CAMH/Toronto University Allegedly videotaping transsexual people getting dressed

The allegations below are just that, accusations that are being amassed as part of the process of delivering an indictment.  It is a process that calls upon those who have been harmed or abused by the researchers and medical authorities to come forth and add their own stories along with evidence which can then be used to remove these alleged evil doers from power.


Andrea B.

This may sound stupid and blatantly obvious.

The fact is, that CAMH videotape transsexual people, getting dressed.
They are alleged to have also put a plethysmograph on pre-operative transsexual people. That is not clinical study technique or clinical evaluation. It is blatant voyeurism and sexual fondling.

For link to penis fondling device used on pre-operative transsexual people. Go to:

For information on videotaping of patients getting dressed. Go to:

Scroll down to Sharon

You will find this.
One of their evaluations required that I present myself dressed as woman for an interview with one of their staff, which was to be videotaped. Since I had not transitioned, and would not have passed in public, they agreed that I could change into my feminine attire on the premises. They left me alone to change in the studio where the interview was to be taped, but soon I noticed the cameras slewing to aim at me. The bastards were taping me dressing! I complained, afterward, but they just sloughed it off. It was now becoming clear that I was much more of a test subject to them, than a human being.

One of the final tests involved the plethysmograph. A contraption designed to measure penile response while the subject is shown various pictures. I was told not to speak, and to focus my attention on the pictures. I was surprised to find that some of them were from the session for which I had dressed as a woman. I remember little else about the test itself.

We can safely say this is not a harmless kink or something like that.

How would they like it if their daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and themselves were forced to strip naked and then get dressed for a pervert behind a mirror, to videotape it?

People who put video recording equipment in changing rooms in clothing stores end up arrested and treated as a sex offender.

Has no one in the Canadian Authorities, both the American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association, WPATH, police, etc, not figured out that the people doing the video taping, are a bunch of criminal perverts?

I find it hard to believe they have not. By not arresting and trying these perverts in a court of law, the authorities are sending out a message that it is acceptable to do whatever you want, to transsexual people. Which is exactly what CAMH, WPATH, the authorities and people who attack, rape and kill transsexual people, do.

CAMH would be shut completely and the offenders arrested immediately, if the authorities did not support treating transsexual people in such a manner.

Everyone should ask themselves, particularly those in American Pychological Association and American Psychiatric Association and WPATH.

Would it be acceptable to demand a Jewish person to dress in a clinic while being videotaped, as part of there medical treatment?

Would it be acceptable to demand an African person to dress in a clinic while being videotaped, as part of there medical treatment?

Would it be acceptable to demand a Chinese person to dress in a clinic while being videotaped, as part of there medical treatment?

Would it be acceptable to demand a Japanese person to dress in a clinic while being videotaped, as part of there medical treatment?

Would it be acceptable to demand a Muslim person to dress in a clinic while being videotaped, as part of there medical treatment?

Would it be acceptable to demand an East European person to dress in a clinic while being videotaped, as part of their medical treatment?

Would it be acceptable to demand a Romany person to dress in a clinic while being videotaped, as part of there medical treatment?

Would it be acceptable to demand a disabled person to dress in a clinic while being videotaped, as part of there medical treatment?

Would it be acceptable to demand an American Indian person to dress in a clinic while being videotaped, as part of their medical treatment?

Would it be acceptable to demand an Irish person to dress in a clinic while being videotaped, as part of there medical treatment?

In all cases the answer is no, so why it is acceptable to do so to Transsexual people?

Are transsexual people subhuman, in the eyes of the Canadian  Authorities, CAMH, Toronto University, American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association and WPATH?

If you change transsexual people, to African people, Chinese people, Jewish people, Romany people, etc. There would be a very different reaction to CAMH and its activities, which are fully supported by CAMH and all members of staff, otherwise they would have went to the police a long time ago.

The behaviour of so-called clinicians in the CAMH and University of Toronto is purely in the realm of criminal behaviour. It would take a very twisted and sick mind to argue otherwise.

I think it is time we told people exactly what CAMH are, a bunch of perverts. They should not be emulating the sex offenders they are studying and imposing sexual offences onto vulnerable and misunderstood groups.

Has Zucker videotaped any of the 500 plus children that have went through CAMH, getting dressed and undressed or in any other capacity?

CAMH are the sex offenders; they are supposed to be studying, not joining.


Factual Websites on this issue

Raymond Blanchard

How Raymond Blanchard sees transsexual people.

Raymond Blanchard

Raymond Blanchard getting an award from James Fitzgerald of APA division 44. The claim was that it was for
The Gender Identity Clinic has established itself as the premier research center on gender dysphoria research and clinical care since 1968, and is celebrating its 35th year.”
Most likely it was for dehumanising and degrading transsexual people.  If you read the page carefully, you will see that Fitzgerald, who is gay, somehow plays with missiles at the Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron. Security clearance must be interesting.

Blanchard proposing with “ANNE THE MAN” more insane theories from the deranged.

“ANNE THE MAN”, protégé of Blanchard.
Documentation in Case Number 97-05-0042MD

James Cantor. A gay man who was mentored by Blanchard, with loving care. As a matter of interest, it would be interesting to find out if Cantor and Blanchard were ever lovers or not.

Kenneth Zucker

Kurt Freund who was Blanchard’s boss, who committed suicide, in 1996. He must have been psychologically of very good mind, according to CAMH/WPATH principles and well able to write theories in his state of mind.

Freund’s favourite device, to use on patients.

The Clarke Institute, now CAMH. Which is funded by Canadian taxpayers to abuse transsexual people.

The war within CAMH

J. Michael Bailey, who is obviously by his name and red hair, descended from a good Irish Catholic background. The fact he associates with people who allegedly consider the Irish inferior, is a bit strange.

“Lynn Conway’s Trans News Updates: The web page Zucker attempted to suppress”

“Kenneth Zucker’s legal threats: Part of a pattern of silencing transgender critics”’s_pattern_of_silencing_transgender_critics.html

WPATH: World Professional Association Transgender Healthcare.

Ts Road Map

Organisation Intersex International

Articles from organisation Intersex International. Sophie makes very good reading.

Sucessful women who were once transsexual.

Sucessful men, who were once transsexual.

Being a Rebelious Subject: Questioning Being Treated as an Experiment

I am a sentiant human being.  With thoughts and feelings, emotions and the agency to act as a free person.

My pleasures and passions are my own.  If they seem a wee tad off to others perhaps that is not due to some innate warpedness but rather due to something never ever questioned.

The feminist Adrienne Rich called that something “compulsory heteronormativity”.  Tina posed the question :  “Do we see as abuse those child rearing practices that most see as normal?”

Those of us born with Transsexualism were attcked by some other intersex people for not having been experimented on.  It is true most of us were not subjected to infant surgical assigning of sex and University Medical Center research follow up.

But we were the subjects of expeimentation none the less.  Sometimes conducted by professionals and more often by parents and schools.  Knowing or not the attempts at curing our transsexualism are abuse aimed at heteronormatizing us.  We grow up as experiments.

Dr. Richard Green wrote a book about his exercising reparative therapy on transkids.  It is titled “The Sissy Boy Syndrome”.  It reads as if straight from NARTH, one almost expects quotes from Socrides, Nicolosi and Cameron in his work.  For the record this is the same Dr. Richard Green who co-edited Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment with Dr. John Money.

We were so hungry for treatment and the research centers were often the only places to get SRS in reasonable safety of an accredited hospital that we agreed to be part of what Dr. Robert Stoller himself subtitled his second volume of Sex and Gender, “The Transsexual Experiment”.

We agreed to take their tests, tobe photographed in before and after pictures. I didn’t say shit when, as a recent post-op I gota vaginal infection that they hadn’t seen in post-SRS women before and Dr Laub proceeded to parade some two dozen medical student/residents into the exam room to look at my cunt with my feet in the sturrups.

After all transsexuals aren’t human beings with feelings, we are experimental test subjects.

I filled out the tests, the MMPIs and the multiple choice ones that never had answers like:  “I identify as a radical feminist.” or “I am a lesbian separatist.”  My biggest dream might be smashing the oppressive imperialist state and fomenting a socialist revolution.  But they never asked me about that.

Their expectations for me as their experimental test subject seemed more along the lines that I would adopt the heteronormative behavior patterned  of the mythical 1950s advertising world.  Middle class and heterosexually married.  A stretch for any working class girl born into a union family with pinkish if not red daipers.

So I rebelled and I told the truth.  They can’t handle the truth.  I used as a referent the film “Bladerunner” and told them I felt like Trish, the self-aware replicant and was angry about how I felt they were using us.

And using us they were.  They discouraged us from hanging out with others like ourselves.  Belittled the idea that we could be the ones taking care of our own.

We were cowed into not sharing our stories, for not talking about how impossible and insecure legal institutions made our lives when our marriages depended on the whims of ultra right wing judges appointed for their adherence to Taliban religious principles

Now in our fight against the pathologizing of our being the stories about Zucker, Bailey, Blanchard, Lawrence and all the others are coming out.  Their defense is that people born with transsexualism can not be trusted to tell the truth about having been abuse in being used as experimental test subjects.

Yet there are so many stories and we have read so many lies and some of us who are autodidacts have read their research and not only the textual readings but we have deconstructed the jargon, read the subtexts of bigotry and sadistic manipulation of us as subjects that we have passed judgment and we have decided among ourselves that they are the ones whose honesty bears questioning.

Their combined expertise is the result of cruel and often vicious abuse of transkids and adults born transsexual.

We are on the march now and removal of GID from the DSM is but the first step.

Many of us also demand justice for those who were abused the worst by these so called experts in these temples of “Science”.

No Justice, No Peace!

Drinking from Plastic Bottles ‘Increases Exposure to Gender-Bending Chemical’

By Murray Wardrop, The Telegraph (UK)
Posted on May 23, 2009, Printed on May 25, 2009

Scientists have demonstrated for the first time that polycarbonate containers release the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) into liquid stored in them.

BPA has been shown to interfere with reproductive development in animals and has been linked with cardiovascular disease and diabetes in humans.

New research by Harvard School of Public Health found that participants who drank for a week from polycarbonate bottles showed a two-thirds increase of BPA in their urine.

Experts warned that babies are at greater risk, because heating baby bottles increases the amount of BPA released, and the chemical is potentially more harmful to infants.

Study author Karin B. Michels, associate professor of epidemiology at HSPH and Harvard Medical School, said: “We found that drinking cold liquids from polycarbonate bottles for just one week increased urinary BPA levels by more than two-thirds.

“If you heat those bottles, as is the case with baby bottles, we would expect the levels to be considerably higher.

“This would be of concern since infants may be particularly susceptible to BPA’s endocrine-disrupting potential.”

Altogether 77 students took part in the study after a seven-day “washout” phase in which they drank all cold beverages from stainless steel bottles in order to minimise BPA exposure.

They were then given two polycarbonate bottles and asked to drink all cold beverages from the bottles during the next week.

The results showed the volunteers’ urinary BPA concentrations increased 69 per cent after drinking from the polycarbonate bottles.

Previous studies had found that BPA can be transferred from polycarbonate bottles into their contents, but this study is the first to show a corresponding increase in urinary BPA concentrations in humans.

One of the study’s strengths, said the research published in Environmental Health Perspectives, is that the students drank from the bottles in a normal way.

Additionally, the students did not wash their bottles in dishwashers or put hot liquids in them, as heating has already been shown to increase the leaching of BPA from polycarbonate.

Canada banned the use of BPA in polycarbonate baby bottles in 2008 and some manufacturers have voluntarily eliminated BPA from their products.

With increasing evidence of the potential harmful effects of BPA in humans, the study’s authors believe further research is needed into BPA’s impact on babies, and on reproductive disorders and breast cancer in adults.

Most adults carry BPA in their bodies, but expert opinion on the risks is divided.

The European Food Safety Authority believes that people naturally convert the chemical into less harmful substances into the body.

Harvard researcher Jenny Carwile said: “While previous studies have demonstrated that BPA is linked to adverse health effects, this study fills in a missing piece of the puzzle – whether or not polycarbonate plastic bottles are an important contributor to the amount of BPA in the body.”

BPA is also found in dentistry composites and sealants and in the lining of aluminium food and beverage cans.

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