Time Has Come Today

In the 1970s I marched in a demonstration on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco at an APA gathering carrying a sign saying, “Homosexuality is not a Mental Illness!”

I met Dr. Evelyn Hooker at a gathering and spoke to her about how transsexuality wasn’t treated as a mental illness the way homosexuality was.

She warned me, “It will be!”

About 10 years ago I did an internet performance piece I called “If”.

You see one day in IIRC 1973 the APA cured all American gay men and lesbians not with massive amounts of therapy but with a vote and the stroke of a pen.

“If” took an announcement of the APA that took the removal of homosexuality from the DSM one step further and said that even suggesting that gayness or lesbianism was a mental disorder created stress and problems.

I appropriated the article and with some judicious editing used it to not only remove transsexuality from the DSM but declare GID a mistake and add that suggesting a connection between transsexualism and psychiatric conditions created psychiatric conditions where none had existed.

I posted this appropriation in several venues and tracked it around the world.

Ironically a number of transsexual and transgender people were upset as they relied upon GID as a diagnosis to base medical claims as well as legal issue on.

Time has come to abolish the strangle hold the APA has upon our psyches. Declare them irrelevant. Refuse to co-operate in our own oppression.

Start picketing every single meeting they have.

If the French can do this so can the rest of us.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    > as they relied upon GID as a diagnosis to base medical claims as well as legal issue on.

    That is a problem. You always will get fights within the community as long as this is not clearly set straight. Some say there must be an entry in ICD under Q, some say actual ICD diagnostic will be enaugh. (Its not bearabel for a man to have no penis and breast, and the hell for a women to have a beard and no vagina, let alone running the false endocrine system)

    But you see the problem here? You say a Vagina makes a women, so a person with a penis cannot be a women and treated for problems that come with a mostly male body. Thats a great deal of why oppose this view of yours. It has nothing to do with drinking TG coolaid.

  2. ariablue Says:

    Wait… so if we rid the ICD of ‘GID’, no one can get hormones and surgery, is that the fear? How does it help people if we are considered mentally ill instead of treated under a purely medical model? Especially here in the US, where surgery is rarely covered anyway. I know most of us had to save up to take care of it. Few people have access to any kind of health insurance at all, let alone cushy policies that cover surgery for exotic mental illnesses.

    And what’s with this constant confusion about the stated position? No, it is not ‘surgery magically makes someone WBT’. The condition is present at birth, and surgery is the treatment. Geez.

  3. Suzan Says:

    For the record I did not consider myself a woman before SRS. Prior to my operation I lived as a woman but was in sort of a state of limbo similar to the way transgenders spend their entire lives.

    Girls are female children, women are female adults and the determining tool is genital shape. All other ways of classifying some one as girl/woman tend to screw assigned at birth and reassigned later people over.

    Prior to surgery we are people with an intersex condition called transsexualism and neither male or female.

  4. Sarah Says:

    > Wait… so if we rid the ICD of ‘GID’, no one can get hormones and surgery, is that the fear?


    > And what’s with this constant confusion about the stated position?

    It was discussed before your contribution here. Cathryn and Suzan thought I must be a TG activitst (in their definition) because I said that a penis does not make a make a woman.

    Its so interessting – while most of us have the same goals – best treatment as possible, differences are that much valued that they destroy every collaboration. If espacially seen that when DentedBlueMercedes pointed out exactly that fear and was talked down by Cathryn and a person that is even blocked here.

    In my opinion, every time we (and there is no bethering of any party) just hark on our differences, IS vs TS/HBS vs TG the male centered System claps it hands

  5. Sarah Says:

    I have respect or that.
    I didn’t wont to do a real life test because that would have equaled a fake.
    But my brain ist female for the lasting 11 days prior Postop than it is afterwards. Thats a scientific based fact.
    But if you stay on that Male = Penis (which many mbt cannot achieve) and female = vagina (its better that no penis, which is often used) there can be no rethinking and no help.

    Its all about the public understanding that peace. We need to do that because we are, not want to be like.

  6. Suzan Says:

    We didn’t call it a “real life test” in the late 1960s, of course we didn’t call the process transition either.

    I guess we sort of thought of it as being in college and learning as well as a period of changing.

    I lived that period while part of Weatherman and as a hard core left wing revolutionary. I had a boy friend who was a deserter, I was a community organizer and a feminist.

    I was also a hippie and having to save the money at a time when women were paid on average 57 cents for every dollar men made.

    So I guess it was a survival as a woman test.

    As a test though I think it is fairly democratic and not easy to buy the way simply getting someone to sign off on you can be.

  7. Suzan Says:

    As for the T to M people.

    They have the same SRS vs non-op argument we have. Using them is a red herring though as T to F SRS is relatively cheap and easily obtainable by anyone dedicated enough to save the money to buy for cash a 4-6 year old Volkswagen.

  8. Sarah Says:

    Yes, times make a lot of difference. I would have happily socially lived as a girl when I was 16 – when there had been the slightest chance that I could medically transition as well. But another time, another space and that didn’t work.
    All I want is
    – Better diagnosis for TS /WBT / HBS or whaever you want to call it before puperty, so that hormon blockers can do their work
    – Recognition of the majority of now called GID issues as neural based without rediculing anyones experience.

    On the other hand I do not think there are no fetishists or any cause you can imagine people arround.

  9. Sarah Says:

    > is a red herring though as T to F SRS is relatively cheap

    So as an average american you can afford a used VW. I can and will use my money to have a Chonburi Flap and an FFS. I can do that after a long time of low income. And I would not if I staid in germany for a living.

  10. Suzan Says:

    When I got SRS in 1972 I had to come up with some $3500 cash at a time when women were getting paid $2 per hour.

    I managed to do it and have a full life too.

    So did a lot of my equally poor friends.

    The average American generally can afford more than a used VW Golf. I cited it as something poor people can afford.

  11. Sarah Says:

    You see. Thats what I meant.

  12. catkisser Says:

    We just had an encounter here with a “newbee” transy. Instantly it went to drama. We have a women’s spirituality based household that is transsexual friendly with one main rule regarding trans women, they must be fully transitioned to live here. First we are told she will be transitioned before moving in…then it’s “there is a court order requiring me to stay male around my kids”. Next it’s “the kids are with me 50% of the time” Two of the “kids” are boys, one entering puberty. Then we hear from the kids that they are also moving in. Last night we told “her” you are not transitioned, this move suddenly is taking place immediately instead of the near future and that isn’t the deal here. Once again I’m an evil heartless bitch despite having laid out the ground rules clearing in the beginning.

    Tranny drama, who needs it?

  13. Evangelina Says:

    Sarah! What F@$&*@ “community? The transgender community? If such a thing even exists.
    Let those who identify as transgender look after themselves, I for one am up to my back teeth with them hanging on to my skirt hems. These days, when it comes to issues around transsexuality I limit my interest to transsexuals and young transsexuals and THAT is where it stops. Frankly, I don’t want those trannies tagging along, they have no place in any campaign to remove transsexuality from the DSM. What has “transgender” a psychological state got to do with “transsexuality” an intersex medical condition got to do one with the other? The answer is they have nothing in common save superficial likeness.
    When I first went to see my doctor all those years ago now he talked of my GID. It made no sense to me; my “gender” was not disordered I was already pretty much feminine. My sex? Well that was a whole different ball game! It meant I was totally unable to express my sexuality in the way I needed to in order to maintain sanity. I don’t find women attractive sexually; Gay men were not at all interested I was far too female so what else was I supposed to do? What on earth has a sitiuation like that got to do with “transgender” Sweet Fanny Adams that’s what!
    Catherine, I agree with you completely, I’ve experienced first hand the kind of “taking advantage” of a “safe house” by the likes of the person you mentioned. It’s why I too have become a so called heartless bitch. Welcome to my club, a select band of women tired of being taken advantage of.
    To close, sarah, I get pretty angry at those who use the inadequate quality of correctve surgery for our “brothers,” as an excuse for transvestites to keep their precious phallus. That is total bullshit, please stop doing it. Dang I’ve become a “grumpy old woman”

  14. Sarah Says:

    Hello Evangelina.

    > Sarah! What F@$&*@ “community? The transgender community? If such a thing even exists.

    Well it does not exist. I only see a lot of people or comminties that am affected. One german, where I participate who wants the Q entry in the ICD panicked after the message about france.

    They think when Germany follows (very unlikely 😦 ) without a Q entry in place treatment will eventually be denied.

    I don’t think so, as I meantioned and see a huge success in the french ruling.

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