Who Died and Made the Pshrinks God or WTF

I was a child of the 1960s.  A wild child digging on freedom.  Wilhelm Reich, Tim Leary, Marx and Lenin (Groucho Marx and John Lennon). I went to the Pentagon and rioted in the streets.  I took acid and smoked dope.

I believe in free love because as Emma Goldman said, “How can love be anything but free?”

We belived that if it feels good and harms no one, go for it.  Pleasure is the only reason for doing something pleasurable.

We were dangerous revolutionaries threatening the forces of religion and repression.

Any society that preaches abstinence to kids in lieu of comprehensive sex education, denies women the right to abortion for any reason or access to birth control at any age is a sick society.  And psychiatrists who are no better in the US or the so called free world than in dictatorships are mere agents of repression,. Tools of the state and religion which is in turn the patriarchy.

The real question is:  Why are only straight “normies” allowed to have a sexuality that isn’t perversified and then only when it conforms to the doctrines of misogynistic religious ideology?

There was a movie with Marlee Matlin (the deaf actress not the ultra right wing pundit) called “Children of a Lesser God” and that sometimes feels like how they see us.

Lesser and not entitled to have a legitimate sexuality or enjoy the pleasures of sensuality.

When I was young and just coming out I used to think I was a bit perverted because some clothes were arousing but I had WBF girl friends who pointed out to me that Vogue was the same sort of look and fantasize material for them as Playboy was for guys.  I even had one gilfriend tell me that when she looked at Playboy she imagined herself as one of the models.

That was an era of openness and consciousness raising and we could talk about stuff like that.

But man oh man 30 years of ultra right wing patriarchal backlash beat the whole idea of sexual freedom down and made it damned near as verboten as admitting you enjoy smoking weed and don’t even plan on being caught dead in a church much less alive in one.  Well maybe to photograph.

The thing is many of us had our sexuality so abused by the world that we are afraid to even try to connect to another person.  It is as though we are not supposed to have any sort of sexuality.

And the focus on it all being about gender is almost a pathetic defensiveness that agrees with our not being permitted to have the same sexual feelings as normies.

All this ties in with how we are supposed to hate ourselves because the patriarchal religions and religion disguised as psychiatry tells us we are either evil or sick.

Even when we fall in love or lust these dicks want to make it perverted.  And if we feel good and sexual for any reason it has to be perverted.

Maybe the problem isn’t with us.  Maybe they are the ones with the problem.

Maybe they are just a bunch of fucking bigots post-moderning their hate speech into pseudo scientific jargon.

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  1. ariablue Says:

    A few people have remarked that this is the result of all that 1950’s propaganda coming to fruition. The 60’s may have been a revolution for some, but as the claim goes the vast majority of the Boomers are frighteningly close to the ideals set forward at the time of their rearing. What’s strange is that these weren’t “traditional” values as people believe today, but experimental changes such as the nuclear family and unnatural stereotyped gender norming.

    You make a very good point about not being allowed to be sexual outside the One True method. I received a lesson in this when I worked at a company that helped people who had physical challenges such as the elderly and disabled. Two of our frequent visitors were clients that had Down Syndrome, and they would flirt both in the office and at the job we had set up for them.

    We all thought it was pretty cute, until someone brought up the notion of where things might go, etc. Their work counselor just said, “Why shouldn’t they be allowed to enjoy life the same way everyone else does?”. Although the parents may have not been so understanding, I think he had a very good point. There is nothing dirty or dangerous about love. I felt ashamed for thinking that way for them, though I was mainly worried about what others would do to them, not so much what they were doing with each other.

    But it’s a very difficult stand to take with all the social pressure you. Attitudes towards sex cost people their relationships, their careers, and sometimes their lives. Will this ever change?

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