An Inconvenient Truth We are not Supposed to Speak

Ariablue in a comment brought up something that is a forbidden topic in the transgender version of the TS vs TG dialog.

T to F people have a range of feelings towards their male body parts that tend to run from apathy to outright hatred with ignoring and hiding them being major responses.

Whereas TGs really tend to like their penises.  I should know I have had relationships with several TGs and I’ve definitely been the girl in bed and they’ve been the boy.  I was surprised the first time it happened as I had only been living as a woman for about a years. Being bisexual I was open to kaikai even at that point but I also assumed that would mainly mean making out.

The preson who later went back to being a gay guy and who was much less dedicated to getting SRS than I was was butch in the sheets.

That is the other thing people with TS/HBS will move heaven and earth, overcoming all sorts of obstacles to get SRS.  Class, race, poverty and even risk of death due to physical conditions might act as obstructions to be overcome and bemoaned but are not insurmountable barriers.

On the other hand TGs rarely get SRS for one reason.  They like their penises.  From Virginia Prince on down to the drag queen sex workers who brag 38D-24-36-8 and functionable.

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