Transsexuals Are Not Transgender

I am at a point where I will not accept that some one is transsexual and not transgender until they actually have sex reassignment surgery and I am not talking hormones and breast implant or chest reduction surgery.

I am tired of people who have no intention of getting SRS claiming they are transsexual because they think that somehow makes them more serious than if they use the term transgender for themselves.

I am even more tired of people telling me that I am being a bitch and an elitist because I say I am transsexual and not part of the transgender community because I had SRS.  I find myself feeling used.

Transgender Activists have used those of us who get SRS to legitimatize the idea of those who will never get SRS. They then criticize us us for saying we have our own causes now that we are women or men as the case may be and that we find feminism, same-sex marriage, media reform, anti-globalization, environmental causes more important than the transgender cause.

Some people after SRS are even apolitical and just want to assimilate into the sex they have been reassigned to.

Most of us have zero interest in redefining away the “gender binary”.  In fact many of us don’t see that much of a rigidly defined gender binary in the modern western world where both men and women hold down crappy oppressive jobs where everyone wears the company designated virtual uniform.

When it was announced last week that long time Gay and Lesbian Rights Advocate Chastity Bono had started the T to M process and had come out as transsexual taking the name Chaz I wasn’t surprised by the ignorant babble of the Christo-Fascist morons. That is to be expected whenever anyone does anything that isn’t consistent with their strangely bigoted superstitious belief structure and its embrace of misogynistic gender roles.

But then we have the unfortunate spokesperson, Mara Keisling once again opening her trap and shoving both feet into it

And on Pam’s House Blend

Someone’s decision to transition does not necessarily mean they are undergoing gender reassignment surgery, and in many cases they do not, said Mara Keisling, executive director of the Washington-based National Center for Transgender Equality.

“The whole media fixation on surgery is kind of misplaced,” she said. “Almost no transgender people ever have surgery. We don’t have any idea how many do.” An estimated one-quarter to one-half percent of the American population is transsexual, however, Keisling said. “It’s sort of a general term that encompasses both or either a social transition or a medical transition.”

Keisling said she was unaware of the specifics in Bono’s case, but speaking generally, a transition means that he will now want to be “known, seen, viewed” as a male.

“The actual details depend on his needs and wants and his doctor’s needs and wants,” she said.

Oh no, she didn’t really say that, did she?

I’m afraid she did.  Call it a moment of accidental candor that revealed the whole contemptuous agenda of the transgender movement and their hatred of transsexuals who actually get SRS and get on with their lives if you will.  Try to explain it away or clarify it but those of us who have been saying that the transgender activists have been colonizing and erasing the lives of transsexuals for some 20 years now know this is actually how transgenders view us.

I struggle with the idea WBTs and MBTs should support hate crimes bills and anti-discrimination laws because that is the right thing to do.  Yet I feel used by people who have colonized my life and who refuse to distinguish between me and a bunch of…

…  Dare I say it?  Men in dresses.

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  1. catkisser Says:

    So much for the kinder, gentler Suzan Cooke…you just went all Cathryn Platine on their asses.

    Hey, how about promoting the petition? If we can get 500 signatures, perhaps we can get GLAAD to drop, once and for all, that insulting “inclusive” (read transsexual erasing) use of “transgender”.

  2. Suzan Says:

    Hey Cat,

    Consider it done. See the new category on the right side bar.


  3. tinagrrl Says:

    For a long time (again, about 10 years) I’ve said one goal of the TG movement was to make SRS totally unnecessary.

    That would have the effect of (eventually) making it unavailable. “Gender” change, as opposed to sex change.

    If that were to become the norm, women would have no option other than being totally anti-TS/TG. The entire concept of reducing woman to a role or performance negates their reality. Negates feminism, and reduces woman to a series of acts, roles, defined by, and dictated by men.

    TG works right into the hands of the right-wing patriarchy — in all its glory. This might be an “unintended consequence”, but it would sure make Bailey, Blanchard, Lawrence, Dreger, Zucker, etc., etc. VERY HAPPY.

    Shame on Mara Keisling — at the same time, she articulated one of the real goals of the “TG Agenda”.

  4. Karen A Says:

    The Keisling quote in the article bothered me too… but I’m not sure how much it really matters.

    Speaking of CNN, the Bono story spawned another story from them about T*ism.

    In it it says:

    “Psychologists recommend that people who change genders adopt a “transgendered identity,” and not keep their history of transition a secret. ”

    I can’t believe that is true and hope it is not!

    A therapist should not be advising for or against out/stealth, a TG or female identity. Their job IMO (beyond ensuring sanity and a grounding in the reality of the client’s specific situation) is to help the client understand who they are, and make sure they understand the pros and cons of each path etc… and then support the client’s decisions.

    – Karen

  5. Evangelina Says:

    Mara Kesling is not just transgender, Mara Keisling is the very WORST kind of transgender.
    Watch any film clip of Mara Keisling and the look and sound of him says male; he makes only a token effort at female. That is how Keisling sees women, a variation of himself. Charlie Prince would be proud of him.

  6. ariablue Says:

    “The entire concept of reducing woman to a role or performance negates their reality. Negates feminism, and reduces woman to a series of acts, roles, defined by, and dictated by men.”

    Thanks for putting it into words Tina! That’s what has been bothering me about all this gender business, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it till now. 🙂

  7. Sara Law Says:

    That IS well put Tina. I’ve hesitated posting here as I am only 1 month past my two-year SRS anniversary. But I guess that gives me at least 30 days of credibility! Seriously, I just cannot get my mental/emotional arms around the concept of someone NOT transitioning completely, socially and surgically. It just does not compute, at least for me. What kind of a life is that?

  8. tinagrrl Says:

    “What kind of life is that?”

    I think some folks become addicted to being “special”. Being pre-op usually makes you “special”. It may be positive or negative, but it’s still “special”. The tension between public persona and genitalia, between performance and reality, can add to this idea of “special”. It’s an “I’ve got a secret” kind of thing.

    Once post-op there is usually an opportunity to become “just another woman”. All vestiges of male privilege are lost, and you can only become really “special” by what you do — not what you are.

    Some folks seem to have difficulty letting go of “special”.

    Being a leader in the TG-community also means some folks will actually listen to you. You have an area of expertise that most folks know nothing about. It’s fairly easy to become a leader.

    How many of us have been in the position of having men lecture us on an area of our FORMER expertise? How many of us have kept our mouths shut simply because it might not have been the best thing to call the guy a flaming asshole — even though he deserved it?

    Some folks, in the past, have said you have to know the rules before you can break tham.

    Being a leader in the TG-community seems to mean you can make them up as you go along. That might not always be a bad thing, but it sure makes it much easier to harm others who you claim are a part of “your” community — especially if you have no real idea what their lives are like.

    It seems many TG leaders make assumptions about WBT’s / post-ops / HBS folks, and either act on them or, use those assumptions to make sweeping statements that can affect our lives.

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