How deep Was the Prince Influence

Having read so much material over the years I have been aware of the deeply poisonous influence of the late and unlamented (at least by me) transgener formely known as “Prince”.

Yet here I was looking for some pertinent material for a follow up piece to “Psychology Constructs the Female” when what should I come upon but this nugget of poison.

In the Bible according to St. Harry Benjamin:

Charles Prince, whom we will meet again in a later chapter, formed a theory as to the psychological inception of all three deviations. It concerns the child’s identification with the wrong parent, particularly the boy with his mother or with another female. He says:

Those impressed with the sexual women are likely to express their femininity in sexual behavior and become homosexual; those fixed on the psychological aspect maintain that they are women in a male body and that they feel as women. They seek emasculatory surgery to bring the body in conformity with the psyche. They are the transsexuals. Finally, those who were set on the social aspects of women seek to emulate her in expressing their femininity, which means their clothing, adomment, hair-do, mannerisms, etc. This type becomes a transvestite.[15]

This is turning into the tracing back of an infection.  Munge this through a few iterations and you have Bailey/Blanchard et. al. AP/AGP