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The annoyance known as Alice Domurat Dreger is a self-styled “hermaphrodite monger” who currently has a part-time job at North-western University.

Hate Monger would be a more accurate description of Dreger.

Alice Dreger is a well known supporter of anti-transsexual academics, such as Anne Lawrence who attack the reality and existence, of transsexual people,

by sexualising, perversifying and dehumanising transsexual people. A lot of intersex people do not like Alice Dreger either.

Alice Dreger has won a Guggenheim for 2008 to 2009, to pay for writing. If she wants more money, she should apply to the Pioneer Fund for grant aiding, if she has not already. They fund like-minded people. Of course no one in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour / International Journal of Transgenderism / Blanchard, Bailey, Dreger, Zucker, Lawrence / WPATH / Psychiatry world would be funded by the pioneer fund, share offices with its members, recommend them, have offices just down the corridor from them, have dinner with them, attend conferences with them, marry them or meet them for coffee at break time to discuss ways to remove groups that they don’t approve of from the human race.

Alice Dreger is a fan and friend of J. Michael Bailey and has defended him completely, every chance she has got. It is a strange position for someone to take who claims to be an ethicist, who was once a conservative catholic pro-life campaigner.

How can Alice face her parents, after spending so many Saturdays with her family on anti-abortion picket lines, doing god’s work, condemning raped women, condemning children raped by priests and attacking clinicians giving women choice. Dreger’s parents were Right-to-Life, anti-abortion activists. Dreger’s father ran for public office on the Right-to-Life party line. Her support for Bailey is support for abortion of minorities; no matter what way she spins it. Those minorities appear to have been defined as anyone the Catholic Church disproves of.

Dreger is also a supporter of the dehumanisation of transsexual people by Blanchard, Bailey, Zucker, Lawrence and others.

She supports Kenneth Zucker’s trans reparative treatment of children, better known as child abuse, in his clinic. A clinician who is constantly quoted by both and the Catholic Church, regarding transsexual people.

Then again Dreger, did spend her Saturdays as a youth, at anti-abortion rallies.

Part of Dreger’s career is to write about marginalized minorities, marginalizing them further, dehumanising them and pathologising them, so that the particular minority to be dehumanised, can be controlled, corralled and decimated. Another part of her career is to defend academics and clinicians who consider transsexual women to be sexual objects and have a pathological hatred of minorities. Her defence of J. Michael Bailey who claimed he was studying transsexual people for his book, The Man Who Would Be Queen is particularly illuminating (Bailey was actually looking for transgender prostitutes to have sex with, then dehumanise in sexual manner in his book).

Bailey is a good catholic name originally from Ireland, in case you did not know. Bailey makes a point of quoting ex Roman Catholic nun Janice Raymond, who gave evidence to congress attacking transsexual rights, which removed any access transsexual people have to Medicare in the United States of America. She also wrote the transphobic book, The Transsexual Empire.

Notice how she degrades the women making the complaints against Bailey, yet considers all people who have a pathological hatred of transsexual people and a need to perversify their entire existence, to be wonderful, truthful, have no ulterior motives and beyond reproach. The hate mongering in that article is blatant.

Dreger’s views on academic freedom are very interesting. They appear to be similar to those of the Catholic Church and others who impose censorship of anything they do not approve of. Sometimes I wonder if she has friends in the Congregation of the Faith, due to her similar behaviour.

IN 2007 a woman called Joelle Ruby Ryan tried to organise a small seminar on the subject of Janice Raymond’s and J. Michael Bailey’s attacks on transsexual people’s existence, the transphobia contained in those attacks, as well as the sexism of the attackers and other concurrent issues.

Upon hearing of this small conference/seminar, Alice Dreger went nuts.

How the hell is someone discussing two academics who have spent much their entire existence attacking transsexuals, an attack on Alice Dreger’s academic freedom. Dreger is the one who tried to stop a student from giving a talk to a few other students and possibly a few interested others.

It worked out for the best in the end though, as students, academics, journalists and activists saw Dreger’s attack for what it was, a direct attack on a transsexual student with the express desire to stop her academic career in its tracks and force her to stay quiet. Thankfully Joelle Ruby Ryan did not stay quiet. She called Dreger’s bluff, stood up to her threats and in the best interests of academia, defended her right to freedom of speech and thought.

I do have a bad feeling this will not be the last time that Alice Dreger attempts to stifle academic debate and the advancement of a student, struggling to get by.

These links will illuminate the matter of academic freedom I have raised.,20,21-07.htm,20,21-07.htm

Alice Dreger’s views on dwarfs are very interesting. They give an insight into her mindset.*.html

Dreger is obsessed with both transsexual and intersex people, and with perversifying male to female transsexual people in all respects, fixating on minority groups whom Dreger considers freaks and subhuman. There maybe the possibility that she studies them so intensely, because subconsciously she feels they make her more attractive and normal by comparison.

Along those lines consider Dreger’s obsession with her own appearance, as evidenced by the virtual facial feminisation she has done to her own online pictures.

Compare that with her accusations of narcissism on the part of transsexual people she has an issue with.

Futhermore, Dreger’s narcissism goes way beyond just her physical appearance. She also exhibits grandiose feelings about her stature in the world, as evidenced in the following page.

It is interesting to notice that Alice Dreger, when not attempting to completely revise history, Catholic Church style, by ignoring facts and accepting facts only from the sexually deranged/repressed. Dreger is fixated on changing her appearance to make her look less like her Dominican nun sister, instead of looking like a stereotypical butch lesbian or nun.

Which brings me to another subject.

Dreger never shuts up about sex. She is completely obsessed with sex to the point that she fits in perfectly with her friends from Chicago North Western University and University of Toronto/CAMH.

The level of sexual obsession and sexual deviancy required to be part of that clique will not be encountered in bars, nightclubs, even brothels, porn movies or BDSM events. It will only be encountered amongst child traffickers, pimps, rapists, paedophiles, catholic priests, nuns and popes.

It is interesting to note that Dreger’s biological sister, is a member of the Dominican nuns. I wonder how Sister Mary Diana Dreger reconciles her Catholic Church teachings, with Alice’s support of eugenicists who want to abort entire minorities before birth?

The Catholic Church vehemently opposes gay rights and transsexual rights. That leads to a question that needs to be asked.  Bear in mind that the present pope was once in the Hitler Youth and would have read from Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler every day, besides being fed a diet of eugenics propaganda on a daily basis.

Does the Catholic Church secretly approve of Eugenics against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transsexual people?

How can Alice face her parents and sister after spending so many Saturdays with her family on anti-abortion picket lines? Dreger’s parents were Right-to-Life, anti-abortion activists. Dreger’s father ran for public office on the Right-to-Life party line.

I wonder how Dreger reconciles teaching ethics, with her sister being a member of an organisation, which has systematically abused children for decades?

Does Alice support her sister Mary being a member of an organisation which attacks gay rights every chance it gets?

Does Alice support her sister Mary being a member of an organisation which attacks womens rights every chance it gets?

Does Alice consider the Catholic Church to be an ethical organisation, after it abused hundreds of thousands of children worldwide?

I wonder how Mary Diana Dreger reconciles Alice’s support for extermination of an entire minority by abortion or maybe the Catholic Church secretly approves of selective abortion of minorities?

I wonder how Sister Mary Diana Dreger supports her sister Alice claiming to have swapped services for sex?

How does Sister Mary Diana Dreger feel about her sister Alice posing nude for the front cover of her book, Intersex in the Age of Ethics?

Dreger’s sister, Sister Mary Diana Dreger, graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine with a medical degree and a special award.  She has spent her life as a Dominican nun. The Dominican nuns will now be able to keep medical matters in house. The Dominicans operate elementary schools, high schools, and colleges in seven states in the USA, where they educate young women in the tradition of the Catholic Church. The tradition of the Catholic Church is that women are to get married, have lots of children, love there husband no matter how much he beats her and to turn a blind eye to priests and nuns having sex with children. For further information regarding Dominican nuns read:

Now the Catholic Church will be able to treat child injuries in house, avoiding pesky questions from doctors, social services and police. This type of training for nuns also allows opus dei members, who have whipped themselves too much in there frenzied worshipping. Of course the whipping in that context has no connection with BDSM whatsoever, according to Opus Dei.  I think a dominatrix should be asked for an opinion regarding that.



For further information on Alice Dreger goto











EUGENICS (SELECTIVE ABORTION OF MINORITIES) which is supported by Dreger and BBL in Chicago North Western University and University of Toronto/CAMH




For further information regarding Dominican Nuns and other religious orders.

Also see:\Jan2005.pdf



Yet, for some reason they are allowed to run programs such as this.

They created the victims in the first place.


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  1. ariablue Says:

    Closet lesbian, self-hating due to Catholic background? Seems like you have found the string that ties all these people together. Along with head Catholic Paul McHugh, they form a religious cabal trying to use the APA and medical authorities to push their dogmatic hatred.

  2. Suzan Says:

    You forgot right wing. I’m rereading de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex”. So much of misogyny is religion based or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say religion is misogyny based.

    BTW I saw “Outrage” about the closet case homophobes of congress. Same sort of projected self hatred used as a shield to assist in the passing as straight.

    But transsexualism and SRS are NOT the same as L/G issues. They are more like Abortion Rights/Reproductive Rights.

  3. ariablue Says:

    Those closet cases are Money’s “Malignant Bisexuals” aren’t they? I think that’s an unfortunate term, but it describes their actions if not their orientation.

    Hmm Janice Raymond was a nun, and wasn’t Germaine Greer schooled in a Catholic facility? That’s the problem with using fear and guilt as institutional tools of control I suppose. They turn out self-hating paranoid types and narcissists.

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