Selling Psuedo-Science: Politics, Psychiatric Theories & The CAMH

From Joanne Proctor’s Blog

The role politics play in the perpetuation of psychiatric theories have been demonstrated by the actions of the CAMH clique, including Blanchard, Zucker, Bailey, Lawrence & et al on many occasions.

This example rather speaks for itself. The original article, written by Michael J.Bailey and Kiira Triea, heavily supported Ray Blanchard’s theories. The article contained a number of inconsistencies and demonstrated poor analytical skills. It is not uncommon for academic journals to make mistakes. It is standard practice that such mistakes are remedied in subsequent publications.

In this case “Perspectives in Biology and Medicine” failed to publish either the corrections, or Professor Swaab’s letter. It should be noted that Alice Dreger is involved in the editorial side of “Perspectives in Biology and Medicine”.

Finally, Under the pseudonym ‘Denise Tree’, Kiira Triea was one of the original perpetrators of the “transkids <> ” hoax. On that occasion Triea was assisted by Hontas Farmer, aka ‘BrendaQG’; aka ‘Aisha X’. Currently Farmer can be found working in tandem with James Cantor, another CAMH employee, rewriting Wikipedia entries to align them with Blanchard’s theories.

Readers may draw their own conclusions.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Bailey and Dreger are from the Northwestern, so its more the CAMH/Northwestern clique

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