75 Percent of Americans Want National Health Insurance

The American People need a party that represents them and not the fucking corporations and the rich.  As it is the Corporations have two parties representing their interests.  The ultra far right wing Republicans and the merely right wing Democrats.

I have had company provided health insurance for only a tiny fraction of my life.  Many sisters are in this situation.  Many women as well as minorities find this to be the situation.

The American Health Care System is one of the Worst in the industrialized world on virtually every single stage from life expectancy to infant mortality.  We pay more for less than any other nation in the world.  All so the fucking rich can screw us and enslave us.

Further I do not want  mandated purchase of “free market” private insurance.  That is government sanctioned robbery by a crime syndicate made up of the corporations and their lackey government.  I am tired of Senators and Congress people who are minions for the rich and lie to the poor.

Furthewr this National Health Insurance should cover Birth Control, Abortion and SRS.

Senate Dems, GOPers agree: Not enough votes for health reform

It’s doubtful that President Barack Obama can garner enough votes to pass sweeping health care reform through Congress, a leading Senate Democrat says — this despite a new poll that shows nearly three-quarters of Americans would support some form of government-run health care program.

Continue reading at http://rawstory.com/blog/2009/06/senate-dems-gopers-agree-not-enough-votes-for-health-reform/

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