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What I say here, I would ask you to very think carefully about. Please don’t dismiss this out of hand, as paranoia, or respond immediately. I watched the last DSM revision process and have been around long enough to see long term maneuvering.

Look at newspapers online from outside the USA during the Bush administration and think carefully about were this could go.

Leaving aside Blanchard putting in autogynephilia. Please bear in mind as I write this that, most likely entire sections from the DSM will be copied verbatim, into the new revision of the World Health Organisation’s ICD, which tends to be copied verbatim into the ICD of most other countries.

The terms “phenotypically normal” and “abnormal/atypical” as used to physically describe a person are very subjective. This could potentially not only cover people born with disabilities, but also those who are disabled later in life. I dread to think where that could lead in the minds of some psychiatrists / psychologists.

I have seen people who are disabled form loving relationships. This proposal is monstrous, callous and based purely in hate. I refuse to accept this is not political / religious malice, in the extreme. This looks similar to the old religious edicts from the catholic church concerning relationships and disabled people. It is only in the last 100 years that disabled people have been buried on consecrated ground by the catholic church in various catholic countries.

People born disabled is a major issue. According to this proposal, if they enter into a relationship, there partner runs the risk of being labelled as having a fetish, which in the eyes of the general public makes there partners, perverts. This is a terrible insult to all born disabled people and an attack on there entire existence. This dehumanises and sexualises the entire disabled population.

People who have lost limbs or been deformed during the course of their life, are another major issue.

In Northern Ireland during the troubles from 1969 to 1996, schoolchildren and adults were quite often disfigured for life, due to explosions, bullets, plastic bullets and burning gasoline in riots, weapons paid for by fund raising in the United States. Most of the victims from all sides in the conflict in Northern Ireland, are now married with children.

The United States has taken part in a whole series of wars since World War II, officially and unofficially. In Northern Ireland, about 10 people were maimed for everyone killed. The money used to purchase the weapons came mostly from the USA. Now there is a proposal from an US organization to further rub salt in the wounds of those people, by listing there partners as perverts, for staying married to them, supporting them and being loving partners.

If this goes into the DSM/ICD, the reaction against Americans in Northern Ireland, United kingdom and Ireland alone will be very bad. It will mean that all partners of soldiers, police officers, civilians and others will be classed as mentally ill for staying with there partners, supporting them and loving them. That proposal is sick in the extreme. Stigmatizing loyal loving partners of people, who have been brutalized, injured, maimed and disfigured is just plain evil.

There is also potential for reaction in Vietnam and Korea. It appears that Blanchard thinks that those disabled by bombing have to suffer further. The large amount of American GI’s who stepped on pongee sticks and were maimed for life with infections and wounds that never properly healed, are now to suffer further. Their partners are now to be classed as mentally ill for standing by them after their horrific injuries. To make matters worse, the DSM revision process is fully funded by the National Institutes of Health, which is a section of the US government.

The reaction from people all over the world, including the Muslim world, concerning Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza and Afghanistan, will be complete hysteria. The numbers of people maimed in those wars runs at least into the 100,000s. When they see Martin Kafka’s name and realise he was on a Vatican committee, all hell will break loose.

If a journalist in the Islamic world writes an inflammatory article regarding this, this has the potential to spiral out of control. Basically all it takes is one journalist to write an article that US bombs have maimed people, now they are declaring everyone injured as mentally ill, or similar. I don’t think I need to explain how that will go across.

It has the potential to stir up an anti American backlash, which is the last thing anyone needs, now that Bush is gone.

I think I am now starting to understand the insane decision to appoint Martin Kafka to the DSM working group. At first that looked to me like they were challenging people to an open fight, with everyone who did not fit into the catholic church’s view of how people should live. Open any academic book or paper that lists what the inquisition in Rome (not Spain) censored people for, change the penalties from corporal punishment to drugs/therapy and you have similar to this proposal from Blanchard.

On top of that, as most of Blanchard’s conflicts have been with transsexual people, the possibility of transsexual people being caught up in, or worse blamed for any backlash is very real.

A frightening scenario, I know.

I said some time ago to several people that I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, as I thought I was missing something regarding these people and the entire DSM revision.

I think now I am seeing the other shoe drop. I just hope I am very wrong.


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Blanchard getting an award from Lesbian and Gay psychologists for his work.

What Blanchard and his cronies do to those who dissent.

Martin Kafka

The Clarke institute.

The Institute in Canada, where Blanchard works.

The Clarke Institute in Ontario, Canada, is named after Charles Kirk Clarke (1857-1924). Clarke Oversaw eugenics programs in the Clarke and helped to establish the Clarke as a major proponent of public policy in Canada, which continues to this day. The eugenics program was folded up, “officially”, but its work appears to have been continued by the Psychiatry / Psychology departments in the institute, with determination. Foreign patients made up the bulk of the institutionalized population in Canada, when Clarke set up his institution and helped to mould government immigration and health policy.

The Clarke institute did research in the area of eugenics, lobbying the Canadian Government, to restrict certain groups of immigrants, such as Jews, Africans, East European, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, etc, as they considered those groups to be inferior and defective.

Blanchard took over the sex offenders unit of the Clarke after Kurt Freund committed suicide.

Freund used to do research on draft dodgers with the penile plethysmograph.

This allows clinicians to fondle a patient’s penis, while claiming they are performing science.

Blanchard and Freund had worked together, trying to find ways to confuse being transsexual with sex offenders. The reasons for this escape everyone but them. There is a determination in the clinic to sexualise everything and anything. This has eventually cumulated in publications from James Cantor in the same clinic, finding excuses for pedophiles, claiming they are born that way.