight man hits on you.

The straight man may ask your name, introduce himself, and ask if he could buy you a drink.

The lesbian may ask your name, introduce herself, and ask if she could buy you a drink.

The lesbian is the one with the breasts.

4. The perils of accepting a second drink.

The general rule is you can accept one drink from anyone. You are just being neighborly as they say.

If you accept a second drink, your benefactor might believe you are agreeing to more than a simple drink.

If you accept a third drink, and then a fourth, you probably will be in no state to object to anything that might be proposed.

Although God may have created alcohol so reluctant women would have an excuse to say yes, you can maintain control of the situation by never accepting the second drink. There is a word for women who lead men on, a word we all learned on the playground.

Even your mother knows the word: cockteaser. All in all, it is better to be a cocksucker than a cockteaser, but it’s your life and your choice.

3. Drag Queens wanting to give your face a make-over.

If you are half way attractive at all, you will meet professional Drag Queens wanting to do your make-up, preferably in the theatrical style they favor. I’m not making this up – I had a standing offer to have a Drag Queen make-over.

But look around you: actual women don’t wear make-up like that. Even on a formal night, a woman’s make-up is normally more subdued than even the dullest of Drag Queens. If you aren’t acting on stage, working a runway or a red carpet, keep your make-up toned down.

As your mother would say, you don’t want to look like a hooker, do you?

So please, if you would, beware of Drag Queens bearing make-up.

2. What do if you discover your support group has been taken over by transgenders and crossdressers.

Leave. They don’t really want to talk to women born transsexual anyway except to say they’re just like us.

So leave. They’ll soon be looking for another transsexual support group to infiltrate anyway.


1. How to tell the difference between a transgender and a crossdresser.

This is fairly straight forward and not difficult once you learn.

The transgender will want to spend all their time talking about their personal narrative and how they fit in all the details.

The crossdresser will want to talk about make-up and glamour photos – how they apply their pots and brushes and asking your opinion on how they look in their photos.

Let’s review.

  1. Narratives: you’re talking to a transgender (or at best, a gender theorist).
  2. Make-up and Glamour Photos: you’ve been cornered by a crossdresser.

In either case, your mother would tell you to proceed at your own risk.

Notes[N1] The Mother-Daughter Talk Every Transkid and Her Mom Should Have. Suzanne Cooke. TS-Si.org (29 July 2009).

[N2] Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), also known as Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) in other of the former British Colonies and some planetary upside down places.

[N3] The Cowper’s (bulbourethral) is a small exocrine gland (one of two) in the reproductive system of human males. They are homologous to Bartholin’s glands in females. The gland is named after William Cowper, FRS (c.1666 – 8 March 1709), an English surgeon and anatomist, for his initial description.

Following Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) [N2], the elimination of testosterone production and the administration of female hormones, the normal processes of tissue exchange migrate the male structures toward the female form.

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