Malignant Bisexuals

Ariablue introduced John Money’s term “malignant bisexuals” in a post related to Alice Dreger.  On Monday my partner Tina and I saw the documentary “Outrage” featuring Mike Rogers about the generally ultra right wing closet cases in congress who promote anti-gay/lesbian policies.

In many cases these creepy self loathing “wounded fags”  (Allan Ginsburg ref.) are married to women.  They hide behind their bigotry as though it was a shield. Perhaps it is and helps them to pass as straight.

Although the concept of malignant bisexuality raises an interesting point.  Positive bisexuality requires the admission of bisexuality which many see as a code word for gay or lesbian made by people too insecure to admit their same sex orientation.

I will ponder this more and return to this subject at a later date.

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