Transkids as “Homosexual Transsexuals”

I was 24/7 before I turned 22 and that was pretty darn young in 1969, especially considering I first had to get to San Francisco, work up the courage to risk being purged from my Action Faction cadre, come out and find someone to give me hormones.

Did I mention that I liked guys?

I had a few unsatisfactory sexual encounters with gay men, enough to figure out why they weren’t attracted to me beyond friendship and respectful relationships in the various movements.

A few months after coming out I started sleeping with straight guys.

I wound up being one of those women who said yes to a man who said no.

I had a bunch of sister friends as a result of working at the center.  They all had straight boy friends.

How could this be since we were all still pre-SRS?  Indeed we considered ourselves straight too.  Delusion?  Self-deception?  Internalized homophobia?

Nah.  There is a bit in John Rechy’s City of Night that tells the story far better than Bailey, Blanchard, Hontas Farmer and the dancing troll sock puppets ever could.  The lead character Johnny Rio (Jon Rechy) is talking to another male hustler about one of the queens in late 1950s downtown LA and one of them makes the comment, “You would have to be totally queer to not be turned on by (a queen whose name escapes me).”

There is something summed up in that comment that eludes the freaking boy wonders of the psychology field with their ingrained homophobia and misogyny.  A major element of sexual attraction has next to nothing to do with actual between the legs sex parts.  Much of it is reaction to secondary sexual characteristics and to qualities that are far more about gender than sex.  Much of the courting rituals are gender based in humans and our relationships with men were nothing if not heterogendered.  I was a radical hippie chick and he was a Marine Corp deserter.  You can’t get much more heterogendered than that.  On top of everything I was just starting my feminist consciousness raising.

I saw this pattern over and over again.

It is an absolute vicious slander to describe these relationships as “homosexual”.  Only the Taliban religious freaks and their secular kinfolk the psychiatric theorists like Zucker, Bailey, Blanchard and their sycophants Lawrence and Draeger think that way.

Which brings the circle back to the supposedly young emerging “homosexual transsexuals”  like the sock puppets and the burqua wearer.

How freaking self loathing do you have to be to embrace that one?  In Hontas Farmers case I’d say seriously disturbed.  First this person embraces theory that is absolutely loathsome in its vile hatred of transsexuals then this person embraces not only the political party that has made a platform out of LGBT/T hating but one of the vilest forms of all the women hating/LGBT/T hating misogynistic religions.  Not that any of the desert three are exactly woman positive.

Hontas Farmer reminds me of the poster children for Exodus and the other hate based religious reparative cults that offer to make LGBT/T people into celebate self loathing but cured LGBT/T people.

Oh by the way..  Back in the days when I was still pre-op and was still radical calling me gay would have caused me to go all “Days of Rage” on your sorry lame ass.

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