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I recently heard a rather disturbing story from a sister who made the mistake of becoming involved with a reality show.

She was seriously abused by the people involved both as the producers of the show and by other contestants.

Lately way too many media outlets have taken the Jerry Springer route and subjected  WBTs and MBTs as well as transgender people to horribly abusive treatment for the gratification of their audiences.

It is somehing very characteristic of the Rupert Murdock school of right wing hackery and propaganda peddling disguised as journalism.

It is every slimy tabloid produced on shitty paper with ink that smears, only now it is on a thousand TV channels where the advertising dollar is spread too thin to actually pay professional actors and production people to put on dramatic television.

After all they not only would have to pay the performers but the writers.

It is so much cheaper to dangle a few molecules of the most intoxicating of all drugs, fame and a chance to win big bucks.

You will see the fame starved dreamers thinking they have a chance to actually grab the gold ring of fame and fortune and instead the public gets treated to these poor souls humiliating themselves in front of millions of people.  Sees them reduced to fighting like starving dogs over a fly covered bone with a taste of rotten meat.

I would never tell a sister or brother to subject themselves to one of these atrocities.  Let the normborn straights do it.  We’ve been there and done that as a part of growing up different and should never let ourselves return to situations where we are subjected to this sort of abuse.

Especially when there are other routes for telling our stories and getting our narratives a real listening from audiences that offer respect rather than humiliation.

We can write.  Blogging is so simple with tools any literate person with a bit of computer skills can master.  Writing, photography, documentaries and even oral histories offer a way to share our stories with dignity that we lose when we subject ourselves to the cruelty of a format that views mercy as weakness.

It may not make us famous to share our stories on blogs read mainly by sisters and brother, in books and documentaries read or seen within our family.

But there is something this small arena of notoriety has that the greater arena of TV fame lacks.  The anonymity of having only family know of our medical history so that when we are outside of these arenas we can just be ordinary people.

For some of us that being able to control what and how we share our stories is as important as our telling them in the first place.

To get our stories out there in a positive manner means learning how media operates.  It means learning what media outlets one can trust and the honing of our messages.

There used to be a talk show with Phil Donahue that was totally different from Jerry Springer.  It is important to know the host and the type of show one is going on before going on to it.

Even better yet is working with some one who is friendly to insure a positive message.

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