Cybele’s Knife

I use “Cybele’s Knife” as a form of Occam’s razor rather than as an actual historical referent.

Joanne Proctor said:

Trying to comprehend WBT-Classical-HBS transsexualism as an identity problem is what causes the misunderstandings, both between us and TG affected individuals, and with the way our condition is understood by psychologist, psychotherapists and all the other so-called experts.

We are simply not being listened to and that is what creates our frustration!

Please accept that this post is not a personal criticism. Its the beliefs that are wrong. And those beliefs a precisely why WBT-Classical-HBS transsexuals need a distinct voice of our own.

Let me return to the pregnancy analogy to explain why. Joann introduced the transsexual who doesn’t want to change sex into the discussion. Yet changing anatomical sex is precisely what Classical- WBT – HBS transsexualism
is all about. It isn’t an add-on, designed to complete a change of gender role behavior and expression.

The argument that some individuals, who don’t want to change sex, must be accepted as WBT-HBS-Classical transsexuals is one of the many claims that conflates our experience with transgenderism, and frustrates our attempts to obtain an independent voice.

SRS cuts through the bullshit.  As far as I am concerned it is the Cybele’s Knife that cuts through all the transgender blather.

While I am willing to work with transgenders on an ad hoc basis regarding certain issues I still think their convoluted gender arguments are nothing but reactionary bullshit that is in total accord with some of the most misogynistic, anti-progressive reactionary thinking I have seen in the 60+ years I’ve been on the planet.

The idea of making gender the prime consideration determining women or men is incredibly oppressive to women since it makes women into a permanently submissive class defined by the patriarchal power structure.

It means any woman not conforming to the feminine mystique becomes ‘transgender” and any man who does not meet the ascribed standard of masculinity is also considered transgender.

Then there is the blither about identity.  I am not because of anything I do but because I identify as comes across as mentally disturb ed.

I can buy some one deserving respect when they live as a member of a sex not consistent with their current genitals.  The respect is earned by the act of doing.  However sans the doing one is left with delusion and I do not feel constrained to honor delusion.

I also highly value individuality over conformity, the social individualist who challenges authority including that authority that dictates proper gender behavior.  The woman who tells anyone who calls her “lady” to fuck off because she isn’t royalty. The queen who makes the entire bar or street magical as she sashays her gender fucking,  finger snapping drag queen ass down it up setting the straights and wrecking the entire idea of normal.

The reduction of this to transgender word games should be a felony.

Cybele would not be amused

Gender Non-conformity

Jessica wrote in a comment regarding Quid Pro Quo:  “In recent national political action, “gender non-conformity,” which I had always assumed to be a synonym for “transgender” has been claimed as part of “all things associated” with homosexuality.”

I never thought of “gender-non-conformity” as a synonym for transgender or for homosexuality.

I’ve never thought of myself as much of a conformist in much of anything.  Raised Catholic, I became atheist.  In spite of forced indoctrination I never became very masculine.  And in spite of the expectations laid on someone who was a pretty as I was when I came out I never valued the expectaitions of femininity all that much.

I resisted the working class idea of striving to emulate the stereotype of middle class in favor of hippie/bohemian culture.

I see so many of these expected roles as being selling points aimed at attacking my insecurities.

Many years ago, a few months after I had SRS I was in the Macy’s in San Francisco buying some make-up.  A very attractive hippie guy whispered to me as he walked past, “Buying make-up won’t give you better orgasms.”  I shot back, “Buying make-up is my orgasm.”

I was a model at the time at the time and starting to be interested in photography.  I thought a lot about what he said.  I stopped spending so much on clothes and make-up and bought a Nikon and lenses instead.

Along the way I kind of abandoned the whole glamour bit and came out as a lesbian feminist.

I can cook.  I can play guitar, I can paint both rooms and pictures.  Look good when the occasion calls for looking good and I used to change the oil in my car before the EPA and design of cars made that one difficult for end users.

I have a WBT partner but I have had male partners  in the past. I used to own a black leather jacket with many zippers and have many piercings in my ears.

I have tats and cats.  I’m a left wing anarcha-feminist in Texas.

I think conformity of any sort is highly over rated.

As for what the guy said about buying make-up wouldn’t give me better orgasms..  He was right.  Make-up failed miserably when it came to getting orgasms. The Hitachi Magic Wand was a hell of a lot better purchase for that desired end.  Along with the lessons in self-pleasuring I got from the consciousness raising group I was in at the Women’s Building

I’m reading Phyllis Burke’s Gender Shock.  The psych establishment condones torture of children to prevent gender non-conformity, something I consider important in being a whole self actualized human being so a lot of special elite interests seem to have a whole lot invested in keeping the artifice of the social constructs of gender in place.