The Big Picture

When I started to write this I was going to title it, “Abortion, Sex Reassignment Surgery and Freedom vs Theocratic Fascism” because as a result being part of the 1960s liberation movements I tend to see various forms of oppression as related rather than individualized the way the various identity movements of today view matters.

The masters are very good at maintaining their dominance by manipulating us into being at each others throats by using trigger issues.  Everyone is a competitor in the oppression olympics to the point where they can see only their own particular oppression.  This makes it hard to work for common causes, big picture issues.

Lately removing GID and TS/HBS from the DSM has been something I view as important.  Unlike some I do not particularly want either transvestism or transgenderism in there either.

I can even see the point of inclusiveness in hate crimes and anti-discrimination laws.  I have zero interest in seeing either transvestites or transgenders legally oppressed.

They are not the enemy.

They are not the Christo-Fascist terrorists cold bloodedly murdering doctors who perfom legal abortions.  I hope they mostly support women having abortion access should the need  or desire to terminate a pregnancy arise.

However those same Christo-Fascists who want to infringe upon women exercising control over their own bodies and lives are the same parties who lead the attacks againsrt LGBT/T people on issues as wide ranging as marriage equality, hate crimes laws and anti-discrimination bills.

The same people who oppose affirmative action and anti-discrimination measures for minorities are the same ones who oppose women’s equality or equality of racial and ethnic minorities.  And they like the pukes who attacked the World Trade Center claim god is on their side and wants them to oppress these classes of people.

Our response tends to be one of forming a circular firing squad and attacking another oppressed minority as though that really accomplishes anything other than doing the master’s dirty work for him.

When we examine the ties and connections of people like Bailey, Blanchard, McHugh, Zucker et. al. we find an uncomfortable intimacy with people and ideas that tend to be embraced not my the psychiatric mainstream but rather by the fringe elements that make up groups like NARTH and those who claim to cure homosexuality in the name of religion.

When I focus on religion as the oppressor I focus on the loud mouthed Christo-Fascist knowing they may well not represent all religions but then the Universal Unitarians are not the problem as I have yet to read of any UUs promoting legalized bigotry by passing laws oppressing women and minorities.

Christo-Fascists like their brothers the Islamo-Fascists are the ones who want to become theocratic dictators demanding obedience to their bizarre misogynistic rules or face death by some of the cruelest means of torture ever devised.

At various times in the last century movements have arisen that attempted to unite the various oppressed minorities to fight for issues shared by all.  The Industrial Workers of the World in the early part of the 20th century and then the various movements of the 1960s.

And for a few moments those unifying mass movements looked as though they could unite the oppressed in struggle against their common enemy.

I’ve been a radical for some 45 years now.  Being born with transsexualism and being an obvious transkid meant that I was oppressed and abused from infancy.  Way too often religion was either the source of that oppression or the justification.  As I grew older I heard it trotted out to justify antisemitism, racism, homophobia, misogyny and transphobia.

The self-righteous have no problem killing, degrading and oppressing because the invisible bully in the sky tells them to do so.  If you visit their sites you do not see them condemning the murder of Dr. Tiller…  No…  Most of them have taken off their disguises of civility and sound exactly like Fred Phelps.

You won’t find them mourning murdered or abused transkids either.  They are too busy filling the media with lies about how hate crimes laws will oppress them.  They are nothing but bullies and bullying and oppressing is their real religion.

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