If You are in the Bay Area Join the Protest


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Time Has Come Today

In the 1970s I marched in a demonstration on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco at an APA gathering carrying a sign saying, “Homosexuality is not a Mental Illness!”

I met Dr. Evelyn Hooker at a gathering and spoke to her about how transsexuality wasn’t treated as a mental illness the way homosexuality was.

She warned me, “It will be!”

About 10 years ago I did an internet performance piece I called “If”.

You see one day in IIRC 1973 the APA cured all American gay men and lesbians not with massive amounts of therapy but with a vote and the stroke of a pen.

“If” took an announcement of the APA that took the removal of homosexuality from the DSM one step further and said that even suggesting that gayness or lesbianism was a mental disorder created stress and problems.

I appropriated the article and with some judicious editing used it to not only remove transsexuality from the DSM but declare GID a mistake and add that suggesting a connection between transsexualism and psychiatric conditions created psychiatric conditions where none had existed.

I posted this appropriation in several venues and tracked it around the world.

Ironically a number of transsexual and transgender people were upset as they relied upon GID as a diagnosis to base medical claims as well as legal issue on.

Time has come to abolish the strangle hold the APA has upon our psyches. Declare them irrelevant. Refuse to co-operate in our own oppression.

Start picketing every single meeting they have.

If the French can do this so can the rest of us.

APA Protest Poster


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