Transsexuality will no longer be classified as a mental disorder in France

France announced that transsexuality will no longer be classified as a mental disease.

Concerned associations announced the historic government decision regarding the declassification of transsexuality as a mental disease on Saturday, the day before the World Day to fight Homophobia and transphobia.

The Minister for Health, Roselyne Bachelot, chose yesterday to issue the decree removing transsexualism from the category of psychiatric afflictions, said a spokesman for the ministry.

The Ministry of Health’s action sent a powerful signal to the transsexual community that it recognized inclusion in ALD23 (their DSM) was stigmatizing.

This classification, rising from that of  The World Health Organization (WHO), was also related to the fact that the transsexuality was included on the list of the pathologies listed in the medical handbook DSM (Diagnosis and Statistical Manual off Mental Disorders) to which refers the medical community, just like  homosexuality until a few years ago.

In a political statement published in Le Monde last Sunday-Monday,  many noted individuals including first secretary of the PS Martine Aubry, the Marie-George Buffet Communist, the Green Daniel Cohn-Bendit or the Francoise Nobel Prize Barred-Sinoussi (medicine) or Elfriede Jelinek (literature), asked l’ WHO ”  to no longer regard  transsexuals as having a mental disorder.

Because  WHO had decided on May 17, 1990 remove homosexuality of the list of the mental diseases, this date has become the day appointed for the World Day Against Homophobia, celebrated Saturday and Sunday in many places.

The Association of Homosexuality and Socialism (HES) also placed this advertisement which says “On this important day for ” the French lesbian, gay, Bi and trans  Community (LGBT). and for HES, it is  time, now, to move from the symbolic to  concrete acts, while fighting against violences and discriminations which weigh heavily on the transpeople.

Inter-LGBT coordination insisted that “Beyond this measure of declassification there remains much to do to insure that transsexuals are fully recognized as first class citizens.

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