Transgender Woman Brutally Beaten in Queens Bias Attack – TLDEF Demands Full Investigation Into Hate Crime

Note After getting burned on the last announcement of what I thought was a brutal hate crime I have been less  into posting these reports.  This one is reliably sourced and that is why I am posting it

We’re sad to bring you the news of another brutal attack on a transgender woman, this one coming during the height of LGBT Pride month.  On June 19, 2009, at approximately 2:30 am, Leslie Mora was walking home from a nightclub on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens when she was accosted by two men who brutally beat her with a belt.  They stopped only when a passing motorist threatened to call the police.  Throughout the attack, Leslie’s assailants called her a “faggot” in Spanish.  The attack left Leslie with multiple injuries, including bruises all over her body, and stitches in her scalp.  Police called to the scene found Leslie nearly naked and bleeding on the sidewalk.  They also recovered a belt buckle from the assailants that was covered in blood.

The Queens County District Attorney Must Investigate this Brutal Attack as a Hate Crime

We’ve demanded that the Queens County District Attorney investigate this brutal attack as a hate crime.  Leslie was beaten with a belt while her assailants called her a ‘faggot.’  While Leslie is a transgender woman, her attackers perceived her to be gay.  State law currently classifies it as a hate crime for an individual to target and attack a victim because of the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation.  Leslie’s assault is a hate crime because her attackers perceived her to be gay and targeted her for violence because of that perception.  This is as clear a case for prosecution as a hate crime as any we have seen.

Her assailants, Trinidad Tapia, 19, and Gilberto Ortiz, 32, fled the scene but were arrested by police soon after the attack.  Both were charged with assault with intent to cause physical injury with a weapon, a felony, and released on their own recognizance.  The Queens County District Attorney has declined to investigate the attack as a hate crime.

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A Truly Queer History Tommi Avicolli Mecca draws together witnesses from an age of liberation

Gay City News
New York City
Friday, June 16, 2009

A Truly Queer History

Tommi Avicolli Mecca draws together witnesses from an age of liberation


Myth has it that the 1969 riots at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village were the first open queer rebellion against discrimination. Not so. In 1965, the first queer sit-ins on record took place at a late-night Philadelphia coffee shop and lunch counter called Dewey´s, which was a popular hangout for young gays and lesbians, and particularly drag queens and others with gender-variant attire. The establishment had begun refusing service to this LGBT clientele.

As an April 25 protest rally took place outside Dewey´s, more than 150 patrons were turned away by management. But four teens resisted efforts to force them out and were arrested, later convicted on charges of disorderly conduct. In the ensuing weeks, Dewey´s patrons and others from Philadelphia´s gay community set up an informational picket line protesting the lunch counter´s treatment of gender-variant youth. On May 2, activists staged another sit-in, and the police were again called, but this time made no arrests. The restaurant backed down, and promised “an immediate cessation of all indiscriminate denials of service.”

In August 1966, there was a riot at Compton´s Cafeteria, a 24-hour San Francisco eatery popular with drag queens and other gender-benders (this was long before the word “transgendered” was in use), hustlers (many of them members of Vanguard, the first organization for queer youth on record, founded some months earlier), runaway teens, and cruising gays. The Compton´s management had begun calling police to roust this non-conformist clientele, and one night a drag queen precipitated the riot by throwing a cup of coffee into the face of a cop who was trying to drag her away. Plates, trays, cups, and silverware were soon hurtling through the air, police paddy wagons arrived, and street fighting broke out.. Some of the 60 or so rioting drag queens hit the cops with their heavy purses, a police car was vandalized, and a newspaper stand was burned down. The Compton´s Riot eventually led to the appointment of the first police liaison to the gay community, and the establishment of the first known transsexual support group in the US.

These are just two of the many nuggets of little-known or forgotten queer history to be found in “Smash the Church, Smash the State: The Early Years of Gay Liberation,” the new anthology edited by Tommi Avicolli Mecca, himself a veteran of the earliest gay liberation struggles, and today an activist, gender-bending performance artist, and writer well-known to San Francisco queers.

By the time of the Stonewall riots in June 1969, rebellion and radicalism were in the air. The country had been riven in two by the mass agitation against the war in Vietnam. The multiracial civil rights movement was being replaced by the Black Power movement, the Black Panthers had been born four years earlier, and America´s cities had exploded in urban riots by the black underclass. Feminists had begun to articulate their own liberationist ideology and burn their bras. Stonewall and the militant gay liberation movement to which it gave birth arose out of this ´60s turbulence, and cannot be properly understood separated from this context.

Continue reading at:

http://www.gaycityn /2009/06/ 27/gay_city_ news/arts/ doc4a43d0fdbc87b 662881033. txt

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Canada – Sex reassignment surgery deserves full coverage across Canada…



June 29, 2009

Bill Siksay: Sex reassignment surgery deserves full coverage across Canada

By Bill Siksay

What are the limits of medicare coverage? Does prejudice against an identifiable minority affect decisions about who gets covered? Does “medically necessity” not apply to minority communities?

These questions are raised when members of the transsexual and transgender community are denied medical coverage for sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and related therapies, including hormone therapy, hair removal, and breast augmentation.

Transsexual and transgender folks have a different experience of gender than many Canadians. Some trans folks experience their gender opposite to their physical sexual characteristics, a feeling of being in the wrong body. To correct this, they look to SRS. Others experience their gender in ways that are different to the accepted binary theory of gender that says you are either male or female. These folks find their gender on a continuum between or beyond male and female. Some trans folks feel no need to change their physical sex, and may live out their lives as neither traditionally male or female.

Members of the trans community face discrimination as any conversation with them will definitively establish. Trans Canadians experience increased violence because of their gender identity and its expression. Job discrimination is far too common. Often trans folks are passed over when trying to rent an apartment. Obtaining appropriate identity documents can be a frustrating hurdle, exacerbated by misunderstanding. Many trans youth are thrown out of their family homes, ending up homeless and on the street. And getting appropriate health care is sometimes impossible.

We need explicit legal protection for trans Canadians. That means adding gender identity and expression to the list of grounds on which discrimination is prohibited in the Canadian Human Rights Act. It also means adding gender identity and expression to the hate crimes and sentencing provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada, so hate crimes against trans people can be considered by police, prosecutors, and judges.

Protections are in place allowing successful human-rights complaints to be made by trans folks using the “sex” and “disability” categories of existing law. Specifically adding gender identity and expression to the law would make it absolutely clear that such discrimination is wrong in a society that seeks equality and fairness. Changing the law will also raise awareness about the life experience and situation of trans Canadians.

Medical coverage varies across Canada. Some provinces fully cover SRS. Some provinces don’t. Some offer only partial coverage. Some provinces cover related therapies. Some don’t. This is unacceptable. The Canada Health Act was meant to ensure that individuals are not burdened with the cost of medically necessary procedures. It is also supposed to ensure medical treatment is accessible and comprehensive. Forcing individuals to pay out of their own pockets for medically necessary treatment is wrong. Canadians decided some time ago to share the expense of medical care so we all get the care we need and don’t go bankrupt obtaining it.

SRS is not a frill. It’s not cosmetic. It’s not elective. It’s a necessary procedure that some trans people pursue in consultation with their doctors. It’s necessary medical treatment which helps some trans people lead healthy, happy, productive lives.

The federal government does not make decisions about which specific services are covered by medicare. Those decisions are up to provincial governments. But the federal government does fund medicare and set the standards which govern it. Those standards must recognize the medical necessities of trans Canadians’ medical requirements that must be funded collectively through our tax dollars. Decisions must be based in fact, not determined by prejudice.

For all these reasons, I’ve tabled a private member’s bill, Bill C-389, in the House of Commons to add gender identity and expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act, ensuring full protection for transsexual and transgender Canadians. My bill is likely to be debated and voted on this fall. And I’ve put a motion < > before the House to call on the federal government to ensure appropriate health care is accessible across Canada to transsexual and transgender people. Anything less than explicit, full, and comprehensive protection of trans Canadians diminishes Canada’s commitment to equality and diversity. And the failure to fully cover SRS within medicare diminishes the fundamental Canadian vision of public health care.

Bill Siksay is the member of Parliament for Burnaby-Douglas and the federal New Democrat critic for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual issues.

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When a Queen dies

The first girl I fell head over heels in love with was a Cuban American queen named Stephanie.

We met in 1973 one night at a really scummy drag bar on Cahuenga Ave called the Speak.  Upon meeting me she told me that the Speak was a drag bar for queens not women.  I told her I was a sex change and she wanted to see.

We took a quick trip to one of the skankiest ladies rooms I’ve ever been in where we got to know each other  by her hand balling me and making out standing in a stall .

Alas… she had so many problems..

Parents who paid her to stay away and a huge drug problem.

She was a downtown girl Quaalude, Placidil, Seconal Tuinol.  Right from the start she was dancing with death.  I joined a circle of friend some were support and other with nearly as big drug problems were enablers.

Too much pain and the in ability to say that it doesn’t mean shit.

Like Michael Jackson had more doctors than I could imagine having.  I had a couple of Doctor Feelgoods I could count on to help me stay skinny and on the bounce as well as able to crash but maybe I had a better sense of where the borders were or some greater purpose in life.

Stephanie over dosed on Valentine’s Day 1974.  Over the years I saw the pattern repeat itself so many times I learned to avoid sisters with downer addictions.

I wasn’t surprised to see the CSI people coming out with bags of scripts.

I wasn’t surprised to hear he weighed 112 pounds.  Anorexia, bulimia and obesity are common partners of the pill abuse as is cutting.

Sometimes when I hear the horror stories about all the murders I shake my head because in my circle of friend death by ‘accidental” overdose was more common.

As I’ve gotten older other friend some of whom have cleaned up are still dying because of the after effects and continued dabbling.

I’m 20 years drug free and over 8 alcohol free.

I’m not saying Michael Jackson was transgender or transsexual just that he showed some similar problems including disconnect from the real world and withdrawl into Neverland.

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The catholic church comes out against transsexual and transgender rights.

Andrea B
The catholic church comes out against transsexual and transgender rights.

Articles by the catholic church on transsexualism

The catholic church trying to stop transsexual and transgender people being covered by anti-discrimination legislation.

Analysis of the opinion of the catholic church on transsexualism

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Fort Worth Police celebrate Stonewall’s 40th by Raiding Gay Bar

We used to call them pigs.  Maybe it is time to resurrect that term of disrespect.

The police in this nation have become an out of control army of jack booted thugs who tazer elderly people and haul chldren off to jail for petty  issue while ignoring the theft of billions by white collared bankers and brokers.

From Daily Kos  Read more at:

Breaking: Raid on Fort Worth Gay Bar (Update x6)

by lostboyjim

The posts on the Dallas voice page are verified to be from a reporter from the Voice, so while they may be a bit “first person-ish”, they are from a reporter.

Sun Jun 28, 2009 at 12:45:03 PM PDT

A blog post this morning on the Dallas Voice Blog page on the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. People were arrested for “Public Intoxication”.

This story is now breaking on facebook, with an apparent protest planned for today (location and time still not clearly determined).  I have had a brief IM with a reporter who is working on the story, so the event did occur.

Information as I can compile it below the fold.

This information was just culled from the Dallas Voice blog page.  The only reply I see so far on that blog says in part:

I don’t know what went down once the police got inside, I was lucky that I was leaving at the exact moment that the first agent was walking in the door, but they already had the outside door person up against the wall in cuffs, and the building surrounded with cars.

Arresting people in a bar for Public Intoxication seems strange, and doing it on the 40th anniversary of Stonewall seems like they are trying to spark another Stonewall.

This is the only site I have been able to find any news about this raid.  I will be updating this; this may be a misunderstanding or a setup.  As I find out more news today I will be updating this dairy.

I am keeping this a draft for now until I get at least 1 confirmation on the story, or until the Dallas Voice moves it from a blog entry to their “breaking” page.

There is now a Facebook Group* discussing the raid (* I don’t know if non-facebook users can read that link). The summary of the group:

Last night around 1 a.m., on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the Fort Worth Police Department raided the Rainbow Lounge and began randomly handcuffing and arresting patrons and shoving anyone who dared to ask why. It was a sobering reminder that on this pinnacle date in the history of gay rights, we still have a very long way to go. I created this group to give folks a chance to discuss it, share stories, pictures, etc.

Pictures of police arresting people at the Lounge are posted there. There are rumors of a protest being organized for today.  However at this time the location and time are fuzzy (the facebook page says both the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth, and the Crossroads in Oaklawn (the Crossroads is the middle of the Dallas gay area), and times from 3:00 to 5:00 pm today (CDT).  If I hear of a firm location and time I will update here.

This is very frustrating to me.  The idea of raiding a bar to handcuff people for PI is startling, the fact that they hit a gay bar on the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall is chilling.

Comments posted by a dancer at the bar.  Again, this is from a post on the Dallas Voice blog page. I am still trying to get stronger confirmation from a verifiable source than blog postings and responses.

I was one of the dance entertainers last night at Rainbow Lounge. I was dancing on a box in the VIP lounge and was looking right at the first guy that was arrested. The male patron was standing at the bar doing nothing but having a having a drink and a fun time (like people do in bars) when an officer entered that section of the club and made a beeline straight towards him. The officer forcefully spun the man around, shoved him against the bar and placed plastic restraints on his wrists. The officer then marched the man out the club. The guy was stunned and obviously really scared.
I then noticed another officer in the VIP section and several other officers filtering into the club. I made the decision at that point to go ahead and get dressed in case they were going to start arresting everyone in the entire place.
When I got inside the dressing room there were other dancers already in there getting dressed. They were panicing and saying that this is not something they have ever had to deal dancing in Dallas.
I got dressed and walked out the door and saw that several more officers had made their way into the club. I went into sort of a surreal haze at that moment. I was so disturbed and saddened because it occured to me in that moment that being after midnight, it was actually the exact same day as the Stonewall Riots. I just couldn’t believe what was happening.
I was still standing near the entrance to the VIP lounge with a friend when an officer approached a man standing there. The man had water in his hand. The officer asked him how much he had had to drink and the man said that he didn’t have to answer that. The officer then said that he was going to arrest him for public intoxication. The man said,”You can’t do that I am just standing here right now drinking water.” At the time the officer shoved the man over towards the wall near the dressing room and then back to the rear wall near the men’s restroom, then down onto the floor. Several other officers, made their way back there to hold that ONE MAN down on the ground as they placed restraints on him. At the time I noticed that all of them did not have FWPD uniforms on. Some of them were actually State Police.

Health Reform? Women Say It’s About Work, Wages

From Women’s E-News

Run Date: 06/26/09 By Molly M. Ginty
WeNews correspondent As Congress debates at least 10 health care proposals, prominent women’s advocates say work and wage issues make the single-payer model the best deal for women. So far, it’s mustering little support from lawmakers.

(WOMENSENEWS)–As the battle to reform U.S. health care heats up, Cindy Pearson is staying focused.

“This push is our No. 1 priority now,” says Pearson, executive director of the Washington-based National Women’s Health Network. “It’s an important time because Obama is voicing his concerns about health care and because both houses of Congress are developing legislative language on the issue that women’s advocates will have a chance to discuss, review–and possibly change–before it comes up for a vote in the fall of 2009.”

Pearson says that her group is encouraging women to educate themselves about health care reform, attend local and national events and lobby representatives for the proposals they want.

She cites women’s involvement in shaping other health care legislation–including the Family Medical Leave Act and the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, both passed in 1993, as proof that they should get involved now. “Women have affected public health policy in the past and the only way we can do so now is by making our voices heard,” she said.

Ten health care proposals are now before Congress.

Most Popular Proposals

The three most popular proposals all require that Medicaid be expanded; that most people continue to get insurance coverage through their employers; and that every citizen have health insurance, with government subsidies available to individuals and families to help make that coverage more affordable.

After these common elements, the proposals diverge in some key ways.

The first proposal, which emerged from the May hearings led by Senate Finance Committee Chair Montana Sen. Max Baucus, would create an insurance exchange (an organized market for the purchase of health insurance) through which individuals and small businesses could buy coverage.

The second, introduced June 9 by the Committee on Health, Labor, Exchange and Pensions, which is chaired by Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, would include the exchange as well. However, it would make subsidies available to more Americans than the Baucus plan, covering more of the nation’s 45 million uninsured.

The third plan, drafted by the Obama administration and the House leadership, was unveiled June 19 with the endorsement of three House committees: Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce and Education and Labor. It does not include the type of insurance exchange recommended in the Baucus and Kennedy proposals and is not as wide-reaching as the Kennedy plan.

The Obama “Tri-Committee” plan does require employers to either cover workers or contribute to a government fund. And it fulfills Obama’s campaign promise to create a government-sponsored health plan that rivals private plans. “If the private insurance companies have to compete with a public option, it will keep them honest and it will help keep their prices down,” Obama said at a June 11 town hall meeting on health reform in Green Bay, Wisc.

One of the ten proposals up for consideration is a single-payer model, in which a publicly financed entity (a “single payer”) reimburses providers for their services (instead of private insurers).

Single-Payer Model Best Serves Women

Though single-payer legislation is not being considered in the Senate, the House is weighing it in the form of the U.S. National Health Care Act (HR 676), which was introduced January 26 by Michigan Rep. John Conyers, Jr.

Prominent advocates for women’s health say the lagging single-payer model would serve women best. The National Women’s Health Network, for instance, has endorsed this model since 1978.

“Most of the leading health care proposals on the table would tie insurance coverage to employment in a way that is problematic for women,” said Judy Norsigian, executive director of the Boston-based Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Dr. Susan Hasti, a spokesperson for the Chicago-based Physicians for a National Health Program, agrees. “Women are more likely than men to have inadequate coverage because they are self-employed, work part time, have low-paying, no-benefit jobs, rely on their spouses for coverage or lose their insurance when they change jobs,” she said.

Reproductive services, including abortion, would likely be covered by single-payer legislation and are also likely to be covered by an 11th plan not yet on the table: the U.S. Universal Health Service Act (HR 3000), which California Rep. Barbara Lee plans to reintroduce during this legislative session. According to Norsigian, none of the other proposals under consideration would cover reproductive services as comprehensively.

As Lee’s plan and others come before Congress, the Washington-based Raising Women’s Voices, a coalition of social reform groups based in Washington and New York, is encouraging voters to organize “Women’s Speak-Outs for Health Reform” in their communities.

National grassroots campaigns are also underway. One became visible on June 25, when thousands of women descended on the U.S. Capitol for a mobilization and rally for affordable, quality health care for all. The rally was sponsored the Washington-based Health Care for America Now.

Norsigian says a single-payer system would save up to $400 billion annually in health care administrative expenses and would help eliminate medical debt, which is 30 percent more common among women than men.

Molly M. Ginty is a freelance writer based in New York City.

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Does Your Therapist Have a PhD from Inst for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality?

From Tips Q

republished with permission

Submitted by David Hart on Thu, 06/25/2009 – 16:55

If so, don’t walk — RUN to the exit and never return again. It is nothing but credential fraud. I cannot say, for certain, that the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality is a diploma mill. However, I can say that “The Institute,” at best, is nothing but an unaccredited vocational school. The diplomas that they offer are worthless. In fact, much of the faculty is self-credentialed. In other words, they have a bogus diploma from the same school. Some of these do not appear to have undergraduate degrees which means that high school graduates are teaching people who will be awarded “doctorates.” Presumably then, some people receive PhD‘s without an undergraduate degree. But, as I said, the diploma is worthless.

Accreditation is a very lengthy process that starts with a self-study by an academic steering committee. One absolute requirement is a faculty and academic management with credentials from accredited educational institutions.

I came across this issue when I was investigating NARTH’s claim that they published a study in a peer reviewed scientific journal. That “prestigious” journal turns out to be published by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. But it gets worse.

A web search reveals that there is a huge number of people who list these bogus credentials on their curricula vitae. These include practicing therapists. It would not surprise me if some employers and even some licensing agencies were duped into accepting these diplomas as legitimate credentials. Now you might wonder about the value of a therapist who has a legitimate masters degree in, say, counseling plus the phony PhD from IASHS. If your therapist was intent on embellishing their resume with unearned credentials, that is very telling. If they were too stupid to know that they were spending tens of thousands of dollars on a piece of flushable paper, would you really want their help in sorting out your dilemmas?

Oh, by the way, “The Institute” is in the business of endorsing herbal sexual enhancement products. It only further proves that, if you have a medical problem, see a real doctor.


Summer was there and the time was right for either dancing or fighting in the streets.

One is almost forced to ask the obvious question, “What took us so damned long?”

It wasn’t as if Stonewall was the only act of rebellion or militant activism in the 1960s.  The entire decade was filled with actions, riots, rebellions and street fights against the oppression of authorities.

Why Stonewall?

Two or three things I know for sure.  It wasn’t because Judy Garland died.  It wasn’t the first time pushed around LGBT/T  people fought back against the police.  Most important it didn’t happen in a vacuum.

The rebellion was like a shiny new motorcycle carefully built and just sitting there waiting for someone to kick-start it.

And the folks at Stonewall…

I wasn’t there but I was with lots of ruckus raising people on the west coast and I  read the accounts at the time as well as the historical accounts and those who fought back were the underclass of LGBT/T folks.

David Carter’s excellent account describes the patrons of Stonewall as “too”.  Too young. Too queenish. Too obvious. Too black or brown.  In short people for whom the lyrics of the Kris Kristofferson song, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” were how they lived.

If you were middle class and older with a good job and appearances to maintain you probably were not going to spend time at Stonewall.  Or the other mafia run holes.  That weekend you would be more likely to be out on Fire Island or in a classier bar surrounded by other straight appearing men with good jobs.

Now queen as a term had broader meaning in those days and accounts of who was and wasn’t there are muddled.  But among the people were people of color,  scare queens, drag queens, a pre-op transsexual or two at least one dyke who may have started the whole thing and a few straight people who were friends of the oppressed and enemies of authority.  Including  folksinger Dave Van Ronk who arrested and a straight woman who was a self described fag hag.

The rebellion lasted three nights.  Because of the cycle of underground newspapers and their distribution, I didn’t know much in details until the second week in July.

By then that motorcycle was roaring and all the preparation that had been there waiting had turned into Gay Liberation Front groups all across the country.

Within a year though some of the people no longer felt welcome in what had quickly turned in to a gay male movement and started asking uncomfortably anarchistic questions like If the personal is the political why isn’t this movement that came out of a rebellion that was inclusive and underclass serving our needs?  Why are we being erased?

Lesbians had the feminist movement.

Transsexuals in the San Francisco Bay Area had the Transsexual Counseling Service that had grown out of the 1966 Compton’s Cafeteria Riot.

In New York, Sylvia Rivera and Marsha Johnson founded STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries), an organization of trannie street sex workers.  Lee Brewster founded Queen’s Liberation Front and for several years published Queen’s Magazine, a sort of pre-Tapestry publication for sisters who attracted mainly to men.

It took years before the different constituencies started to unify.  First came the lesbians.  That started in the mid to late 1970s when Anita Bryant started her bigoted campaigns. It wasn’t a smooth journey to achieving that unity.  In Los Angeles the lesbians at the gay Community Services Center went on strike and put up picket lines around the center.

Out of that strike and other came the practice of referring to the  Gay and Lesbian Community.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that Bisexual and Transgender were added.

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Greenwich Village: Two Years Before Stonewall

In 1967, I used to escape up-state New York and go to Greenwich Village .  I would stay at the Hotel Albert on 10th St.

I came for the music. I came to be around other hippie kids.  I came to cop some weed.  I came looking for myself.  The Village offered everything small town up-state NY did not.

I didn’t dare go out in public in full drag, instead I would dress androgynously in the pop hippie clothes that looked as though they could be women’s clothes but weren’t.

New York City has the TPF (Tactical Patrol Force) policing the Village to keep the hippies, flower children, weekend partiers and queers in line. Transgressing the limits of what they saw as full drag could result in a trip to the Tombs. That would in turn mean a phone call home and an explanation for my being arrested that I was not yet ready to give.

New York City had a vague three items of clothing law in those days. It doesn’t matter if this was an actual law or a mythical one but it was queen common knowledge although no one could ever tell me if it was wearing more than three items of clothing belonging to the other sex or if one had to wear at least three items of clothing associated with your anatomical sex.

But it was 1967 and androgynous clothes from hippie boutiques allowed one to skirt the issues completely. Sexual freedom was in the air as was freedom of self-expression.  Articles about gays were starting to appear in place like Life Magazine.  Those of us who were transkids knew about Johns Hopkins doing SRS, Benjamin’s book was out there even if no one could find a copy.  Esquire had an article about Transsexuals.

On one of my trips to the city I met the first person who was clearly like me. A hippie queen, she too was looking to the family one could find in the ghettos.  She was wiser than I about survival in the City of Night.

She was the one who told me that San Francisco was a far better place for transsexuals than New York and that one could actually live as a woman there as well as get hormones.  She said, “Queens out there even have their own organizations.”

And queens is what we were, from hippie princesses to hair-fairy, scare queens to those who dared to wear high drag in public.  Some of us were pre-ops, even pre-transition others were simply flamboyant effeminate gay men.

Many of the queens of that era were “scare queens” as described by David Carter in his book Stonewall.

Hippie queens could move from East Village and Alphabet City to the West Village with out attracting the high level of attention scare queens did.  We were like guerrillas, able to blend into the sea of flower children. Scare queens were like shock troops, confrontational in their loud in your face femininity, women’s clothes and make-up worn with no attempt to pass as a woman.

I was terrified that I could wind up being like that because it meant being pretty much a complete outlaw with zero prospects of actually holding any form of legitimate job.

The denial closet was going out of style. However, neither the hippie queens nor the scare queens were representative of the vast majority of the gay male population. The majority of gay men are and were masculine to a greater or lesser degree in their presentation.  Indeed outside of certain events and situation queens, transsexuals and transgenders are looked down upon and discriminated against to almost the same degree as they are in the straight world.  This is especially true when one crosses the line from drag as camp to seriously transition towards becoming a woman or living full time as transgender.

My trips to the city were to learn how to survive and to see first hand what the world I was destined to enter was like.  They were a way of feeling out how I would fit into this world. When I had first started dressing up I told myself that it was just to see if what I felt inside was real.  In New York it was more a matter of learning how to navigate a world I already knew I was part of and a way of life I would soon be living.

I knew this would include sex with men.

The first time I had sex with a man I let pick me up at the Christopher Street Subway Station entrance about 100 feet from where the riot would take place two years later.

I had wanted to shed my virginity as it seemed stupid to remain sexually inexperienced and since I had been labeled as a queen since getting busted in a dress by my parents when I was 13 it seemed only natural that I would have sex with men.

I mean in 1967 it just seemed that if I was going to become a girl I had better like guys. I soon discovered that gay men didn’t like transsexuals, even the pre-coming out kind because we were girls and they were into men.

I was also starting to learn you couldn’t tell all that much about other queens from the clothes they wore or how they acted .

I knew exactly where in the Village to go.  You see the Village was divided into the East Village, Washington Square area and the West Village on the west side of Sixth Avenue.

The part west of the “Avenue of the Americas” was the gay part.

Later that fall after the Pentagon demonstration, someone on the Cortland college newspaper asked me what I thought of homosexuality.  I said something positive about gay rights although I was very uncomfortable about being pinned as gay and I hedged my statement making it sound as though I was speaking in the abstract.  An SDS friend of mine was much more out and proud.

There were out gay and lesbian people in the movements but at that point I was still struggling with who I was, tentatively exploring and yet afraid of making the commitment to being who I knew I was.

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My First Pride Parade

I first marched in a Pride Day Parade in Hollywood, 1974.  It was called The Christopher Street West Pride Parade in those days.

In 1972, Gay Pride had coincided with me getting SRS and in 1973, I had just gotten my nose and chin worked on.

In 1974, I was in LA.  I had started doing photography and was documenting the lives of some of my transsexual and transgender girl friends.

I had come out as bisexual/lesbian and I found myself in the Shane like (The L-Word) position of being all these girl’s lesbian experience.

I had partied the night before with one of my transgender friends and a straight couple who were involved with the RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party).  In the interests of promoting greater understanding of LGBT/T people he slept with my friend and I slept with his wife.

The next day we went to the parade.  I could feel the distance forming between some of my transgender sisters and myself.  When I had moved to LA I had rented an apartment near Sunset and Fairfax and not in the area where they lived and worked.

I partied at Rodney Bingenheimers, Starwood, The Whiskey, the Roxy and upstairs at the Rainbow.  I only occasionally went to the one remaining trannie bar, Dupars up on Ivar north of Hollywood Blvd.

But I was into the spirit of the day.

The parade in those days was far less commercial and far more political.

All the West Coast Movement leaders were there.  Troy Perry, Morris Kight, Harry Hay and Jim Kepner.

I was recognized from some of the conferences I had attended and I believe it was Jim asked me to say a few words since I had co-run the NTCU and he knew me.  I said I din’t know what to say.

Damian, husband of the RCP couple said I should say something about how all the bars were segregated and how they wouldn’t let transsexuals and queens in to gay bars.  I said something about them not letting black guys in either without demanding the same 3 or 4 pieces of ID.

I got up on the platform, took the mike and said,  “It’s really beautiful to see us all here today.  Gay men, lesbians, trannies, black, brown, white.  All marching together, all gathered here together.  It make’s me really happy.

But I know when Gay Day is over we will all go back to our own bars like this togetherness had never occurred.  Trannies will still be excluded from the West Hollywood clubs and so will lesbians as well as blacks and Latinos.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every day was like gay pride day and we could all party in the same places rather than all of us going our own separate ways.”

It may not have been the worlds best speech.  I prepared it while waiting to speak but the sentiment was good.

Unfortunately we are still working on the getting along together part.

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Stonewall 1949-1969: The Back Story

Stonewall is one of those great events.  Up until Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States: 1492 until Present, we thought of history in terms of great leaders and special pivotal events.

But history is far more complicated than that.  Pivotal events do not just spring from a vacuum but are more the result of the convergence of a number of elements all building towards that moment.

The riot that happened 40 years ago this weekend had some 20 years of people organizing, agitating, building movements and shifting consciousness. When Stonewall happened it marked the end of one era and the birth of another instead of simply vanishing into an incident forgotten by all except perhaps the participants the way so many acts of resistance from that era are forgotten.

The modern Gay and Lesbian movement started in the late 1940s after World War II had called so many to serve.  And gay men as well as women served.  Transsexuals too, Christine Jorgensen was in the military.

When they returned home many stayed in the big cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York.  They stayed because they had learned during their time in the military that they were gay and lesbian and these cities offered contact with others like themselves.

In 1949, Harry Hay, Dale Jennings, Rudi Gernreich Chuck Rowland, Paul Bernard and other gay men founded the Mattachine Society in Los Angeles.[1]

They came together to struggle for gay right even though they didn’t start using that term until years later. They used the term “homophile” because censorship prevented even the use of the term homosexual  for purposes of placing classified ads in order to announce meetings. This also permitted the mailing of their newsletters and publications at a time when postal authorities censored mail for even using the term “homosexual”, much less discussing it.

In San Francisco several years later Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon organized Daughters of Bilitis, the first modern lesbian organization.[2]

From these two groups as well as groups who broke off from these groups sprang the modern Gay and Lesbian movement.

At first, they had modest goals including simply being there to show others they were not alone.  In this regard, they published newsletters (magazines).  The Mattachine published One and Daughters of Bilitis published The Ladder.

The forces of censorship required a certain degree of subterfuge in the distribution of these newsletters and eventually led to the Mattachine society having to fight a legal case to win their right to send the newsletter through the US Mail.

About this time, Christine Jorgensen got her surgery in Denmark.  She wasn’t the first and she wasn’t the only one changing sex in the early 1950s. [3]

In cities across the nation there was a lively and only semi under ground bar scene.  Sometimes in the gay and lesbian meccas of cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco,[4] sometimes in unlikely locations such as Buffalo, NY.[5]

Fire Island was the gay vacation place and a summer party for gay men from the 1950s onward.[6]

Thanks to the efforts of Virginia Prince and another cross dresser known as Susanna there was the start of what evolved into the heterosexual organized cross dressing scene complete with resorts and conferences.[7]

There are a pair of films available on DVD that offer a glimpse of LGBT/T life both before and after Stonewall conveniently titled Before Stonewall and After Stonewall

[1] Timmons, Stuart; The Trouble with Harry Hay Alyson Pub Boston 1990

[2] Gallo, Marcia; Different Daughters: A History of the Daughters of Bilitis and the Rise of the Lesbian Rights Movement Seal Press 2007

[3] Meyerowitz, Joanne; How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in the United States Harvard University Press 2004

[4] Stryker, Susan; Van Buskirk, Jim  and Maupin, Armistead; Gay by the Bay: A History of Queer Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area Chronicle Books 1996

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[6] Newton, Esther;  Cherry Grove: Fire Island Beacon 1993

[7] Raynor, Darrell; A year among the girls Lancer Books 1968?

Task Force Action Fund urges for passage of critical hate crimes legislation

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, DC, USAJune 25, 2009

Inga Sarda-Sorensen
Director of Communications
(Office) 646.358.1463
(Cell) 202.641.5592

WASHINGTON, June 25 — The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund has submitted testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee urging for the passage of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act. The committee is holding a hearing on the measure today. The bill, which extends federal authority for investigation and prosecution of hate
violence to crimes based on the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or disability, passed the House of Representatives by a wide margin in April.

Statement by Rea Carey, Executive Director
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund

“Our country is on the cusp of recognizing and responding to the reality of hate violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. It is a national embarrassment that bigotry and ignorance have prevented enactment of substantive federal hate crimes legislation, but that goal is finally, truly, within our grasp.

“We thank Chairman Patrick Leahy and the members of the Judiciary Committee for holding this hearing and shedding light on a topic truly crucial to our community and our nation. We also thank Attorney General Eric Holder for testifying in support of the bill. And finally, we call on the Senate to act swiftly to pass this much-overdue legislation, which seeks to protect people from indefensible breaches of their basic human rights.”

To read the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund testimony,
click here <>

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When does a Queen Die?

In the late 1970s I lived on Sunset Blvd near the border with West Hollywood.

I lived with a foot in two very differnt worlds.  I was both a serious feminist and a hip faghag Hollywood grrl.

Like now I was an information vacuum and read all the gay and lesbian news including gossip.

There was a blind item in one of the gay newspapers, probably one I picked up from a bar about a teenage idol who was very feminine and wanted to change his sex.

Now there were several teenage, Tiger, Teen Beat, boy idols who fit the general description.

Including some cute young white boys who were already being spotted in the gay bars of Santa Monica Blvd.

Another item told how frantic his management was about keeping him from doing this and how they were using every tool at their disposal including religion and ministers to keep him a male.

As the years turned into decades I watched a cute young boy turn into a very strange adult with a string of hits Billie-Jean, Thriller, Bad.  A musical genius with oh so danceable songs.

Every appearance he grew stranger and stranger.  A real life Spider from Mars, only with Bowie we were always in on the joke that his changes were Warholian shifts of images, artificial constructs and not reflections of a deep seated pathology.

But by the early 1990s Michael’s changes seemed to reflect a darker more deep seated motivation, a pathology of the dream deferred.  As the gay poet Langston Hughes asked, “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun or does it explode?”

Then came the charges of child molestation and I believed them for that was what happened with priests who denied their true natures and tried to kill what was most real about themselves.

The last few times Michael Jackson made public appearances he looked like  the reverse of the picture of Dorian Gray.  Like there is an image of a sweet young want to be transkid hidden away somewhere and the physical presence show all that happens when one dances on the edge but always denies.

Michal Jackson is dead, the queen, the transkid died many times over the years

Catholic Church as Anti-Trans Hate Group: The Smoking Gun

Lately the Christo-Fascists have been whining how Hate Crimes laws are anti religious.

Well folks the churches of today are not those of Martin Luther King nor are they preaching liberation theology. The Catholic Church has a rather sketchy history filled with misogyny, witch burnings- Antisemitism, racism and genocide. It has an 1800 year history of being used as a tool by the rulers to keep the poor oppressed.

Shoot even after Hitler’s death Camps and the murder of six million Jews was revealed Catholics still called Jews “Christ Killers”

Hatred and bigotry are the core beliefs of the Catholic Church. Transsexuals and Transgenders have become but the latest “Whipping Girls

Of course one has to notice how this misogynistic bigot only attacks T to F people.  This is right in line with the near homoerotic addulation of the male that is at the core of the Catholic Church of pedophilia.

The closet and denial and raping children.

These dicks fear that hate crimes laws will deter their bigotry.

Perhaps they belong in the same category as the KKK and Aryan Nation.

They sure sound like it.

Further Andrea Brown, Lynn Conway, Andrea James and others have been tracking the roots of all the psychopathologizing of T to F transsexuals and ransgenders and the most interesting common thread has been the roots in the Catholic Hate Group.

Now I was cured of the curse of ignorance and superstition when a priest patted my knee and in an unctuous manner suggested that rather than grow up to live in mortal sin where even committing the thought crime of thinking about my being born transsexual was as much a sin as acting on it but that I could save myself by entering the priesthood and praying to overcome those feelings.  Ah the Epicurean delemma. Or a version of it anyhow.  I had prayed to either change physically or for the feelings to go away.  The prayers were unanswered.

God was either powerless or malicious.  Or did not exist

The question this posed was the anarchist one of, “Why?”  The answer was. “There is no god. Religion is a tool of patriarchal oppression.

They do not rant about T to M people because wanting to become male reinforces the ideology of male supremacy.

Pass the hate crimes laws.  If hate and bigotry are such core tenets of the Catholic Church then perhaps it is time to give the victims of faith based hate the tools to fight back through laws and lawsuits.


Catholic Exchange, USA

Legalizing Deception: Why “Gender Identity” Should Not be Added to Anti-discrimination Legislation

June 25th, 2009 by Dale O’Leary

Certain national and international groups are pushing for the addition of “gender identity” and “gender expression” to anti-discrimination laws. According to activists, gender identity is defined as: “An individual’s self–perception or inner sense of being a man, a male, a woman, a female, both, neither, butch, femme, two-spirit, bigender, or another configuration of gender. Gender identity often matches the gender typically associated with the person’s anatomy but sometimes does not” and gender expression refers to: “Any combination of how someone outwardly presents external characteristics behaviors that are socially defined as masculine or feminine, including dress, mannerisms speech patterns and social interactions.”[1]

For example, a bill introduced in the Maryland legislature reads as follows: “An owner or operator of a place of public accommodation …may not refuse, withhold from, or deny to any person any of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, or privileges of the place of public accommodation because of the person’s … gender identity.” This would mean that males dressed as females could use women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

Such legislation is designed to give legal protections to those who reject the sex they were born with and want to be publicly accepted as the other sex -– the so-called ‘transsexuals,’ ‘transgendered,’ ‘gender queer,’ transvestites, and others. Such persons deceive themselves, deceive others, and are being deceived by mental health professionals and surgeons. The public is being deceived by the media and activists into believing that so-called ‘transsexuals’ were born with biological problems that are remedied by surgery and that it is possible to change your sex.

No one can change sex; it is written in DNA on every cell of our bodies. The people demanding “gender identity and expression” protection are physically normal men or women, but according to the “gender” ideologues, what matters is not what sex you really are, but what sex you want to be or think you are. People could be sanctioned
for simply using the correct pronouns when referring to a person who is obviously male, but wants to be female.

The following quote from an interview with Dr. Theodore Dalrymple, author of a collection of essays titled: Our Culture, What’s Left of It: The Mandarins and the Masses demonstrates the effect such lies have on the culture:

In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.[2]

One lie leads to another. A clearly male person presents himself in public as a woman. He has had surgery and hormone treatments to perfect his impersonation and he demands that we pretend this makes him a woman. He wants us to use female pronouns when speaking of him and to allow him to use the ladies’ restroom. He also wants to change his birth certificate and driver’s license. While some persons who present as the other sex are obviously not the sex they pretend to be, others are able to deceive their sexual partners without informing them of their true sexual identity.

Persons who present themselves in public as the other sex say they need such protections because they are afraid of violence. This fear is real. When someone is deceived — particularly in such a personal matter has the sex of an intimate partner or potential spouse — anger is an understandable reaction. Violent acts can never be condoned, but if such legislation is passed those who have been deceived will be denied any legal recourse and the deceivers will be portrayed as victims.

The circle of deception created by this “gender ideology” begins with those who want to be the other sex deceiving themselves. As children they may have been wounded, traumatized, abused, or rejected. They fell into envy and fantasy, imagining “If I were the other sex, I would be safe, loved, valued.” This envy grew into an obsession. They coveted the body parts of the other sex, and despised their own bodies. The idea that they were “transsexual” may have been suggested
to them by a mental health professional or they may have seen reports of “sex changes” in the media. They deceived themselves into believing that this would be the answer to all their problems. While some may simply want to be the other sex, others may actually come to believe that they really are the other sex, that nature made a mistake and gave them the body of one sex and the brain of the other. Such a delusion is very difficult to treat, particularly when the person learns that there are surgeons able to fulfill their fantasy and create the appearance of the other sex.

While those applying for surgery may insist that they have the brain or soul of the other sex, they really don’t know what it means to be the other sex. Most can only present a very stereotyped image of their desired sex. They have to constantly monitor their own gestures and mannerisms. They are excited when they are able to deceive others — to pass — but admit that they are often not accepted as the other sex. They want the government to force people to go along with their
deception, but even if such laws are passed they will only be able to fool some of the people some of the time.

While persons who want to be the other sex desperately want to believe that they were born with this problem, there is no evidence for this. Some men and women who want to be the other sex failed to identify with their birth sex as children. This condition, known as childhood gender (sexual) identity disorder (G[S]ID), is preventable and treatable. Even without treatment most children with G[S]ID grow out of it; however, a small number persist in their desire to be the other sex.

Not all persons who want to be the other sex suffered from obvious symptoms of G[S]ID as children. Some males are autogynephiles, who began in adolescence to engage in paraphilic transvestite fetishism. A paraphilia is a sexual attraction to something other than another person. In this case a man is sexually aroused by to the image of himself as a woman. As unhappy adolescents, these males engaged in masturbation wearing their mother’s clothing and fantasized about being women. Many autogynephiles marry, have children, and engage in male-typical careers, while secretly engaging in cross-dressing. For some autogynephiles, cross-dressing is not enough; they want to perfect this image through surgery. One autogynephile explained that these are men who want to become what they love.[3] After surgery many
autogynephiles continue to be sexually attracted to women and insist they are lesbians. It is interesting to note that some radical feminists are offended by the stereotyped images of women these men present. Some feminist groups have restricted their gatherings to women born as women and living as women.

Those who are obsessed with the idea of being the other sex often resist therapy. They refuse to look at the psychological reasons for their desires. Some mental health professionals, frustrated by their inability to treat this disorder and concerned about their clients’ obvious dysphoria, are willing to go along with this deception. They
give in to their clients’ demands and recommend a surgical solution to what they as therapists know is a mental health problem. They deceive their clients into believing that a “sex change” is possible.

The “sex change” surgeons know they can’t change a persons’ sex, they can only create a non-functional appearance of the other sex, but they also know they will be well paid for their skill and so go along with the deception.

The news media report glowing tales of how John became Jane and is now entirely happy. Reporters use the new names and incorrect pronouns. Headlines read “The Pregnant Man” when the reality is that a woman who had her breasts removed and received male hormones to induce beard growth became pregnant by artificial insemination. Doubters are labeled “transphobic.”

Public officials go along with the deception, allowing persons who want to be the other sex to falsify their driver licenses and other documents, even some who have not been surgically altered.

Those who go through mutilating surgery — who sacrificed so much to achieve their fantasy — have to continue the deception even though their unrealistic expectations are often not met.[4] Anne Lawrence, a post surgery autogynephile, explains how the fantasy breaks down:

Autogynephilic transsexuals may also find it harder to fully identify with women after transition than before, because the difference they inevitably observe between themselves and natal women become harder to rationalize after transition. Before transition, these differences can be attributed to the necessity of temporarily maintaining a socially acceptable masculine persona: after transition, when this excuse evaporates, autogynephilic transsexuals may be forced to confront
reality. Nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals often seem to expect that, with enough effort, they will be able to pass undetected as natal women after transition; but because their appearance and behavior are rarely naturally feminine, this expectation usually proves unrealistic.[5]

Lawrence also points out that when autogynephiles are not accepted as the sex they want to be they can be vulnerable to narcissistic rage, which is defined as the “disproportionate, compulsive pursuit of revenge that seeks to obliterate both the offense and the offender.”[6] Extending legal protection to persons who want to
present themselves as the other sex will give these narcissistic autogynephiles the right to pursue legal sanctions against those who will not go long with the lie that they have changed their sex. Given that “transsexuals” suffer from a “fundamental disorder” in their sense of self and are prone to narcissistic rage[7], there is every
reason to believe that they will use such laws to ruthlessly attack anyone who speaks the truth.

If you want to understand the full potential of such wrath, consider the case of John Michael Bailey, whose book The Man who would be Queen provoked retaliation from a small group of persons who didn’t like being labeled autogynephiles. They used the Internet to make outrageous accusations against Bailey, attacking his children, trying to turn colleagues against him, and to have him fired from his job.[8]

Lawrence applies the following clinical description of narcissistic rage to Bailey’s opponents:

…need for revenge, for righting a wrong, for undoing a hurt by whatever means, and deeply anchored, unrelenting compulsion in the pursuit of all these aims… There is utter disregard for reasonable limitations and a boundless wish to redress an injury and to obtain revenge… The fanaticism of the need for revenge and the unending
compulsion of having to square the account after an offense…The narcissistically injured… cannot rest until he has blotted out [the]… offender who dared to oppose him, to disagree with him.

Even if only a small number of autogynephiles are prone to narcissistic revenge, they could cause incredible harm to anyone who speaks the truth. They would see injury everywhere, file complaints, and institute lawsuits.

The laws adding “gender identity” to anti-discrimination legislation would allow men and women with serious psychological disorders, some of whom are prone to narcissistic rage and revenge to use the law to persecute business owners who are attempting to protect the privacy of customers in restrooms and locker rooms.

If “gender identity” is added to anti-discrimination legislation, the lie of “sex change” will be taught in the schools. It won’t be long before we will have children’s books about how Johnny’s daddy is now Johnny’s mommy and everyone is living happily ever after. Teachers and other school personnel will expect to be accepted in whatever form they appear. Mr. Brown will come back after summer vacation as Miss Brown.

Confused children with G[S]ID who need treatment are already being pushed down the path to surgical mutilation. Schools are being told that if an elementary school boy or girl believes that he or she is the other sex everyone should go along with this fantasy. The school should allow these troubled children to change their names, dress as the other sex, and use the restrooms of the other sex. Other children will be punished if they object or speak the truth.

And it gets worse. In some places, at age 11 these children who think they are the other sex are given puberty-blocking hormones so that secondary sexual characteristics do not appear. Then they are given hormones proper to the other sex, so that at age 18 they can be surgically mutilated. In other words, the entire educational, psychological, and medical establishment is conspiring to see that these children never receive proper treatment. There is no research on
the long-term effects of these hormone treatments on developing the bodies and brain. Do we really believe that 11-year-old children have the judgment necessary to decide to permanently surrender their sexual identity and reproductive potential?

It seems like such a small change –- just add “gender identity” to anti-discrimination laws, but such a change discriminates against the truth and endangers children. We have an obligation to oppose it with all our energy.

One way is to stop using their language. Their words distort and deceive. I am currently working on Lexicon for the profamily movement. We need a common vocabulary so that we can speak the truth about the human person.

If you are interested in participating in the development of such a Lexicon or would like to view my suggestions, email me at and request the paper “Don’t Say Gender When You
Mean Sex.”

[1]GLSEN Jump Start Guide, “Gender-Related Terminology List.”

[2] Jamie Glazov (2005) “Our Culture, What’s Left of It,” Frontpage
Magazine, August 3.

[3] Anne Lawrence, (2007) “Becoming what we love: Autogynephilic
transsexualism conceptualized as an expression of romantic love,”
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 50, 506-520.

[4] J. Michael Bailey (2003) The Man who would be Queen: The Science
of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism, Washington, DC: John Henry

[5] Anne Lawrence (2008) “Shame and Narcissistic Rage in
Autogynephilic Transsexualism,” Archives of Sexual Behavior, 37:

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psychoanalytic treatment of narcissistic personality disorders, (NY:
International Universities Press; H. Kohut (1972) “Thoughts on
narcissism and narcissistic age,” Psychoanalytic Study of the Child,

[7] Lawrence, Ibid. A, Beitel (1985) “The spectrum of gender identity
disturbances: An intrapsyhic model,” in B. W. Steiner, (ed) Gender
Dysphoria: Development, Research, Management (NY: Pleum) pp. 189-206;
U. Hartman et al (1997) “Self and gender: Narcissistic pathology and
personality factors in gender dysphoric patients: Preliminary results
of a prospective study,” International Journal of Transgenderism,

[8] Alice Dreger (2008) “The controversy surrounding The Man Who Would
Be Queen A case history of the politics of Science, Identity, and Sex
in the Internet Age,” Archives of Sexual Behavior, 37: 366-421.

Dale O’Leary, internationally known lecturer and author of The Gender
Agenda, One Man, One Woman and numerous articles, currently resides in

Copyright © 2009 Catholic Exchange.

Ex-insurance exec confesses health insurers dump sick people

By John Byrne

Published: June 25, 2009
Updated 2 hours ago

A retired health insurance executive — in a shocking but not terribly surprising admission — confessed Wednesday that insurance companies deliberately confuse policyholders and attempt to dump sick patients to plump their profit margins.

“[T]hey confuse their customers and dump the sick, all so they can satisfy their Wall Street investors,” former Cigna senior executive Wendell Potter told senators at a hearing on health insurance Wednesday before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

“Potter, who has more than 20 years of experience working in public relations for insurance companies Cigna and Humana, said companies routinely drop seriously ill policyholders so they can meet “Wall Street’s relentless profit expectations,’” Potter told the hearing, according to ABC News.

“They look carefully to see if a sick policyholder may have omitted a minor illness, a pre-existing condition, when applying for coverage, and then they use that as justification to cancel the policy, even if the enrollee has never missed a premium payment,” Potter added. “(D)umping a small number of enrollees can have a big effect on the bottom line.”

Trans-Inclusive ENDA Introduced


Yeah… Yeah… I know I’m supposed to be enthusiastic and ready to get down with the cause.

But it’s hard for me to get beyond an apathetic feeling of, “Yeah that great.”

Which is my general feeling towards the whole transgender social construct.

I’ve felt more screwed over by transgender activists colonizing my life than I ever have by any other group with the possible exception of the Taliban Christians.

I get positively pissed off when any of them try to tell me I am transgender because they decided to define me as such.

With out my consent.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m down for ENDA.  I’m a far more femme than butch lefty hippie lesbian and over the years I’ve had to put up with getting sexually harassed and even terminated for it.

But my past medical history hasn’t been a part of it.

I’ve never felt like I was part of the Johnny come late crowd that wanted to graft a T on to the end of Gay and Lesbian Community.  I sort of feel that like bisexuals they really aren’t part of the community that happened after Stonewall.

I feel that way too many of the transgender movement are really straight full time cross-dressing heterosexual men who want to come and run their numbers in lesbian bars.  I also remember all the homophobia that was present and obvious in the pre-Tapestry Tri-Ess groups.  The misogyny and homophobia of the closet case Prince of many names who founded the Transgender Movement.

A trans-inclusive ENDA won’t do shit for me.

I will still be a woman in a patriarchal misogynistic world having to deal with all the sexism that men throw at women.

I will still be affected by the lack of the Equal Rights Amendment.

I will still be a working class member of the servant industry they call retail sales.  I will still curse the rich right wing elite who have destroyed the unions.

I will curse the idea workers can be forced to pee in bottles in spite of having lived clean and sober for many years.

A Trans-Inclusive ENDA won’t do shit for people when there are 700 equally qualified people with the same level of resume looking for a job above part-time no-benefits retail sales.

Welcome to the neo-lib/neo-con post industrial free market world where employers can terminate at will.

When y’all whip out the poor me, I can’t get a job in my field because I am transgender it smells to me a lot like you expected to continue to utilize your male privilege.

Welcome to the real world.  I work the floor of a big box store with half my crew having B.A.s,  a Ph.D. candidate as well as people who used to make 6 figures.

For many of us age is the factor that condemns us to retail hell.  For others it is being the wrong color or class, or both.

ENDA isn’t going to do shit about that.

Why I am Not on the Transgender Bandwagon to Substitute Gender For Sex

I do not consider man and woman to be genders.  Like Simone de Beauvoir I think Men are adult male human beings and women are adult female human beings.  With penis or vulva being what determines those labels.

Call me some what of an essentialist if you will but the term I perfer is feminist.

I find the requirement of adherence to a gender role to be the determining factor as to whether one is a woman or a man to be rabidly reactionary.  I do not care if it comes from some religious fascist or from a transgender activist.

You see women’s role has been defined as property/slave for much if not all of history.  Women are denied heritage from their mothers as mother’s names are erased by marriage.  She is first Mister XYZ’s daughter then Mister XYZ’s wife.

This is one tradition of marriage I am not the least bit happy about seeing same sex couples take up.

Women’s  gender role is as John Lennon put it, “Nigger of the world.  Anarchist Lucy Parsons said much the same, “We are the slaves of slaves. We are exploited more ruthlessly than men.”

Defining woman as a gender is to embrace the worst and most oppressive if misogynistic practices.

Embracing gender as a gentrified euphemism for sex started with the reactionary shift that helped prevent the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

The ERA stated:

Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.
Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.

Right then and there the misogynistic forces of the right both the secular male supremacists and the religious fascists started crapping about how the ERA would destroy marriage by erasing the differences between men and women.

For those looking for the transsexual element here.  One of the strong points of both Benjamin and he much maligned Money were that long before Fausto-Sterling they were saying that males and females were much more alike than different and that even the sex organs were homologous tissue.  This was the initial thinking behind the idea that moving the tissue around so that the primary element of assigning sex matched core sex identity was a actual change of sex.

For what it is worth back in the days when I got SRS (1972) a pre-op was not considered a woman prior to SRS.  Brothers were culturally different in those days and while sisters might have met one now and then there wasn’t a great deal of sharing.

We did not talk of gender as a concrete idea but rather as an abstract one.  Like masculinity and femininity which is really what gender is about.

There is a risk to switching from the physically determined sex to the abstractly determined gender.

While we used to speak of sex roles, which may be the elements of non-socialized sex based behavior we were not yet using gender roles.

Gender roles are misogynistic social constructs.  They are identical in many respects to racism.  Particularly when they shout Viva le differance and then use that difference to justify the oppression of women.

One of the biggest threats to the religio-patriarchal power structure isn’t same sex marriage but rather same gender marriage showing that loving relationships can take place between people of equal power.

As a pre-op I was in what some people would choose to define as a homosexual relationship.  It didn’t feel that way to me.  i’m a lesbian these days, I know what a same sex relationship is about better than those who described the relationship between my boy friend and I did.  It was heterogendered.  He was the boy and I was the girl.

I was a staunch feminist even back in those days with a red/black radical nose for oppressive behavior so there was a lot of negotiations on many issues.  Men and women were negotiating sex (gender) roles in those days before the anti-woman reactionary forces reasserted themselves.

Yesterday I posted “Make-over Camp- good for girls” When I read that one all I could think of was that movie But Mom, I’m a Cheerleader.  Call it gender panic or gender role enforcement but I do not want Christo-Fascists of Islamo-Fascists or any other misogynistic fath based patriarchal cult defining women by mandating an adherence to specific Stepford Wives roles.  Nor do I want transgenders mandating the identical idea even if they couch it in different language.

Then today I received this tidbit from one of my news feeds.  Transgender News, USA

The Genesis of Gender Roles

Tuesday June 23, 2009

Categories: Theology

This summer’s conference for the Center for Biblical Equality <> will take place in St. Louis, July 24-26. And, scholarships are available for students.

This year’s conference will address the formation of gender roles.  Questions to be considered include: Are gender differences God-given, shaped by culture, or biologically determined? Do gender differences determine roles in church, home, or society? Are gender differences minimized by secular culture and how should Christians respond?

See the CBE website
for more information.

PS: CBE’s chief, Mimi Haddad, is a Voice at Christianity21.

Needless to say I am less than thrilled by the idea of the religio-misogynists having any say what so ever in this and like Denis Diderot, I believe:

Et ses mains ourdiraient les entrailles du prêtre,
Au défaut d’un cordon pour étrangler les rois.

  • And his hands would plait the priest’s entrails,
    For want of a rope, to strangle kings.
  • Or as it is often translated, ” Mankind will only be free whn the last royal is strangled with the entrals of the last priest.”

    Celebrating Title IX at 35

    Enhancing Enforcement In a New Administration
    Statement of NOW President Kim Gandy

    June 23, 2009

    Since its passage on June 23, 1972, there have been repeated attacks on Title IX, the civil rights law that guarantees equal educational opportunities to women and girls. After eight years of Bush administration regulations limiting the impact and effectiveness of Title IX, there is now an opportunity to reinvigorate the law and once again prohibit sex discrimination in educational programs receiving federal funds.

    Millions of women and girls have reaped the rewards of Title IX since it was launched 37 years ago with the active support of NOW. According to Women’s Sports Foundation, the number of women in school sports increased in 2001 to almost 2.8 million, a nearly ten-fold increase from 294,000 in 1972. Young girls can now watch their favorite women’s sports teams in the WNBA and see women’s soccer on television; there is a proliferation of sports magazines geared to women; and new generations are being exposed to sports like never before. But the lack of equitable funding and repeated weakening of the law has set women and girls back, and there are many repairs to be done.

    With a new administration in the White House, President Obama has an opportunity to restore the integrity of Title IX, both in athletics and in education, particularly with regard to single-sex school regulations that promote sex stereotyping and limit girls’ educational opportunities in public schools. The Department of Education must return to its responsibility to promote gender equity and enforcement of the law, and a good start would be to heed the call of the Coalition for Women’s Appointments to fill the job of Special Assistant for Gender Equity (SAGE). That position, which was created to “advise the Secretary and Deputy Secretary on all matters relating to gender equity” and “promote, coordinate, and evaluate gender equity programs, including the dissemination of information, technical assistance, and coordination of research activities” languished unfilled during the entire eight years of the Bush administration.

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    An Open Letter to President Obama from People For the American Way

    Tell Congress It's Time to Dump DOMA

    Sign the Petition

    June 23, 2009

    President Barack Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Dear President Obama:

    I am writing to respectfully urge you to bring the energetic moral vision that you championed as a presidential candidate to the cause of equality for gay and lesbian Americans.

    Among the reasons that millions of people were inspired by your candidacy was your eloquence on behalf of an America in which everyone is offered respect and equality under the law. At People For the American Way, we disagreed with your decision to stop short of supporting marriage equality, but we welcomed the clarity with which you articulated the constitutional principle of equality in so many other areas. That vision energized not only gays and lesbians, but many other fair-minded Americans who recognize discrimination as a national moral failing, who view equality under the law as a defining part of the American Way, and who believe the country is ready to discard discrimination based on bigotries that should be left in our past. That vision would be even more powerful coming from you as president, but since your election we have heard very little.

    Any reasonable person is aware of the extraordinary challenges that faced the nation as you took office, including a dire financial crisis that has cost millions of Americans their jobs, homes, and access to health care. You have not shied from these most daunting of challenges. But it seems that you have shied from promoting the vision of equality that you articulated during your campaign.

    Legislative change is needed, and we will continue to push Members of Congress and the Democratic leadership to move forward to end discrimination against LGBT Americans even as they grapple with other urgent national priorities. We are counting on you to call for and help win passage of legislation that you pledged to support.

    As importantly, Mr. President, you are uniquely capable of communicating to the American public the moral and constitutional values at stake in ending discrimination against gay Americans. Beyond the clear harm to gay and lesbian Americans, the lack of your leadership on these issues damages both America’s sense of fairness and the credibility of your administration.

    Your recent action to extend some benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees, and your statement from the Oval Office committing yourself to work tirelessly toward equality, could have been the kind of moment that was celebrated as a milestone on the march toward equality. But instead it had the feel of, and was reported as, an incremental half-measure rushed onto the stage to placate a discontented political constituency.

    While your comments in opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act at the recent signing ceremony were welcome, they would have carried more weight as part of a larger ongoing effort to educate the American public about the moral need for LGBT equality. Moreover, the impact of your words was blunted coming so soon after your administration’s brief in support of DOMA using arguments that degraded gay and lesbian couples. You may have felt it was your duty to defend the law, but your argument that discrimination against same-sex couples doesn’t count as discrimination and citation of case law on incest to claim that marriages of gay couples are unworthy of legal recognition was beyond the pale. Americans who support equality would not have been at all surprised if that brief had been filed by the Bush Administration. Coming from you, particularly without a broader public affirmation of your commitment to equality, it had the force of a hard slap in the face by someone we trusted.

    Moreover, in the absence of a stronger statement about the importance of equality for all Americans, it has been equally difficult for your supporters to understand the continued discharges under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell of service members devoting their lives to our country. Congress should vote to repeal the destructive law that destroys military careers and robs the armed forces of highly trained soldiers, but until that happens, you should use your authority as commander-in-chief to suspend discharges of these personnel until that law is changed.

    We have seen you change a nation’s conversation with an extraordinarily compelling speech on the issue of race in America. We have seen you change the perceptions of the world with a historic speech on history, pluralism, respect, and democracy to the world’s Muslims. We have seen you bring grace and conviction to the debate with your speech at Notre Dame about preserving a woman’s right to choose.

    On the question of LGBT equality, it’s time to make that speech.

    Mr. President, you have the opportunity to be on the right side of history. Every day, LGBT Americans face discrimination and are being denied their constitutional rights. There is no one in public life who could, and based on your stated principles and promises should, do more to move America forward toward becoming a country in which LGBT people are respected and treated as fully equal under our Constitution and laws.

    We ask for your leadership and voice. When you lead, we will back you with every bit of heart and determination we can muster.

    Michael B. Keegan signature
    Michael B. Keegan
    People For the American Way

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