Know Everything Pre-ops

Every post-SRS woman has met them, especially if they blog, or on mailing lists and the like.

The Pre-ops who know everything there is to possibly know about life as an actual woman.  In fact you can be 30-40 years post-SRS and they will tell you, “That was then, this is now.”

Arguing with them is pointless.  I used to watch the radicals and hippies argue with the Christer freaks with the signs outside the Student Union at Berkeley and I thought, What’s the point?  I do not believe in god and they aren’t going to get me to believe just as there is little chance I will change their opinion.

I use the phrase Cybele’s Knife as a transsexual version of Occam’s Razor.  It isn’t a religious experience but it does pare away the illusory from reality.

I used to think, “Oh boy, I get my surgery and that’s it.  I’m there.”  I look back and see I was just as full of shit as the know it alls of today.

Having SRS made becoming a woman possible but the experience of living the rest of my life with a pussy between my legs and carrying all the expectations placed on vagina people is what eventually made me a woman.

But you can’t even really start learning until you have had SRS.

Grand Pronouncements as a pre-op are best whispered in isolation during the darkest part of the night and not on-line for all the world to Google.

As my life partner says, “All trannies should be required by law to keep their mouths shut for the first two years after surgery.”

I can’t tell you how many people have thought I was a bitch on wheels, mean and arrogant for telling them they were clueless turn around and after several years post-SRS tell me they owe me an apology, that I was right and they were clueless.

I have long noticed there is a serious streak of misogyny that gets eliminated with the reality of post-SRS life. becoming one with all the rest of the women of the world makes it easier to value the ideas of women.  Maybe it is suddenly ceasing to be special once the source of male privilege is removed or maybe it is growth but when it comes to actually understanding what being a woman in this world is about.  SRS is only the starting point.

No wonder so many cling to claiming to be transgender letting go of the last shreds of male privilege is scary.

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