Trans-Inclusive ENDA Introduced


Yeah… Yeah… I know I’m supposed to be enthusiastic and ready to get down with the cause.

But it’s hard for me to get beyond an apathetic feeling of, “Yeah that great.”

Which is my general feeling towards the whole transgender social construct.

I’ve felt more screwed over by transgender activists colonizing my life than I ever have by any other group with the possible exception of the Taliban Christians.

I get positively pissed off when any of them try to tell me I am transgender because they decided to define me as such.

With out my consent.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m down for ENDA.  I’m a far more femme than butch lefty hippie lesbian and over the years I’ve had to put up with getting sexually harassed and even terminated for it.

But my past medical history hasn’t been a part of it.

I’ve never felt like I was part of the Johnny come late crowd that wanted to graft a T on to the end of Gay and Lesbian Community.  I sort of feel that like bisexuals they really aren’t part of the community that happened after Stonewall.

I feel that way too many of the transgender movement are really straight full time cross-dressing heterosexual men who want to come and run their numbers in lesbian bars.  I also remember all the homophobia that was present and obvious in the pre-Tapestry Tri-Ess groups.  The misogyny and homophobia of the closet case Prince of many names who founded the Transgender Movement.

A trans-inclusive ENDA won’t do shit for me.

I will still be a woman in a patriarchal misogynistic world having to deal with all the sexism that men throw at women.

I will still be affected by the lack of the Equal Rights Amendment.

I will still be a working class member of the servant industry they call retail sales.  I will still curse the rich right wing elite who have destroyed the unions.

I will curse the idea workers can be forced to pee in bottles in spite of having lived clean and sober for many years.

A Trans-Inclusive ENDA won’t do shit for people when there are 700 equally qualified people with the same level of resume looking for a job above part-time no-benefits retail sales.

Welcome to the neo-lib/neo-con post industrial free market world where employers can terminate at will.

When y’all whip out the poor me, I can’t get a job in my field because I am transgender it smells to me a lot like you expected to continue to utilize your male privilege.

Welcome to the real world.  I work the floor of a big box store with half my crew having B.A.s,  a Ph.D. candidate as well as people who used to make 6 figures.

For many of us age is the factor that condemns us to retail hell.  For others it is being the wrong color or class, or both.

ENDA isn’t going to do shit about that.

3 Responses to “Trans-Inclusive ENDA Introduced”

  1. ariablue Says:

    When you put it that way, it sounds like the things the transgender activists are pushing for as rights are simply a further extension of men’s rights, i.e. privilege.

    • Suzan Says:

      It sometimes seems that way.

      So many transition when they are older and expect to get just as good a job after as before when people are losing jobs left and right and having to take positions far below what they had before.

      The other thing is older women are less employable in male dominated professions.

      It’s a misogynistic world out there that people are transitioning into.

  2. tinagrrl Says:

    The push by “Transgender Activists” to define “woman” as sets of behaviors, types of clothing, accepted roles, preferred jobs, etc., etc., etc. is just an extension of the same old patriarchal bullshit.

    It’s men defining women. It’s their surrogates defining women. It’s the usual suspects telling women what they can and cannot be / do.

    At times I think some TG folks really believe, “I’m MORE woman because I have a PENIS!”. It’s a version of the “male gaze” used to actively define women. It’s using a male ideal of woman, as portrayed by TV’s / TG’s to define ALL women.

    Obviously, when WBT’s, post-ops, HBS folks settle into BEING “just another woman”, the need or even desire to portray an idealized male version of woman becomes anathema. As a result, many in the TG community see us as “traitors” — after all, we’ve gone over to the “other side”.

    That’s the real problem many TG folks have with us. It’s not SRS, or even our insistence that we are not a part of the TG “umbrella” — it is simply that we become women, just plain women (if there really is such a thing).

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