It is all part of the same fabric of ultra right wing religious fanaticism

For years I have seen the hatred of women’s right to autonomy and control over their own reproduction as well as anti-feminism, racism, homophobia and the form of misogyny I am loathe to call transphobia instead of misogyny as all having common ideological roots.

It is sort of how when you strip away the jargon crap from BBZL et. al. you find they are reactionaries straight out of NARTH.

The murder of Dr. Tiller by the “Right to Life” sic Terrorist brought it all home once again as to how there is no appeasing these people who are basically Nazis and are not only bigoted against us for being born with transsexualism but also against women,  L/G people as well as all people of color.

The following was on Alternet:

A Brief History of the Radical, Violent Right: How Racist Hate Groups Joined up With Abortion Terrorists
By James Ridgeway,
Posted on June 6, 2009, Printed on June 6, 2009

The revelation that Scott Roeder, the alleged murderer of Dr. George Tiller, belonged to an anti-government, white separatist group called the Montana Freemen might seem like an unlikely twist. After all, such groups are generally thought of as either indifferent to the issue of abortion or actively enthusiastic about its potential for reducing the nonwhite population. As it turns out, however, the journey from radical racialist to anti-abortionist isn’t as unusual as you might think.

Roeder’s connections to the right-wing fringe began well over a decade ago, according to the Kansas City Star. His ex-wife, Lindsey, said that after a few years of marriage, Roeder became increasingly involved with the Freemen and its anti-government ideology. “The anti-tax stuff came first, and then it grew and grew. He became very anti-abortion…That’s all he cared about is anti-abortion. ‘The church is this. God is this.’ Yadda yadda.” Noting that she vehemently disagreed with her ex-husband’s views, Lindsey Roeder told the Star that he moved out in 1994. “I thought he was over the edge with that stuff,” she said. “He started falling apart. I had to protect myself and my son.”

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