Chastity Bono Comes Out as T to M

A few years back I got put on moderation on a number of mailing lists for a quip that was bitchy enough to have come from Michael Musto or Perez Hilton.

The offending quip was, “There are two kinds of lesbians, bisexuals and men.”

The original incident that caused me to make that quip was when Pat Califia became  Patrick Califia and with his T to M partner became the original pregant man.

Now transmen dropping babies has turned into a common place thing barely worthy of a reporter springing for a fast food lunch much less a flight to NY for an interview.

Now Chastity becomes Chaz.  Okay…  Cool…

Over the years I got really tired of butch lesbians giving femme lesbians crap for being feminine.  It was almost likewe were getting knocked for not being male identified the way so many of masculine identified women were.  Now it turns out that an awful lot of butchs were and are T to Ms who have sort of used the lesbian community as a safe place.

At the same time many of these newly emerging T to M folks were trashing T to F people who were really good lesbian feminists.  Salt of the earth women identified women.

I’m glad y’all are coming out.  Congratulations Chaz, as a LGBT/T activist you have been a star.  Always ready to do the money raising, the organizing so this gripe isn’t directed to you.

Internalized transphobia is hell to overcome and coming out is easy once you say the magic words in front of others.

No doubt you will encounter some of the same mindless bigotry that your T to F sisters have.  Give them hell like you’ve been doing as an activist for the last 20 years or so.

BTW I knew there were a lot of brothers among the butches from when I came out some 40 years ago.

So Chaz Congratulations

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