The Avalanche of Hate Crimes

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Perhaps it is because coverage is better but I have a sinking feeling that as more people have come out more people have been turned into targets of opportunity for predators inflamed with the misogynistic bigotry preached by religion and condoned by courts that accept the homophobic/transphobic defense of, “”He” deceived me, made a pass at me, was a sex worker so I had to murder “him”.  And because I was wronged I stole “his” car and credit cards.”

To me this is not extenuating circumstances.  This is a confession to a hate crime compounded by felonious robbery and should merit capital punishment in locations where if a normborn were subject to the identical crime capital punishment would be the norm.

The reality is we need additional laws to protect us in order to get any sort of protection at all.

In addition we need laws that treat crimes against sex workers as actual crimes.  Raping a sex worker should be treated at least as seriously as the ultra right wing is treating David Letterman’s poor taste joke.  Instead the rape of a sex worker is treated as a source of humor.

Murdering sex workers is treated as subject matter for vile video games.

Instead it should add an additional layer of hate crimes protections.

Race gets used as a sign of the victim being even more worthless.  The whiter the victim the greater the crime,  The darker the skin the less the crime.

The higher the class of the victim the greater the crime, the lower the class the lesser the crime.

This is true around the world.  In Venezuela there have been a series of murders of sex workers with a fair percentage of them being trans.  Macho culture where the value of women is as property and class means that poor women who are not owned by men become sex workers and murder victims.

TransGriot has an article on Feministe regarding the murder of Lateisha Green (to read article go to: See her original at:

So many murders that after a while they become like background noise.  A constant din, like the night of broken glass foreshadowing some thing like that which happened in Nazi Germany.

The neo-Nazi right wing hate mongers from Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh to local “shock jock” the advocating of violence against both transsexuals and transgenders has reached such a roar that the Nazi cretins who listen to these hate mongers now feel that it is okay to hunt us.

I would advocate our arming ourselves and shooting attackers but I know the consequences of our self defense would weigh more heavily upon us than the premeditated hate crimes weigh upon those who commit these hate crimes.

Instead I am forced to fall back upon advocating the boycotting of those companies that support the hate mongers and the passage of hate crimes laws.

Advocating not doing sex work if there are alternatives, trying to find less dangerous forms if there are ways of doing that, such as working the papers.

It is only as a last resort that I advocate arming yourselves with a knife or a gun and killing your attacker.  I am too aware of the consequences.

But no more.  No more being the defenseless victim even in our own homes with our brains splashed all over a fire extinguisher.

No more letting the gay and lesbian community get away with continuing to carry on about Matthew Sheppard as though that was the ONLY hate crime ever when we have a Matthew Sheppard every single week.

No more treating the murder of transsexual and transgender people as mattering less because they are people of color and too poor to afford SRS that has become a privilege of class as economic hardship has hit those at the bottom harder than those who are middle class.

Our battle isn’t just about Bailey, Blanchard, Zucker and the rest who give pseudo-scientific to the right wing religious and ideological hate mongers.  It is about the hate mongers.  It is about our so called allies who give lip service to protecting our rights but who laugh at the right wing jokes and often have just as much hate within them.

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  1. tinagrrl Says:

    There are few easy answers. For almost 10 years I’ve been saying “there is no future being the T in LGBT”. At the same time I support LGB rights in toto. I also support the rights of ALL various “T folks”, while still rejecting (vigorously) the concept of the “transgender umbrella”. That means I support all hate crimes legislation. As I’ve said, there are no easy answers.

    These are not mutually exclusive positions. They are more an understanding of reality.

    When some post-op / WBT / HBS / etc., etc., etc. folks only support Heterosexual marriage for us, while denying same sex marriage , for us or others, it seems to be sowing the seeds of disaster. When folks distance themselves from T-hookers, denying their humanity, it sows the seeds of our downfall.

    The very fact there is no “umbrella” does not mean we cannot support the rights of all folks seen, from the outside, as “T”.

    Many of us are no longer seen as any sort of “T”. That does not mean we cannot be “outed”, cannot have our lives, careers, marriages, destroyed by someone searching the internet. It also does not give anyone of us the right to look down on others.

    There are no easy answers.

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