Frauds, Liars, Nutjobs and Burqa Wearing Sock Puppets

About 12-13 years ago Out Magazine (IIRC) ran a cover story on Intersex. It had Cheryl Chase and Kiira Tirea and several other folks.

Wow yeah… Instant sympathy Suzanne Kessler wrote a book  Lessons from the Intersex and I though that infant sex assigning via surgery sucked as bad as FGM (female genital mutilation) as performed in North African nations.

First of all I believe in consent and agency and all those sorts of empowering things.  Sort of how people with transsexualism are treated as adults by enlightened physicians.

Then I encounter Kiira aka Denise Tree on various lists.  Having a knowledge of the lesbian feminist history of California some of the things she confided in me regarding did not ring true.  She claimed to have been part of the Berkeley Women’s Music Collective, a band that was active during the transwars.

This was when Sandy Stone was getting trashed.  The devil is in the details.  I know that John Money is sort of discredited yet he wrote a very detailed acount of many various intersex conditions.

But something else didn’t ring quite true and this is because I’ve heard so many impossible claims to intersex from people unwilling to admit to the intersex condition they do have which is transsexualism

Actual intersex people would have more to gain by pointing to the way transsexualism is dealt with in matters of agency than in perpetuating IGM.

Interestingly much of the surgery is pretty much the same other than agency.

Details, details.  If one were actually transsexual and trying to pass oneself of as IS, what better way than pointing fingers at actual people with transsexualism and belittling the idea that it too is an intersex condition.

As time has gone on Kiira has been shown to be a fraud and a liar as has Cheryl Chase aka Bo Laurent.  See Andrea James website.

Now we have the latest darling, Hontas Farmer.  Am I supposed to be impressed because this one is a culture vulture hiding behind a burqa?  I don’t think so.  Lay that one on some one who believes in invisible sky daddies.  You are about as real as some of the fake Indians like Carlos Castaneda.

But I must admit it is sort of amusing to watch Taliban Christers have social intercourse with people who fantasize about being actual Taliban.

Go read Ayaan Hirsi Ali and grow up.  You are a human sock puppet and a laughing stock as well as an insult to actual women who are so oppressed they are forced to wear that crap for fear of having acid thrown in their faces.

10 Responses to “Frauds, Liars, Nutjobs and Burqa Wearing Sock Puppets”

  1. ariablue Says:

    Farmer is a tranny-chaser and a ‘wannabe’. Dangerous combination.

  2. Hfarmer Says:

    Can you people carry on a conversation without personally attacking many people? Let’s see in that one post you have demonstrated islamophobia and transphobia. You call me a sock puppet when in fact it so often seems like I am one of a few freely thinking transwomen. Far too many just march to the beat of the big drum. Well no sa maassa I ain’t gonna sing you a good ol negro work song.

    Oh and ariablue… on my blog you said you saw me on Calpernia’s. I have provably NEVER been on Calpernia’s MB ever. I think you have someone else in mind.

    Call me names all you want. That does not make you right, and at the end of the day the psychologist in their DSM will NOT use HBS or anything like it in there. That’s where the real battle is, that is where the very same transgender activist, who you call truly vicious names elsewhere on your blog, are working for your benefit!

  3. Suzan Says:

    Islamophobia? You are so totally full of shit and utterly clueless.

    I am superstion phobic. There is no god. No sky daddy or mommy or multitudes of sky daddies or mommies. No freaking gods what so ever. All religions exist mainly as a way for con artists to say magic words to get people to give them money.

    I am a radical feminist and see the desert goat herder three as being mainly about protecting the privileged elites and the oppression of women.

    When it comes to the oppression of women Islam is the worst of the worst. Bar none. From acid throwing to the stoning and female genital mutilation.

  4. translegalhistorian Says:

    It sounds like someone has been to the Fox News – CWFA School of Fake Victimology.

    “Let’s see in that one post you have demonstrated islamophobia and transphobia.”

    Where was either? Calling out religion – in general – for what it is is not phobia of any kind (much less against a specific superstition.) Its self-defense.

    Take two viewings of Religilous and call me when your brain is unwashed.

  5. ariablue Says:

    I know exactly who you are Hontas/BrendaQG, quit being stupid. Although for you I imagine that’s rather difficult. I’ve been watching you attack real transsexual women for a long time, claiming that everyone is an autogynephile if they don’t want to have sex with you. As if you are some kind of authority, lol! You may be homosexual, but you aren’t a ‘homosexual transsexual’. You seem to suffer from the same kind of ‘transphobia’ that certain other gay men do.

    You were one of the fakes at the transkids site. You were there with the other fake transkids, Kiira and Alejandra. Although in your case, you are more of a chaser than an angry old transitioner like them. How’s that going by the way, find any other victims lately? I hope all the young women in your community have been alerted to how dangerous you are. You know, with that criminal record and all.

    One of the funniest things is how all of us laughed at you right to your face and you never got it. What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you understand open derision and mockery? You must be completely insane at this point.

    You aren’t transsexual. You are a phony and a liar.

  6. Evangelina Says:

    There are so many fakes, wannabees, phoneys, bigots and idiots who write on this subject and practise medicine in the field of transsexual and transgender/transvestite issues, that it’s really not funny. The ones I feel sorry for are the young and scared who grow up living with being transsexual who come on to the internet and read these vitriolic exchanges and wonder what in hell is going on.
    I came to face my transsexual issues in the early eighties and things were pretty clear cut back then. Transvestism was for the most part a bedroom fetish. Like many of the girls I knew back then, who attended Charing Cross clinic I did whatever was required to get surgery. Frankly if they’d asked me to paint myself blue and stand on one leg while whistling “Colnel Boogie” in Trafalgar Square in order to get surgery I would have complied and so too would my girlfriends at the time.
    While counselling I heard lie after lie fantasy after fantasy and when I pointed out the gaping holes in their fabric of deceipt my intention was to save them from making a terrible error. What I later came to realise was that the intention of these individuals was to “live out their fetish” and they didn’t care whether they were genuine transsexuals or not and neither did they care that by telling their lies they were damaging the lives and integrity of genuine transsexuals of both sexes. When you look around the internet you see the same principle played out over and over. Liars, wannabees fetishists and phonies trying to call the shots and there are so many it is small wonder that many medical practitioners lean towards believing that everyone is the same, especially if they have bigotry to prejudice their thinking.
    Roll on the time when there is a definitive test that can establish the clear and distinct differences between the “real deal” and the pretenders. Sometimes you have only to read what they write to distinguish the difference t.

  7. Karen A Says:

    Don’t bother with “Brenda”. We have argued a good bit and it’s just not worth it…

    – Karen

  8. Evangelina Says:

    It’s the same with you really Karen A

  9. Karen A Says:


    OK so you have posted elsewhere under a different name and we disagreed strongly on something

    I got bigger things to worry about than web warriors these days… so I don’t care if you think I am a pretender or not. Whatever you amy think of me won’t change my life and I don’t need your approval.

    – Karen

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